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Flanagain's plan for the defence of London, 51

Fontainville Forest, account of, 38. prologue to, 63, epilogue

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hunter, analogy of the, 321 France, on the game laws of, 61 French atheistical anecdote, 144 — nation, Peter Pinder's des

cription of, 180 Further account of Big Ben, 77

G. Game Laws, decisions on the, 261 Gaffer Gray, 177 Game of Biliards, on the, 46. Hazard,85. Ombre, 201. Whist 209 Game Laws, defence of the, 14 Digest of the, 24, 79. On the, in France, 61 Games and diversions of Spaniards account of the, 22, 109 Game, prejudice of inhabitants of S. W. part of England to, 128 Gaming, on, 240 Origin of an allegory, 165 Game laws relating to angling, 203, 253, On the 25 I — Prosecution for killing, 2.94. Aët for the preservation of, 298 Game of happiness, 143 'Gaming, modest apology in defence of, 219 Gavelkind, invićta, or 237 General Goldsworthy, 5 Gentleman jockey, charaćter of one, 265

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angling, Io Gondoliers song, 61 Grous, natural history of the, 88 Guana, manner of hunting the, by the ancient Indians. 316 X x 2. Hamlet's

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t Mouends at Ranelagh, 106 Match, a singing 175 Mad dog, fatal consequences from the bight of, 297 Manner of taking turtle doves, joy. hunting the guana by the ancient Indians, 316 Marriage, breach of promise of singular trial for, I 11 Method of playing faro and rouge et noirc, 43 Methoe of taking the antelope, 166 Mode of hunting by jackalls, 166 Modest apology in defense of gaming, 218 Modern Method of hunting the whale, 75, 169 Monody, a, 179 Montague, E. W. Esq. anecdotes of, 141 Mule and free martin, extraordinary produce of 206

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E X. 67

Odd treatment of horses in Morrocco, 141

Ode, 123

Ogden's trotting mare, 31

Old England, pedigree and exploits of, 156

of Nick, a sporting charaćter IOI 2

Ombre, the game of, 201 Origin and antiquity of forests, 40 Original puff, 158 Origin of the game of chess, 255 -— gaming an allegory, 165 ——the charaćter of Shylock \ 314 - P

Packet Boat, account of the new opera of the, 98 Paeos, manner of taking and killing the, 25 Parody of Hamlet's soliloquy, 177 Particulars of the horses of this counry, 146 Pedestrian and equestrian per, formances, 6 Pedigree and performances of Cavendish, 30, of Drone, 49, of Diomed, 70, of Old England 156, of Walnut, ib. of Spadille, 157. of Windlestone, 309. Peter Pindar's description of the French nation, 180 Performances, fingular equestrian and pedestrian, 6 Pheasant hawking, 21 1 Philidore Mr. anecdotes of him, 308 Piedmontese, the, 347 Place and fox hunter, 321

| Play and luck, on, 1 5 I | Poaching defined, 315

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is I N D E X.

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Scot's Songs, 123
Seclusion, verses on, 233
Sentiments, the game of, 296
Shipwreck, the, 233
Shooting, a poem, 290, 345
Shooting, instructions for in ex-
perienced sportsmen in, 237
Shylock, origin of that charac-
ter, 314 -
Similies to Nancy, 234
Singular fact of a bitch and a
drake, 267
Singular Epitaph, 179. equestrian
and pedestrian performances, 6
Singular horse race, 94
Singular instance of fidelity in
dogs, 141
Singular Phoenomenon of a poney
mare, 241
Singing Match, 175
Song, the nun's, 61. Gondolier's
ib. in Nettley Abbey, 62. the
sleeping mariners, 63. in Love
and Honour, 122. by R. B.
Sheridan, Esq. 123. in the
Packet Boat, 124. in Lodoiska,
178. by Cymon B. 179, the
Glorious First of June, 231,
Les Poissards Anglois, 232, 234
the Watchman, 288. the Ewe-
Bughts, 347
Sonnet, 233, 289
Spaniards, account of the games
and diversions of the, 22, 109
Spain, king of, hunting anec-
dotes of the late, 5o
Spadille, pedigree and perfor-
mances of, 157
Spearing, Lieutenant George, his
suffererings, 7, 9o, 146
Sporting anecdotes, 28, 56
——— contrasts, 18, 9.4

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