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Sporting Magazine

For DECEMBER, 1795.



The property of his Grace the Duke COVENT.GARDEN, Dec, I.

of Bedford, of which a beautiful COOPER'S MACBETH. Engraving is given with the R. Cooper appeared last present Number.

night, for the first tine, in

the character of Macbeth. Of all HIS famous horse was bred the arduous tasks an actor can

, is Bart. and got by Diomed, his most difficult. The talents prodam by Dorimant, out of Dizzy, per to sustain it should be prothe dam of Pilot. In our Maga.digious. Figure, action, paffion, zine of last month, we had the voice inexhaustible, and a man of fatisfaction to present our readers iron, all are requisite, and all with a no less celebrated engrav.feem insufficient, for the vast ing of Escape, (the property of conception of the poet. Mr. his royal highness the Prince of Cooper discovered new and very Wales) which, together with the uncommon powers : he no where portraiture before us, were taken funk beneath his burthens; in by permission from the originals, various passages he produced efin the possession of Mr. Pollard, fects such as are but rarely for

n; who has published two beautiful and for fo young a man, his per

ints of these, horses, twenty formance mav, without exaggeinches by fixteen, the size of the ration, he pionounced aítothoriginal pi&tures, which were ing. We doubt if the history of painted by J. N. Sartorius, jun, the stage can furnith another ex



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ample of a youth, not yet twenty,

Pars I.

Scene 1. A View in having performed, not only Sherwood Foreft. Robiolood's Hamlet, but Macbeth, on the Well-Song, Principal Archer, London stage, with great and de Mr. Bowden,) “In Merry Sherserved applause.

wood-Dialogue ballad, Robin Hood and the Tanner-Song. the 66 Witch

of Sherwood,” Mrs. A new operatic pantomime, in Martyr. two parts, called MERRY SHER Scene 2. A View of the Sub. WOOD, or Harlequin Forefter, urbs of Nottingham-“The Bello was presented, for the first time, man's Chaunt,” (Mr. Fawcett). on Monday evening, Dec. 21. Scene 3. A Hall in the Sheriff's

The incidents principally se: House. lected from the legendary ballads Scene 4. A View of the Town of the 13th century:

Hall of Nottingham. The pantomime is invented by Scene 5. A Country Alehouse Mr. Lonsdale. The songs writ- - Tinker's Song, (Mr. Knight). ten by Mr. O'Keefe.

Scene 6. The Pinfold of Wake. The overture and music (with field Town). the exception of a few antient Scene 7. Robiu Hood's Bower. ballad tunes) by Mr. Reeve. Scene 8. View in Plumpton

The principal vocal characters Park.--Song, “ Alleo O'Dale," by Mr. Incledon, Mr. Johnstone, (Mr. Incledon). Mr. Munden, Mr. Fawcett, Mr Scene 9. Pollard Wood Song Bowden, Mr. Knight, Mr. Town by the Damsel (Mrs. Clendining). fhend, Mr. Richardson, Mr.

Scene 10. Song, by the Earl's Haymes, Mr. Gray, Mr. Street, Daughter (Mrs.Serres) - The Mr. Linton, Mr. Spoffort, Mr. Defeat of the Two Giants--The Tett, Mrs. Serres, Mrs. Moun Princess's Marriage with Will tain, Mrs. Clendining, and Mrs. Scarlet-And a grand Dance of Martyr.

Warriors iò the Field of Combat.
Part II.

Scene 1. A view of
Fountain Dale-Song, Curtail

Frvar (Mr. Bowden.) Robinhood, Mr. Follett; Ar Scene 2. Fountain Abbey Wall. thur of Bradley, Mr. Farley; Scene 3. A view of Nottingham Little John, Mr. Simons; Will Castle-Beggar's Baliad (Mr. Scarlet, , Mr. Cranfield; Will Townheart.) Stukely, Mr. Williamson Lock

Scene 4. Nottingham Market fley, Mr. Gray ; Midge, the Mil Place-Robin's refcue of Will ler, Mr. Street; Clerk, Mr. Rees; Stukely from the Sheriff of Not. Parson of Bardale, Mr. Platt ; | tingham-Song, Irish Pilgrim Sheriff of Nottingham, Mr. (Mr. Johnstone.) Thompson; Prince of Arra gos, Scene 5. View in BarnsdaleMr Holland; Two Giant, Song, Alien O Dale (Mr. IncleMessrs. Price and Stevent ; Har don.) lequin, Mr. Simpson; and Maid Scene 6. Barnsdale Church Marian, Mad. St. Amand. The following is a short de

* See our poetical department. Want scription of the scenery, and

of room has obliged us to defer the resongs, as they follow in fuccef.

mainder of the most approved Songs in this pantomime, till our next.




fion :

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Iheatrical Register.

117 Yard-Song, by the Old 'Knight | tants. The machinery by Mr. (Mr. Munden.)

Sloper, and Mr. Goofetree. The Scene 7, 8, and 9. Scarborough drelies by Mr. Dick and Mrs. Cliffs-A View at Sea rand a Egan. Plough Field.

