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Mr W. Bernes's b h. Pep

Mr. Dundas's f. Freedom pd percorn

On Wednesday the 13th, 501. On Tuefday the 12th, sol, for for three and four yr olds ;--2four yr olds, ft. 7lb. five yr olds, mile heats. 81t. 71b fix yr olds, Sit. 121b.

Mr. Turnor's b c. Geneand aged, gst. The winner of

ral, by Saltram, 4 yrs old, one Plate in the year 179t, car

gt. b. rying 3lb. of two, 6lb. extra. Mr. Dundas's b. c. Top4-mile heats.

gallant, 4 yrs old, sit. Mr. Dawson's Coriander,


3 by Potso's, aged

Mr. E Dilly's b. c. Owen Ld Clermont's br.

Tudor, four yrs old, Sit. Sweeper, 4 yrs old

4 3 Mr. Hamond's br, c. Port

Sir F. Poole's b. c. Mealy, land, 4 yrs old

4 yrs old, Sit. 131b

4 Sweeper the favourite

Mr. Bailey's b. c. Fort Wil.

liam, four yrs old, Sít. On Wednesday the 13th,' a

131b (came in firit, but Maiden Plate for gol. for three yr

ran on the wrong side of olds, 71+ and four yr olds, sit.

the post )

dir glb.

.2 mile heats. Mr Bullock's b.

by Rock ingham, 3 yrs old Id Clermont's b. c. 3 yrs

At BARNET: old

N Tuesday, August the 12th, Mr. Hamond's Portland, 4

5ol. for three yr olds, bit.

3' 371b. four yr olds, 7ft. 515. five Sir C. Bunbury's b. c. Par- . yr olds, Sft. zlb, fix yr olds, gft. rot, 3 yrs old, (ran on the

and aged, gít 21b. Those that wrong side of the post) dis

a Plate, carrying 5lbs. extra. Mares and geldings al

lowed 21b-4-mile heats. With At LAMBOURN.

this condition, that the winner

to be sold for 1501. if der N Tuesday, August the 12th,

manded, &c. Ld Craven's Plate of sol. for all ages ;—4 mile heats.

Mr. Corrie's br. c. Banda

lore, by Dungannon, 4 yrs Sir J Lade's b, h. Serpent,

old by Eclipse, aged, gft. 5lb. I

Mr. O'Hara's b. c. Holt, 3
Mr. Bailey's b. c. Fort
William, four yrs old, Mr. Twitney's b. m. Molly, .

3 3 A Sweepstakes of 25gs each, Mr. Faywell's b. h. Lucifer, for three yr old fillies, 8it. 71b.

4 4 the last mile.

Mr. Gibbons's ch. c Young Mr. Hallett': f. by Dungan.

Punch, 4 yrs old, (fell non, out of Sappho

lame) Mr. Pickering's fifter to Owen

Mr. Hughes's b. Strata Tudor

gem, aged (1 Plate) Ld Almbrook's f. 'by Volun. On Wednesday: the 15th, sol. teer, dam by Herod

3 i free for any horse; 4-mile h 2


yrs old

had won


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3 yrs old, 61t.

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heats. The winner to be sold

On Wednesday the 13th, the for 1sol. if demanded, &c. Hunter's Sweepitakes of logs M.: O'Kelly's b. h. Car

each, wt. 12ft. four miles.

15 dock, by Jupiter, aged,

Subscribers ) gít.

Mr. Crompton's b. g. Dicky, Mr Goodisson's br.

Spot, by Carbuncle Dalham, 4 yrs ol6, 7st. Mr. Simplon's b. h. Fitzmor. 1310. (bolted the last

wick hear, and was stopped by Mr Glofop's b. g. Moral

3 the crowd)

Mr. Lockley's b g Scruple 4 Mr Dyson's br. n. Otrich, Mr. Wright's b g Director aged, 917.

