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ditto, ib.; duke of Wellington'*
speech on the address, [204]; ad-
journment, [205]

Parry, capt. failure of his expedition,
21 5 his third voyage, 168"

Patents, new, 173*

Pedestrianism, Townsend at Islington,
139, 152; capt. Ramsay and Mr.
Wellesley, 175

Peel, Mr. his improvement of the cri-
minal code, [113]

Peers, election of Scotch, 108

Persia, differences with Russia, [28
commencement of hostilities, [286];
defeat, [288]

Peru: surrender of Callao, [411]; Ber-
nidoaga and Tiron convicted of trea-
son, [412] ; the national representa-
tives refuse to assemble, ib.; con-
spiracy against Bolivar, [414]; he is
chosen president for life, ib.; heavy
duties on foreign goods, [415]

Peto, Mr. proceedings against, relative
to building the Custom-house, 17*,



Phenomenon, aerial, 49
Piazzi, astronomer, death of, 269
Pinkerton, J. death of, 232
Poachers, barbarity of some, 10
Pola, excavations and repairs at, 13
Pollard, Jas. murders W. Cooper, and

destroys himself, 58
Porter, quantity brewed in London, 107
Ports, opening of, for admission of Oat?,


Portugal: affairs of, [191]; king's mes-
sage to parliament respecting, [192];
policy of France towards, [245]; in-
vasion of the rebels, [307]; a minis-
ter from the regency received by
Spain, [308]; death of John' Vf.
[310]; princess Isabella appointed
regent, [311]; don Pedro resigns his
claims to the crown, [314]; consti-
tutional charter, [316] ; form of the
Cortes, [317]; state of public opinion,
[318]; oath to the charter, [319];
faction against the constitution, [320];
code for election of deputies to the
Cortes, [321]; intrigues of Spain and
the marquis of Chaves, [323]; Spain
assists the deserters, [326] ; conspira-
cy discovered in Lisbon, [327]; de-
. cree against emigrants, [328]; revolt
in Algarve, [330] J meeting of tlie
Cortes, ib. \ speech of the princess
regent, [331], 91* ; measures for the
security of the kingdom, [332]; finan-
ces, ill.; remonstrances of the Portu-
guese envoy at Madrid, [334]; pre-
parations of the reW«,"'[38fijj they


Sheriffs, list of, 199

Ships: sufferings of the crew of the
Frances Mary, from famine, 30; sal-
vage of the Wilhelmine Auguste, 60;
voyage of the Enterprise, steam-ves-
sel, to Bengal, 68; escape of the
crew of Countess of Morley from
savages, 84

Shipwrecks: the Ocean, 58; the
Jean,of Peterhead, 116 j the Valetta,
127 J the Sun, 181; off Scotland, 183
Shiraz, earthquake at, 88
Silk-trade, 5?; Mr. Ellice's motion on,
ib; superiority of French ribbon
looms, [58]
Singapore, increase of trade at, 17; steam-vessels established at, 144
Sinking-fund, Mr. Hume's objections to, [81]

Skeletons found, 89

Slave-trade, debates on, [140] j trials
of slaves in Jamaica, [141]; resolu-
tions in parliament, [148]; lord
Suffield's motion, [J62]; Mr. Smith's
motion, [154]; conduct of the colonial
legislatures, [157]; vigilance of the
French government against, [242];
evasion of the laws against, ib.;
decree against, by Austria, [269];
number of slaves imported into the
Brazils, 160; Portuguese slave-ship
captured by the Hope, 186 5 T.
Young tried for selling four females,

Smith, Dr. A. anecdotes of, 166*
Smugglers, affray with, at Rye harbour,

_ 6?.

Snail, rare species of, 80

Southwark election, 89

Spain: French minister and Swiss guards
recalled, [257]; political state of the
country. [290] 5 new council, [291];
prosecutions of the constitutionalists,
[293] j Capape banished, ib.; plots
in favour of don Carlos, [295]; re-
volt of Bazan, [296]; disturbances of
the royalist volunteers, ib.; conduct
of the clergy, [297] ; finances, [299];
policy towards Portugal, [301]; re-
fusal to acknowledge the regency of
Portugal, [302]; the Portuguese
rebels supported, [303]; desertions
of the Spanish troops, [304] j inva-
sion of Portugal, [305]; defeated re-
bels received [306]; conduct of Spain
on the arrival of British troops,
[308] 5 M. Salmon's note to Mr.
Lamb, [343]; return of the Portu-
guese envoy, it.