The scenery, inachinery, and Scene 10. A Forest View in dresses are entirely new, and tbeir Yorkshire-Song, Maitha, (Mrs. fplendour reflects the higheft boMountain.

nour on the liberality and spirit Scene 11, Birkfley Monastery of the Manager. The number of - Robin Hood's Death-Epitaph

scenes amount to twenty-one, and Revivals; Song by the Witch. all ingeniously and happily con. Grand Scene, representing the trived; for candour muft over.

look the blunders unavoidably TRIUMPH OF ARCHERY.

attendant on a first representation Order of the Proceffion. of Bander. « Fabulous Archery." The

archery scenes had a mot Apollo, Hercules, Diana, Orion, beautiful effect. They were ma. and Cupid; Four Satyrs drawing naged with much order and rea moving group of Figures, re. gularity. The men proved them. presenting Penelope's Suitors try felves to be good skots, and the la. ing to bend Ulisses' Bow.

dies never failed to hit the mark. Baoner. “ Ancient Archery, The proceflion, with which the Succeeded by Archers of the folpiece concludes, was particularly lowing nations; Persian, Par. plealing and grand. thian, Scythian, Ethiopean, Ama. In pieces of this nature, if the zonian, Grecian, Thracian, Ly eye is gratified, the general intea. cian, Roman

tion of them is accomplifhed. Banner.“ Archery introduced in the present instance, however, into Britain." Pageant repre we find the entertainment not senting the landing of Julius confined to scenic decoration and Cæsar, Saxon Archer, Danith dumb thew, but enriched with an Archer, Norman Archer, English operatic treat, supported by some Archer, Pageant representing the of the first vocal performers on Battle of Hattings.

the Englith Stage. The full exBanner. 56 Modern Archery.” ertion of the powers of Incledon, Grand Meeting of Modern Ar. Bowden, Johnstone, Towafhend, chers of all Nations; Otahejtan, Richardson, Fawcett, Munden, Peruvian, East Indian, Chinese, Mrs. Serres, Mrs. Mountain, Arab, Turkish, African, North Mrs. Clendining, and Mrs. Mar. American, Lapland, Rulian, Poyr, are called into action : and lith, Flemish, Caledonian, Eng. levere must be the combat in lim, &c.

which such strength does not The whole concludes with a

prove successful. grand Dance of Archers, (by Of more particular criticism Mr. Byrn, &c.) Finale and Cho. this article has something to state, rus,

The Dances were invented by which unnecessary exertion by Mr. Byrn.

may be spared, and very excel. The Scenery painted by Mr. lent matter improved in its effe&t. Hodgings, Mr. Lupino, Mr. The pathetic fong of Incledon is Phillips, Mr. Thorne, Mr. Hol. lifeless in that particular situation, logan, Mr. Blackmore, and affif. and therefore may be omitted


the fong.


Theatrical Register. without injury. Munden Gngs | acquired some reputation on the the Cuckow song, so admirably, provincial stages, is about to make that we wonder it receives no his appearance at Drury Lane. warmer applause. The only way to procure this, is by cutting out

Mr. Kemble is foon expected the fuperfluous bars of symphony,

to come forwar the character which drag away all the spirit of

of the Plain Dealer, Townshend's beggar is as whim. fical comic exhibition as any bala Lee Lewis having failed in his Jad as ever received.

application for a London en. On the whole, Harlequia Fo

gagement, means to set out for refter is fuperior to most things Anerica. of the kind we have witnessed; it will, no doubt, create many Merry nights at Sherwood, and Report says, that Mr. Richard. compenfate the Manager for the fon's elegant pen is again at work, vast expence he has been at in we believe on a tragedy. bringing it forward.

Reynoids wrote the Tragedy of Mr. Colman's rew play is upon

Werter, when a Werminster boy the horrible subject of Caleb Wil

-and it muft be remarked that Jiams. To the hades of mora!

he has too much good sense to depravity in the principal cha with its le-appearance either in raéter, he combines fome pleafing five or three ads. traits of ingenuity, and Storace adds ihe music.

Morton has nearly finifhed a Mr. Colman, it is said, has sold Comedy of great promise, when his property in the Haymarket his knowledge of dramatic effea Theatre to Mr. Morland, the is considered. Banker, and Mr. Conft.--Mr. Colman is to continue Acting

Veftris has been permitted by Manager, at a salary of 8ool. per

the Directory of France to accept One thousand pounds which

of an engagement at the Opera

House-he may be expected to Mr. Colman is to receive for his new play, getting up at Drury Tent month. If he is to have 1200

arrive the beginning of the preLane Theatre, includes the privi- guineas for dancing one season, lege of playing several of his pre- surely there can be no prospect fent pieces.

of poverty in this country. Madam Mara is accustoming herself to meet the fashionable The new singers for the bure world against her town engage letta at the Opera House will be ment

Felici, the Buffo, from Genoa ; “ That when they meet, they start not at

and Viganoni, the first Buffo, each other."

who, when a lad, about ten years ago, fang in the Haymarket with

Allegranti. Viganoni comes from Master Siddons, son to the tra.

Milan. gic heroine of that name, who has



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