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the spine, at the setting on of the neck, is the avithers ; and from the top of this a horse is meafured to know his size. From the withers to the hind part of the back, are the reins. Next the reins are the loins ; though some call the whole extent, from the withers to the croup, the reins. The extremity of the reins, above the hips to the tail, is called the croup. The part weere the crupper lies, is the channel; and the tail is the dock or rumt. The finking of the back, if any, is named the sway. The hinder part of the belly next the genitals, is called the famk, which reaches from the small ribs to the haunches. The joose skin which covers the yard, is the sheath. . The belly reaches from the brisket to the sheath. The point from the withers to the top joint of the thigh, inclofing the whole breast on both fides, is called the soulder. The fore (e.g. or arms begin from the fhoulder ; and the hind part pointing towards the brisket, is the elbow. The middle joint is the knee, to which the fore leg or arm reaches. The extent from the knee to the pastern is called the sank; and the strong tendon behind the shank, which is inserted into the heel, is termed the hack sinew. The place where the shank joins the pastern, is distinguished by the pastern or setlock joint. The pastern reaches from the lower part of this joint to the foot, and has a joint in the middle to facilitate the motion of the foot, which distinguishes it into two parts, the great pastern next the shark, and the lesser, next the foot. The joining of this last with the foot called the coffin joint. * The hoof is by some called the hern, but Host commonly the

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