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SEATTLE, WASH., July 10, 1900. The Washington State Bar Association met in annual session in Elk's Hall, in the City of Seattle, at 10 o'clock A. M.,

and was called to order by Hon. George Donworth, President.

There were present: Hon. George Donworth, President; Austin Myers, Second Vice President; Nathan S. Porter, Secretary; Wil. liam A. Peters, Treasurer, and a quorum of members.

Hon. T. J. Humes, Mayor of the City of Seattle, then delivered the following address of welcome: Mr. President and Members of the State Bar Association:

I never become embarrassed — scarcely ever, except when I appear before a delegation composed of beautiful women or brainy men. I have had occasion in my official capacity as the mayor of this city a great many times to welcome delegations or individuals and societies to this city, but never before. I believe, have I had occasion to welcome to this city a body of individuals who had so much to do with the affairs of mankind generally as do the lawyers. It is with pleasure, gentlemen, that I welcome you to this fair and growing city. I trust that the result of your deliberations may prove beneficial to yourselves as well as to the people of the state. Every lawyer in the city, every individual in the city - I speak now for those who hail from outside the city of Seattle will try to make your stay among us as pleasant as possible. Again, gentlemen, I cordially welcome you to our city. (Applause.)

THE PRESIDENT The first order of business set forth in the by-laws is the reading of the record of the proceedings of the preceding meeting. The Secretary will now read the record.

MR. ARTHUR I move that the reading of the record be dis. pensed with. It has been published, and all the members, I believe, or nearly all, have received a copy of it and have read it.

THE SECRETARY - I second the motion.

THE PRESIDENT It has been moved and seconded that the reading of the minutes of the preceding meeting be dispensed with.

Motion was unanimously carried.

THE PRESIDENT The next order of business is an address by the President. (See Appendix.)


OLYMPIA, WASH., July 10th, 1900. To the President and Members of the Washington State Bar Association:

GENTLEMEN-I have the honor to submit for your consideration, this my annual report for the year ending June 30th, 1900. Number of members as per last report..

244 Number joined since last report.


255 25

Number dropped for non-payment of dues.

Present membership.


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Cash received from 11 members, initation fee.

for dues
by president from former treasurer.

$ 55 00

84 00 170 00

$309 00

Cash paid treasurer

FINANCIAL STATEMENT. To cash balance as per last report..... from secretary..

paid by former treasurer,


$ 28 53 139 00 170 00

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$337 53 191 78

By paid warrants 15 and 16..

To balance on hand.

$145 75

TREASURER'S ANNUAL REPORT. To the President of the Washington State Bar Association:

SEATTLE, WASH., July 10, 1990. SIR-I have the honor to submit the following statement of amounts recieved and disbursed by me as treasurer of this association for the year ending June 30, 1900: To cash on hand as per last annual statement.

$ 28 53 July 9, '99, cash received from N. S. Porter, Sec'y

113 00 10

20 00 former treasurer Robinson, through N. S. Porter, Sec'y

170 00 July 8 By paid warrant No. 15 to the order of N. S. Porter.

24 03 Oct. 16, 1899, by paid warrant No. 16 to the order of N. S. Porter

167 75 Balance of cash on hand.

145 75

$337 53 $337 75

Respectfully Submitted,

W. A. PETERS, Treasurer.


SEATTLE, WASH., March 30, 1900. 2 P. M.: Executive Committee of the Washington State Bar Association met at the office of President Donworth in the City of Seattle and were called to order by President Donworth. Present, the President, Secretary and Treasurer and a quorum of members.

The business of the association being the selection of topics for articles to be read at the next annual meeting of the association, and the appointment of writers to prepare and read the same. The following were chosen:

1. The Status of Our Newly Acquired Territory, Will H. Thompson, of Seattle.

2. The Government Ownership of Railroads, C. W. Hodgdon of Montesano.

3. Limitation of Municipal Indebtedness, C. E. Shepard, of Seattle. 4. Practise in Courts of Admiralty, H. S. Griggs, of Tacoma.

5. Needed Reform In the Laws of Marriage and Divorce, J. B. Davidson, of Ellensburg.

6. How Should U. S. Senators be Elected? Thos. B. Hardin, of Seattle. No further business appearing, the committee adjourned.

GEORGE DONWORTH, President. Attest: N. S. PORTER, Secretary.

The following letter from Third Vice President W. C. Sharpstein was read by request of the president:

SAN FRANCISCO, CAL., July 3, 1900. Hon. N. S. PORTER, Secretary of the Washington State Bar Association, Olympia, Wash.

MY DEAR MR. PORTER-I am in receipt of yours of June 29, and under separate cover a copy of the proceedings of the last session, for which you have my tbanks. I regret exceedingly that I shall not be able to be with you at Seattle this year, but cherish the hope that at some future time, not far distant, I may be able to attend some of the annual meetings of the Association.

I do not know whether you realize to its fullest extent the value of a state organization. Efforts have been made in this state at different times to organize a state association but as yet without success. I have talked to a number of lawyers here, and they all regret that there is no state organization. I trust that the Washington organization will realize the immense advantage there is in the yearly gatherings, and that the Association will become in time a powerful organization, whose influence will not only restrain unprofessional practices, but elevate the standard of professional ethics to the high ideal to which every true lawyer aspires.

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