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Printed by Oliver & Boyd, Tweeddale Court, lligu Street, Edinburgh.


In offering to the Public a New Edition of the “ Decerpta from Ovid's Metamorphoses," it may be proper to explain shortly the plan which has been adopted. The object of the Editor has been to furnish Teachers with an edition of a long-established schoolbook, adapted to the present state of classical scholarship, and to the system of teaching now pursued in our burgh and parochial schools. He has endeavoured to give a correct Text, with Explanatory Notes on each page, and has besides added an Index, containing Mythological, Geographical, and Historical Illustrations.

The Text has been formed after a careful comparison of the edition of Burman, 1727, with those of Jahn, 1832 ; of Bach, 1831-6; and of Baumgarten-Crusius, 1834. To none of these has the Editor strictly adhered : in all disputed passages he has thought himself at liberty to exercise his own judgment, and has not hesitated to adopt the improvements of the German Philologists, when these were supported by manuscript authority, or justified by the rules of fair and legitimate criticism. To the Punctuation of the Text he has paid particular

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