Spix, Dr., death of, 250

Stanhope, lady Hester, anecdotes, &c.
of, 150'

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Theatres, new method of lighting, in-
vented by Locatelli, 131
Thunderstorms: at Ashton-under-line,
96; Exeter, it.; London, 101, 117;
two young ladies killed by lightning,
near Malvern-hills, 104
Tildesley, riots at, 149
Transparency of the sea, 169
Tone, Theodore Wolfe, memoir of, 159*
Torrens, sir H., new military evolu-
tions introduced by, 29
Tralee, election riots at, 105; in-
stance of superstition, 112
Trials: M. Nadell, captain of banditti,
atMayence, 27; James Evans, msr-
der of Mr. Price, 33; Thomas and
Johanna Lovett, murder of T. Creane,
40; Michael Ford, murder of R.
Perry, 50; S. Gilbert, robbery, 52;
Redhead and others, for a disturb-
ance at Cambridge, 108; Ann Roche,
murder of a child, 112; Julie Taris-
son, for imposture, 117; A. Briton
and others, assault and robbery, 118;
James Finn, threatening letter, 120;
J. Whitelegg, sedition, 124; P. A.
Jehoulet and sons, for cruelty and
assault, 146; J. Evans, poisoning,
160; F. J. Latham, and C. Single-
ton, 161; a female swindler, 164;
G. Hill and M. Gathercole, con-
spiracy, 166; G. Ancliffe and J.
Hill, 184; T. Jones, uttering a forged
note, 190; Hannah Russell and D.
Leany, murder, 26*; Alexander and
Michael M'Keand, ditto, 29*; J.
Holdsworth, and W. Bolton, rioting,
31*; Jas. Chambers, &c. ditto, 32*;
Jas. Riding, &c. ditto, 33*; T.
Young, for selling females as slaves,
36*; lieut. J. Kenny, manslaughter,
40*; C. T. White, arson, 43*
Trowbridge, riot at, 76
Turkey, [284]; hostilities with Persia,
[286]; defeat of the Persians, [288];
demands of Russia, [346]; the Porte
accedes to Russia's ultimatum re-
specting Wallachia and Moldavia,
[347]; conferences at Ackerman,
[348]; terms acceded to by Turkey,
[349]; attempt to re-organize the
Janissaries, [351]; they revolt, [354];
the revolt is quelled, [355]; the
Janissaries suppressed, [356]; fire at
Constantinople, [358]; measures for
reforming the administration, [359];
engagement between the Turkish
and Greek fleets, [361]; Ibrahim's
army re-inforced, ib. See Greece.

Vatican manuscripts, 12 Venezuela; see Colombia. Venice; new method o lighting the-
atres, 131

United States: death of Jefferson and
Adams, [377]; finances, tb.; repre-
sentatives sent to the congress of
Panama, [379]; negotiations with
Great Britain respecting colonial
trade, [380]; colonial ports closed to
American vessels, [382]; report of
the committee on the memorial of
the merchants, &c. of Baltimore,
127*; trade between Great Britain
and the United States, 128*; presi-
dent's message to congress, 131*;
relations with Russia, 132*; with
France, ib.; with the Netherlands,
133*; Great Britain, 135*; congress
of Panama, 137*; finances, 138*;
armed force, 140*; surveys of roads
and canals, 141*; navy, 142* post-
office, 144*; penitentiary, ib. Universities: examinations and prizes,
Oxford,326; ditto Cambridge, 327 Voss, J. H., death of, 239

Waithman, alderman, censure of Mr.
Brogden, [182]; motion relative to
joint-stock speculations, [183] Weber, death of, 89; funeral, 99;
memoir, 255

Weddell, capt. his voyage in the Ant-
arctic Seas, 169* Wellington, duke of, letter to, from
the emperor Nicholas, 51 Westminster Abbey, report of the dean
and chapter to the House of Com-
mons, 46 Wheat, average prices of, from 1670 to
1770, 325; ditto from 1771, 'tb.

Whitehaven; combination of seamen,

Whitmore, Mr., motion for a committee
on the corn-laws, [45] Will, Mr. Stott's, 6*; question respect-
ing the validity of a former uncan-
celled will, 12* Witchcraft, Catholic priest tried for
pretending to cure persons suffering
from, 120 Wood, method discovered by Dr. Fuchs
of rendering it incombustible, 137 Wrestling match, Warren and Cann,
143; atDevonport, Cann and Polking-
horne, 157 York-house, St. James's Park, 192 York Minster, weight of bells at, 133 Yorkshire, conflagrations in the moors,


T. C. Hansard,


Pater-noster-row Frew.

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