7 3 dif| Mr. L Savile's b g. Splendor 6 Mr. Abbey's b. c. Tom,

Sweepstakes or match of jogs 4 yrs old, 7ft. rcb. (fell) 2 dif

each, to which the Stewards ad. Mr. Sharman's b. h. Triumvir. 5 yrs old,

ded 30l. for the winner, and zol. Sit, 818


3 for the owner of the second Mr, O'Hara's b c. Holt,

horse, for three yr old colts,

8 ft.

alb. and fillies, Mr. Moore's b. c. Young

-Heats, a

mile. Rockingham, 4 yrs old,


Mr. Tarleton's ch, f. by Sir
Peter Teazle

I' Young Rockingham was not in

Mr. Golding's b. f. Vixen, tended to be drawn, but not

by Potro's being ready in time, the horses were started without him.

On Thursday the 14th, 50l. for 4 yr olds, 8ft

. 8lb. and aged, 8st. pilb. The winner of a

Plate this year, carrying 3!b. of At NOTTINGHAM,

two, slb. and of more, 7lb. extra. ON

N Tuesday, August the 12th, \ 4-mile heats.

His Majesty's Plate of joogs, Mr. Wilson's Patriot, 4 yrs for six yr olds, carrying 12ft. old 4.mile heats.

Ld Donegall's m.

Gilli. Mr Taylor's b. g. Helmet,

flower, aged by Javelin

Mr. Lockley's br. h TeleSir H. Williamson's br. h.

scope, aged

3 3 Storm

1 2 dr | Mr. Golding's b. f. Vixen, Mr. Lord's ch. g. Useful, 2 3

3 yrs

dif Fifty Pounds for four yr old colts, 8ft. 7b. and fillies 8ft. 41b. The winner of one Plate, this

At YORK. year, carrying 31b. of two 5lb.



N heats.


Mr Mr. Wilson's b. c. Patriot, Overton, by King Fergus, it. by Rockingham

I 12ib. beat Ld Darlington's Hal. Ld Stamford's b. c. by bert, 7ft. 71b. two miles, for Weazle


2oogs. Mr. Golding's bl. f. Black Puss

6 to 4 and 2 to i on Halbert.

3 Mr. Robinson's b

c. Mark
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On Monday the 18th, His Ma Ld A Hamilton and Mr, Daw. jesty's Plate of 100gs. for 5 yr fon divided the stakes, after the old mares, roft -- 4 miles,

dead heat. Sir J. Webb & Conftant, by 10 to 1 agst the Diomed colt,

Highflyer, out of Baronet's and 8 to s agst Screveton.

Mr. Garforth's f. Bradamante, Mr Ridley's Heiress

by Young Morwick, 5st, olb. Mr. Garforth's Catherine 3 recd. ft. from Mr. Wilson's Chig. Sir H Williamson's Tree.

well, 8ft. 31b. 100gs h. ft. Four Creeper

4 miles. Mr. Milbank's Lucy

5 Mr. R. W. Peirle's Whar.

On Tuesday, August the 19th,

His Majesty's Plate of 100gs, for finger

6 Mr Shepherd's Madcap, 4 yrs

six yr olds, 12ft.

- four miles. old

Mr. Cornforth's Antæus, by,

7 The Winner the favourite.

Phlegon, 5 yrs

Ld A. Hamilton's b. h. ReftThe second year of a Subscrip. Jess, by Phenomenon br. dowa tion of 25gs each; four yr olds, Mr. Reece's gr, h. Looby. by git. zlb. five yr olds, 8ft. 5lb. fix Leice'ter, 5 yr old, did not yr olds, 8ft. 1zib. and aged, gít. weigh Fillies allowed 41b:-4 miles. 17 Subscribers.)

5 to i on Restless. Mr. Hutchinson's Oberoti, by

Fifty Pounds, Give-and take, High Ayer, 4 yrs old

(with the late Mr. Perram's zol.

added,) for all ages; 4-mile heats. Mr. Garforth's Yarrico, by King Fergus, 4 yrs old

Mr, Lowther's ch. c. MiniMr. Wentworth's Huby, by

mus, by Dnngannon, 4 Phænomenon, 6 yrs old

yrs old, 6ft. rolb. 8oz.

