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Sufferings of Lieutenant George Spearing, in a Coal Pit, go

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A LTHOUGH an account of the following performance would certainly not have escaped your vigilance, yet as I can give it you from better authority, than in all probability it might come to your hands, I have no doubt but you will insert it.

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Sport in G Con T R Asts. ( Continued from page 20. )

O the contemplative let it afford food for REFLECT to N, to the indolent let it produce excitement to Is Dust Ry, and to the changeling let it become a /?imulus to sability to be authentically informed, that RusTicus, a well known charaćter in the sprotis G world, originally emerged from the obscurity of an earthen potter's yard at Cove, in the county of HANTs, to display his abilities in the more popular charaćter of post-Boy (alias chaise driver) to Ti LBURY, who then kept the Red Lion, at BAGsHor. Here, though totally a stranger to the rudiments of the belles lettres, (unable either to write or read), he became a proficient in the game of cribóage, and acquired some knowledge in the doćirine of chancer. Having indi/?riously accumulated a small aggregate for his embarkation, he bade adieu to the dreary journies dependent upon the othip, and commenced spoRTsMAN upon such an extensive and successful scale, as soon rendered him an object of no inferior estimation. A very few years afforded ample proof of his indefatigable acaland unremitting perseverance;


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