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Constitutional Convention



Convention Chamber.

Phoenix, Arizona, October 10, 1910. The delegates to the Constitutional Convention of the Territory of Arizona, held in accordance with an Act of Congress, entitled "An Act to Enable the People of New Mexico to form a Constitution and State Government, and to be Admitted Into the Union on an Equal Footing with the Original States; and to Enable the People of Arizona to form a Constitution and State Government, and be Admitted into the Union on an Equal Footing with the Original States," approved June 20, 1910, met in the convention chambers at Phoenix, Arizona, on Monday the Ioth day of October, 1910, it being the fourth Monday after the election of said delegates, at the hour of 12

o'clock noon.

The convention was called to order by A. C. Baker, delegate-elect from Maricopa county.

On motion of Morris Goldwater, delegate-elect from Yavapai county, A. C. Baker, of Maricopa county, was elected temporary chairman.

On motion of G. W. P. Hunt, delegate-elect from Gila county, A. W. Cole of Douglas, Arizona, was elected temporary secretary.

Temporary secretary called roll of delegates-elect and all were present as follows:

Fred T. Colter, Apache county.
C. C. Hutchinson, Edward M. Doe, Coconino county.

E. E. Ellinwood, Thomas Feeney, John Bolan, A. F. Parsons, R. B. Sims, P. F. Connelly, E. A. Tovrea, D. L. Cunningham, C. M. Roberts, S. B. Bradner, Cochise county.

Geo. W. P. Hunt, J. J. Keegan, Alfred Kinney, Jacob Weinberger, John Langdon, Gila county.

Lamar Cobb, Mit Simms, A. M. Tuthill, A. R. Lynch, W. T. Webb, Graham county.

A. C. Baker, B. B. Moeur, Orrin Standage, F. A. Jones, Sidney P. Osborn, Alfred Franklin. John P. Orme, Lysander Cassidy, James E. Crutchfield, Maricopa county.

Henry Lovin, Mohave county.
William Morgan, James Scott, Navajo county.
E. W. Coker, Thomas N. Wills, Pinal county.

Samuel L. Kingan, William F. Cooper, Carlos C. Jacome, George Pusch, James C. White, Pima county.

Bracey Curtis, Santa Cruz county.

Ed. W. Wells, M. G. Cunniff, Albert M. Jones, H. R. Wood, Morris Goldwater, A. A. Moore, Yavapai county.

Mulford Winsor, Fred L. Ingraham, E. L. Short, Yuma county.

Prayer offered by Rev. Seaborn Crutchfield of Tempe, Arizona.

On motion of W. T. Webb, delegate-elect of Graham county, a committee on credentials was appointed as follows:

Jones of Yavapai. Colter of Apache, ingraham of Yuma, Curtis of Santa Cruz, Tovrea of Cochise, Lovin of Mohave, Morgan of Navajo, Coker of Pinal, Hutchinson of Coconino, Orme of Maricopa, Kinney of Gila, Webb of Graham.

On motion of John P. Orme, delegate-elect of Maricopa county, the chairman appointed a committee of five to await on Chief Justice Edward Kent to secure his services to administer the oath of office to the memberselect.

The chairman appointed the following committee, Gold

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