3 Sir C, Turner's Tantarara, by

Mr. Jolliff's Young Pofthu-
King Fergus, 4 yrs old 4

mous, 4 yrs old, 61t, solb.

Soz. 6 to 4 on Huby.

Mr. Smith Barry's b. h. Produce ftakes, hoogs each, h. Bergamotte, aged gft. glb. ft. for four yr old colts, 8ft. 7lb, 10 OZ. fillies Sit. 5lb.--4 miles.

(22 Subscribers.)

5 to 4 on Minimus. Ld A. Hamilton's b. c. by

Sweepstakes of 50gs each, h. ft. Diomed, out of Rosaletta

for fillies, 7st. 12lb. tivo miles,

16 Subscribers.) (allowed 3lb ) Mr Dawson's b. c Screveton

Ld Fitzwilliam's b. f. Highby Highflyer (allowed 3lb.

flyer, out of Termagant Mr. Dawson's b. f. Katherine

Mr. Fenwick's b. f. Beatrice, (allowed 31b,)

by Sir Peter Teazle

3 Sir G. Armytage's b. c. Planet 3 to i on Ld Fitzwilliam's filly. (allowed 3lb.)

4 On Wednesday, August 2oth, Mr. Joliff's b. c. by King Fer 50l. given by the City of York, gus (allowed 3lb.)

s added to a Subscription Pure, Mr. Peirse's b. f. Rofaline, by value 2271. 105. for five yr olds, Young Marike

6sft. alb. each.---four miles. Ld Grosvenor's ch, c, Druid




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RACING CALENDAR Mr. Wentworth's ch. c. Or. Sweepstakes of joogs eath, h. mond, by King Fergus

ft colts, Sit. 7lb. fillies, 8ft. 41b. Ld Grosvenor s Cayenne

four miles. (8 Subscribers.) Mr. Dodsworth's Arra Cooker

3 Mr. Dawson's Screveton, by Ld Darlington's St. George 4 Highflyer Mr, Clifton's Chariot

5 Mr. Dawson's-Katherine Mr, Garforth's Catherine 6 Mr:P. Dealtry's b. f. Hornet

3 Sir'j. Webb’s b. m. Constant, Mr. Graham's ch. c. Xanthus 4 came in first, but did not bring in her weight.

6 to 4 agst Hornet.

On Friday the 22d, the great 2 to i agit Cayenne, 2 to i agst

St. George, and 4 to i agit Or Subscription Purse, &c. value 2771. mond,

Sos. for four yr old colts, 8ít.

71b, and fillies, 8ft. 416.-four Sweepstakes of

5ogs colts, sít. alb. allies sit. 5lb. Mr, Hutchinson's b c. Oberon, three miles. 17 Subscrib: rs.)


by Highflyer Mr. Dawson's Screyeton, by

$1r, Wilson's b. có Patriot Highflyer

Mr, Garforth's Yarico

3 Mr. Lowthet's b. c. Griffin

Ld A. Hamilton's b. c. Young 5 to i on Screveton.

Diomed Sweepstakes of 100gs each, h. Mr, Peirfe's b. f: Rosalie ft. colts. 8ft. 215. fillies 8ft.-2

Mr. Clifton's b. c. Camphire

Dir. Wentworth's b, c. Chammiles. (6 Subscribers.)


7 Mr. Hutchinson's b. c. Be.

7 to 4 agit Patriot, 2 to i agit ningbrough,


Oberon, 4 to i agst Young Fergus

Mr. Garforth's gr. C, by

Sweepstakes, of 50gs each, h. ft. Sir J. Leicester's b c. Fer

colts, $it. 3lb· fillies, 8ft.-the

last mile and three quarters. (6 gulus


Subscribers.) 6 to 4 on Beninbrough.

Mr. G. Crompton's gr. c. On Thursday the 21st,


Prior, by Delpini great Subscription Purse, &c.

Mr. Garforth's ch. f. Bradavalue 2771. 1os. for fix yr olds, Sit. 10lb. and aged 91t, - four

3 to i on Prior. miles.

