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wrath to prevail over duty and principle. He seeks its gratification and the display of it, by leaving the Church, or in other words by defying and forsaking the ordinance of the Church's God. He is wroth, as Cain was. What a reason for religious conduct! Not love and faith, but hatred and passion, are made the rule, by which he will judge how God is to be obeyed! Oh shame! brethren-nay more than shame, peril! Follow not such guides. Be warned in time. Remember Cain-Cain was wroth, and therefore despised the ordinance of God. But Cain, in gratifying his wrath, embraced his own destruction. First envy, then hatred, then murder, and then sorrow and despair, followed each other in rapid succession. The voice of his brother's blood cried from the ground, and was heard of God. The terrible curse came forth from the avenger who heard it. The man of wroth became a man of misery; and, in the bitterness and desperation of his soul, he exclaimed "My punishment is greater than I can bear." Let our dissenting brethren contemplate this. If they have dissented and continue to dissent, let it be upon some ground more religious, and more rational than because they are wroth. Such wrath is the WRATH OF CAIN!


But, there is something touching in the fact that it was Samuel whom Saul desired the witch of Endor to call up. Samuel had boldly refuted Saul, and, as it would seem, offended him by his faithfulness. Yet Saul could not hide from himself that the reprover was his best friend, and therefore in the season of fear and perplexity, he longed intensely for the honest and intrepid counsellor whom he had hated and shunned, whilst danger was less imminent. And herein was Saul an instance of what often occurs.

How many who have despised the advice of a father or mother, and grieved their parents by opposition and disobedience, long bitterly to bring them back when they have gone down to the grave, that they may have the benefit of the counsel which they once slighted and scorned. If they could go to the necromancer in the hour of distress, it would not be, Bring me up the companion that cheered me on in my gaities, who was with me at the revel, and the dance, and the public show:-but, bring me up the father with his gray hairs, who solemnly told me that "the way of transgressors was hard;" or the mother, who, with weeping eyes, and a broken voice, admonished me against sinful indulgences. And yet, if ye neglect the LORD, and continue to resist the strivings of his SPIRIT, so that at length He depart from you as He departed from Saul, what would it avail the grave should give up its inhabitants at your bidding? The son who remembers, with anguish of spirit, how he despised the command of his father, and forsook the law of his mother, round whom, as round Saul, are gathered the Philistines-what profit would it be to him, that the earth should open, and a well-known form come up, covered with a mantle? The father, or mother, could but say to him, "Why hast thou disquieted me, to bring me up? Wherefore dost thou ask of me, seeing the LORD is departed from thee, and is become thine enemy?"

And thus also with a faithful minister or friend. He has reproved you, and admonished you, week after week, and year after year—and you have either been indifferent to his pleadings, or offended at his urgency. And then he dies; and you are, perhaps, almost pleased to be freed from his home-strokes and pointed remonstrances. But you may think of him again, as you toss on a sick-bed, and you can gather no hope that sin is forgiven; and you may wish that he were yet upon earth to instruct you, and guide you-and you shall have your wish-"an old man

cometh up, and he is covered with a mantle,”—but what can you expect to hear from his lips? Your wretchedness is of your own making; if you have no hope, it is because GOD hath called a thousand times, and you would not answer; if you are oppressed with terror, it is because CHRIST hath entreated you for many years to receive pardon through His Blood, and you have set at nought your MEDITATOR: exclaim with Saul, "I am sore distressed, for the Philistines make war against me, and GOD is departed from me, and answereth me no more, neither by prophets nor by dreams," what shall he say to you, if not what Samuel said to Saul, "Why hast thou disquieted me to bring me up? Wherefore dost thou ask of me, seeing the LORD is departed from thee, and is become thine enemy?"

Ancoats' Sermons by XXXIX Living Divines.


Popery is Christianity corrupted. There are many things in the Mass Book both good and bad. There are many prayers addressed to the true and only God and many addressed to Angels and Saints. We retain nothing in the Book of Common Prayer but what is perfectly consonant with Holy Scripture; and it is a strange perverseness in man to blame us for using prayers merely because the Papists use them as well as ourselves. It would, however, betray a want of acquaintance with Ecclesiastical Antiquity, to suppose all these prayers and services originated in the Roman Church, as several of them were in use from the first ages of Christianity, and many of the best of them before the name of Pope or Popery was known in the Earth.

Rev. Thos. Bennett, 1739.


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And had they not begun the war,
Th' had ne'er been sainted, as they are:
For Saints in peace degenerate,

And dwindle down to reprobate ;

Their zeal corrupts, like standing water,
In th' intervals of war and slaughter;
Abates the sharpness of its edge,
Without the power of sacrilege.

And though they've tricks to cast their sins
As easy as serpents do their skins.
That in a while grow out again

In peace they turn mere carnal men,
And from the most refin'd of Saints,
As naturally grow miscreants,
As barnacles turn Soland geese
In th' Islands of the Orcades.'


Our second question is—“ What times, and means, do the anti-church and democratic agitators take to set you against those who are appointed to offices, and especially against your Clergy and Churchmen? Observe that, though we bave our own opinions upon questions of both Church and State policy, we are not now discussing those questions, nor do we complain that the opinions of others differ from ours. Our business now is only with the times and means used by them to advance their opinions. We ask whether they are consistent with truth, honesty, and reason.

Those, whose objects are truth, bonesty, and reason, will, in appealing to you in behalf of those objects, choose the times, in which your judgment is most cool, your passions least excited, and your opportunities of considering, what they state, most free from interruption, and when your decision is least likely to be biassed by the fear or favor of others. Those who want to cheat and mislead you will take other times.

The advocates of truth will not be found seizing every opportunity to entrap men's judgments, while they are heated and blinded by party struggles; neither will they choose for their field of discussion a meeting of mob partisans, brought together to make hootings and brutalities, the tests of right and wrong; and to swallow, without examination, whatsoever the impudence or the ignorance of a brawling demagogue may offer,

The advocate of truth will be found steadily appealing to "COMMON SENSE" at a time, when alone it can be fairly appealed to, and can form a calm judgment. He will address you, as we do; in printed statements and arguments, which you can take to YOUR OWN HOUSES, and read, and consider, and sift, without any bias, or interruption. He will ask only fair play, only the time when you can calmly examine. This is our time! Our appeal is, Only consider; use your "COMMON SENSE"; we want no prejudice in our favour; all we ask is-do not be prejudiced against us. Read and examine! Do not believe us, or our opponents, unless our arguments are sound, and our proofs satisfactory. If we are wrong, reject us; if we are right, follow, and support us. Do not be led away by words, noise, and bluster. Examine, and think upon, the matter when you are alone, where there are no advocates on either side; when the judges are, not impudent and factious revilers and blasphemers, but God-your heart— your conscience-your "Common Sense"! Examine it at the time, when you can privately kneel down to God in prayer, and beseech Him to guide you to the truth in all things, and especially in those things which relate to His Holy Church both in earth and Heaven! This is our time, and for this time is our appeal to your "Common Sense" intended and suited!

Now let us ask you, is this the time chosen by the anti-church and democratic agitators?

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