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To the Editors of the SpokTING
- - - ... MAGAZINE.
• GE N T L E M B N, -
F you think the following let-
ter from a military gentleman
to his friend" (from whom he
had borrowed a few dogs for a
coursing excur fion) won thy a
place in your valuable Magazine,
the insertion will oblige,
. Your Old Correspondent,
Shotwich, Herts, March 25.
Sir, , , -
I H A v E the honour to inform
you, that I moved with the de-
tachment you were pleased to in-
trust me with, consisting of three
greyhounds, two setters, and sour
couple of harriers, at day-break
of the 18th instant, the weather
being rather unfavourable, pre-
vented my, reaching Hare Hill
till seven A. M. where I received
information from He&tor (whom
L had previously dispatched on a
reconnoitering expedition), of
the enemy, being lodged in a

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18 Sporting Contrasts.

The Godolphin Arabian, at Hogmagog, 1753, aged 29. Cade, at Eastby, Richmond, Yorkshire, 1756, aged 22. Bolton Starling, at NorthMilford, Yorkshire, March 24, 1756, aged 29. Snip, at Kenton Northumberland, May, 8, 1757, aged 21. Young Cade, at Middleton Tyas, Richmond, Yorkshire, Nov. *7, 1764, aged 17. Tortoise, at Scarbro', by a mare breaking his leg, 1776, aged 14. Ampheon, about the year 1777. Le Sang, about the year 1777. Marske, in July 1779, aged 29, Herod, at Newmarket, May 12, 1780, aged 21. Matchem, at Bywell, Hexham, Northumberland, Feb. 21, 1781, aged 33. Morwelk Ball, at Mr. Pevers's, Scholes Park, Aberford, Yorkfhire, Jan. 4, 1787. aged 25. Chrysolite, at York, in the fummer 1788, aged 25. | Eclipse, at Cannon's, Surry, Feb. 26, 1789, aged 25. Goldfinder, in 1789, aged 25 Conductor, in August, 1790, aged 23. Taggergill in August, 1791, aged 25. Pay may ster, at Field House, Darlington, Durham, in 1791, aged 25. - Florizel, the latter end of the year 1791, aged 23. S. Pepper, at Mr. Robsor's, Brumpton, Richmond, Yorkshire, Jan. I 5, 1793.

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