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CANNOT elp admiring the modefty with which your correspondent I. I.B. from the Turf Coffee house, apologises for gaming, in your magazine of last month. If the modesty of this gentleman was not sufficiently manifested in the defign of his undertaking, it has at least been well exemplified in the confidence with which he courts a controversy. Now, gentleman, I am not attempting to maintain that much may be advanced and , forcibly urged in defence of gaming, but, I purpose to shew your correșros DENT, that HE has not as yet," sufficiently defended it; but as he has not betrayed any great want of ingenuity, perhaps, in some future attempt he may be Inore successful. That a number of mechanics are employed in the construćtion of cards, dice, rackets, and other implements of gaming, is not to be denied ; but will your Co RR Espo ND ENT argue that they are thus usefully employed —I make little doubt, and he may possibly make still less doubt, that there are a number of hands occupied in the construction of that kind of dice known by the name of dispatches, as well as many other articles of knowing manufacture ; and yet, I cannot easily be persuaded that if these mechanics were without employment, they would be likely in any other way to prove greater “pests to society.” .The commerce and fair manufačtures of this country are able to find employment for the whole extent of its population; and our prosperity would not be injured if the trades of dicemakers, card-makers, coiners,

On Gaming.

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