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Voted or Grauted.


To defray the Amount of Bills drawn or to be drawn from New South Wales

Expense of certain Colonial Services, for-
merly paid out of the Exlraordinaries of
the Army

Expenses of Works and Repairs of Public

Expense of Works at the Royal Harbour of
George the Fourth, at Kingstown (formerly

The following Services are directed to be paid, without any Fee or other Deduction whatsoever:

British Museum, from the 25th Dec. 1824, to 25th March 1826

To make Compensation to the Commissioners appointed by several Acts for inquiring into the Collection and Management of the Revenue in Ireland, and the several Establishments connected therewith, and into certain other Revenue Departments in Great Britain, for their assiduity, care, and pains in the execution of the Trusts reposed in them by Parliament

Expense of the Penitentiary House at Milbauk

Charge of the Allowances or Compensations granted or allowed as Retired Allowances or Superannuations, to Persons employed in Public Offices or Departments, or in the Public Service, according to the provisions of two Acts of bis late and present Majesty To enable his Majesty to grant relief to Toulonese and Corsican Emigrants, Dutch Naval Officers, St. Domingo Sufferers, and others who have heretofore received Allowances from his Majesty, and who, from Services performed or Losses sustained in the British Service, have special Claims upon his Majesty's justice and liberality

National Vaccine Establishment

Institution called "The Refuge for the Destitute"

For the Relief of the American Loyalists Expense of confining and maintaining Criminal Lunatics

Salaries and Incidental Expenses of the Commissioners appointed on the part of his Majesty, under the Treaties with Spain. Portugal, and the Netherlands, for preventing the illegal Traffic in Slaves, and in pursuance of the Acts for carrying the said Treaties into effect „

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For defraying the Charge of the following Services in Ireland; which are directed to be paid Nett in British Currency.

Expense of the Board of Works in Ireland Expense of Printing, Stationery, and other Disbursements of the Chief and Under Secretaries Offices and Departments, and other Public Offices in Dublin Castle, &c. and for Riding Charges and other Expenses of the Deputy Pursuivants and Messengers attending the said Offices; also Superannuated Allowances in the Chief Secretary's


Expense of publishing Proclamations and other matters of a public nature, in the Dublin Gazette and other Newspapers in Ireland... Expense of Printing Statutes for the use of the Magistrates and Public Officers in


Expense of Criminal Prosecutions and other Law Expenses in Ireland ....i

Expense of Non-conforming, Seceding, and
Protestant Dissenting Ministers in Ireland Salaries of the Lottery Officers in Ireland

Civil contingencies in Ireland

Expense of the Establishment, and for the Maintenance of Inland Navigations in Ireland

In aid of Schools established by Voluntary

Contributions ■

Salaries and Expenses of the Commissioners for inquiring into the Duties and Fees of the Officers of Courts of Justice in Ireland Salaries and Expenses of the Commissioners of Inquiry into the Land Revenue of the Crown in Irelaud

Salaries and Expenses of tho Record Commissioners in Ireland •

To pay Retired or Superannuation Allowances to Public Offioersin Ireland.....

Expense of the Police and Watch Establish inent of Dublin

For carrying on certain Public Works in

Ireland ......

Expense of the Commissioners of Wide Street!, inPubliu ,,,,..,,,.,,,,,,„,,,,„,,, .....


20,051 0 0

15,88C 0 0

6,500 0 0

5,000 0 0

30,185 0 0

13,894 18 3£

1,072 12 4

15,000 0 0

4,681 0 0 10,000 0 0

7,324 0 0

1,671 0 0

3,500 0 0

1,116 18 5

26,000 0 0

45,500 0 0

10,000 0 0

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PAYMENTS FOR OTHER SERVICES, Not being part of the Supplies granted for the Service of the Year.

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Duty on Sugar, and on Pensions, Offices, ice

Trustees for the Payment of Naval and Mililary Pensions, aud

Civil Superannuations, per Act 3 Geo. 4, c. 51 ,.

East India Company, per Act 4 Geo. 4, c. 71

Sum to bo brought from the Consolidated Fund, per Act 6 Geo

4, c. 14

Surplus Ways and Means, per Act 6 Geo. 4, c. 154

Interest on Land Tax redeemed by Money

Repayments on account of Exchequer Bills issued pursuant to two Acts of the 57lk year of his late Majesty, for carrying on

Public Works and Fisheries in the United Kingdom

Exchequer Bills voted in Ways and Means; viz.

6 Ceo. 4, c. 2 .£.20,000,000 0 0

6 Geo. 4, e. 70 10,500,000 0 0

Total Ways and Means

Total Sums voted, and Payments for
Services not voted

Surplus Ways and Means...
Whitehall, Treasury Chambers, 8th February 1826.



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55 17 81

106,307 0 0

18,575,899 7 7J

i0,500,000 0 0

49,075,899 7 7£ 49,003,951 6 6J

71,948 1 lj


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