On Saturday the 23, the La. Nr. Peirfe's b. m. Rofamond,

dies' Plate, for maiden three and by Tandem, 6 yrs old

four yr olds; three yr olds, 7st. Ld Darlington's b. h. St. alb. four yr olds, Sit. ylb. fillies, Georg , 5 yrs old

allowed 316.-2 mile heats. Mr. Wentworth's Huby, 6

Mr. Hutchinson's. ch. c. by

3 Là Grosvenor's b. h. Cayenne,

King Fergus,

Snowdrop, 4 yrs 4

Mr. Searl's gr. c. Strike, 3 Mr. Hutchinson's Overton, 6

1 3 2 5 Mr. Jolliff's b. c, by King 5 to 4 agft Overton, and 10

Fergus, out of Mortonia, to z agft Rosamond.

2 24 Mi.







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Mr. Wharton's ch. c. by,

Town Plate of sol. for five yr Phoenomenon, 3 yrs old' 4 5 3 olds, 8ít. 416. six yr olds, gst. and Mr. S. Barry's b. c! Me ayed, gft. ;lb.-The winner of a

lanthus, four yrs old 5 4dr Plate in 1794, carrying 3lb. exLd Scarborough's ch. c. tra~ 4 mile heats.

by King Fergus, '4 yrs Ld Abingdon's Master of old

Arts, 5 yrs
5 to 4 agft Mr. Jolliff's colt. Mr. Anneysley's No Preten-

der, aged
Sweepstakes of

3 100gs each, colts, 8ft. alb. fillies, sit.-Mile Si F. Poole's Kezia, 6 yrs

Mr. Wait's Lætitia

2 dr and a half.


dif Mr Hutchinson's Bening.

On Wednesday, August the brough, brother to Sandi.

20th, 501 for four yr old colts, hopper

8ít. 71b, and fillies, 8! 41b. The Mr. Wilson's b. f. Eliza

winner of a Pate in 1794, carMr. Garforth's.

by Phænomenon, out of Faith

rying 3lb. extra-2 mile heats.

3 'Mr. Wharton's b. c. Kilton,

Ld Oxford's b. c. Polyanby Delpini

thus, by Pot8o's

4 Mr. Wentworth's Prince de

Sir F. Poole's b. c. Mealy

2 3 Cobourg

Mr. Corrie's br. c. Banda. Ld Fitzwilliam's ch. c. Cade


3 3 2 Mr. Hutchinson's b. c. by On Thursday the 21st, the

King Fergus, dam by Duke of Marlborough's Plate of

7501.-3. mile heats.
5 to 4 agst Beninbrough, and 5 Mr. Aonesley's Pandolphio,
to 2 agít Eliza.

by Pretender, 5 yrs old,

Sít. lb.
Sir J. Lade's Serpent, aged,
gft. 41b.

I 2 2.
N Tuesday the 19th of Au-
gust, the Gold Cup, value



3ogs in Specie, for four yr olds 5ltozlb. five yr olds, ON Tuesday, August the 19th, 8ft. zib. fix yr olds, gft. and aged, for three yr olds, 7lt. four yr

à Sweepstakes of sogs each, 9ft. 41b.-Four miles.

olds, sit. 41b. five yr olds, Sit. Ld Oxford's b. c. Polyan

12!b. fix yr olds, gít. ilb. and thus, by Pot8o's, 4 yrs old aged, gft. alb. Mares allowed Sir F. Poole's b. m. Keren. 31b.-two miles. (7 Subscribers.) happuch, 5 yrs

Mr. Lade's Don Quixote, by Mr. Annefley's Pandolpho, 5

Eclipse, aged yrs old

3 Mir. L. Watson's ch. f. by Ld Abingdon's Master of Arts

Ulysses, dam by Imperator,

4 Mr. Martin's b h. by High Mr. Baldock's Hop-planter, flyer, dam by Snap, aged 5

3 Polyanthus the favourite. Sir J. Honeywood's ch. c. by

Challenger, 4 yrs old


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5 yrs old

3 yrs old


5 yrs old


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