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• But oh, my lyre! what accents can relate
• Sinful man's appointed fate !--

• He comes, he comes! th’avenging God!
• Clouds and darkness round him roll:
• Tremble, earth! ye mountains, nod!

• He bows the skies, and shakes the pole.
• The gloomy banners of his wrath unfurl'd,
• He calls the floods, to drown a guilty world.-

" Ruin, lift thy baleful head;
· Rouze the guilty world from sleep;
Lead up thy billows from their cavern'd bed,
“ And burst the rocks that chain thee in the deep !"

• Now, th' impetuous torrents rise ;
• The hoarse-ascending deluge roars :
• Down rush the cataracts from the skies;
• The swelling waves o’erwhelm the shores. -

• Just, O God, is thy decree !

• Shall guilty man contend with thee! • Lo, Hate and Envy, sea-entomb'd, • And Rage with Luft in ruin sleep;

• And fcoffing Luxury is doom'd To glut the vast and ravenous deep! • In vain from Fate th' astonish'd remnant flies :

" Shrink, ye rocks! Ye oceans, rife!"« The tottering cliffs no more the floods controul;

· Sea, following sea, ingulphs the ball : « O’er the funk hills the wat’ry mountains roll, « And wide Destruction swallows all

.. Now fiercer let th’empaffion'd numbers glow : « Swell the song, ye mighty choir !

Wing your dreadful darts with fire!
« Hear me, monarch !-Guilt is woe!'

Thus while the frowning shepherd pour'd along
The deep impetuous torrent of his song i



Saul, sung by dire, despair,
Gnash'd his teeth, and tore his hair :

From his blood, by horror chill'd,
A cold and agonizing sweat diftill'd;
Then, foaming with unutterable smart,

He aim'd a dagger at his heart.

His watchful train prevent the blow;
And call each lenient balm to soothe his frantick woe:

But pleas'd, the shepherd now beheld
His pride by Heaven's own terrors quell'd; .
Then bade his potent lyre controul
The mighty storm that rent his soul.

• Cease your cares! the body's pain

• A sweet relief may find; But gums

and lenient balms are vain,
"To heal the wounded mind.-

• Come, fair Repentance, from the skies;
« fainted maid, with upcast eyes!
• Descend, in thy celestial shroud,
• Vested in a weeping cloud !
• Holy Guide, descend, and bring
• Mercy from th'Eternal King!
- To his soul your beams impart,
• And whifper comfort to his heart !

· They come. O king, thine ear incline !
« Listen to their voice divine:
« Their voice fhall every pang compose,
« To gentle forrow foothe thy woes ;
s Till each


wish to heaven shail foar, • And Peace return, to part no more!

Behold, obedient to their great command,
The lifted dagger quits his trembling hand !

Smooth'd is his brow, where sullen Care -
And furrow'd Horror couch'd with fell Despair :


No more his eyes with fury glow
But heavenly grief fucceeds to hell-born woe.

• See, the signs of grace appear!
« See the soft relenting tear,
Trickling at sweet Mercy's call !
• Catch it, angels, ere it fall!
• And let the heart-sent offering rise,
• Heaven's best-accepted facrifice !'

• Yet, yet again !-Ah! see, the pang returns !
• Again with inward fire his heaving bosom burns!

• Now, shepherd, wake a mightier strain;
• Search the deep heart-rending pain ;
« Till the large floods of sorrow roll,

• And quench the tortures of his soul.'--.
• Almighty Lord, accept his pang fincere !
• Let heavenly hope difpel each dark temptation !
• And, while he pours the penitential tear,
"O visit him with thy falvation :-

• Stoop from heaven, ye raptur'd throng!

Sink, ye swelling tides of fong! • For lo ! diffolv'd by Mufick's melting power, • Celestial Sorrow rolls her plenteous shower :

• O'er his wan cheek the colours rise, « And beams of comfort brighten in his eyes.

Happy king, thy woes are o'er !

Thy God shall wound thy soul no more :
“The pitying Father of mankind,
• Meets the pure-returning mind.'-

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• No more shall black Despair affli&t his soul!
* Each gentler found, ye lhepherds, now combine;
Sweetly let the numbers roll;

• Soothe him into hope divine.

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! Now

• Now lowly let the ruftick measure glide,
« To quell the dark remains of self-consuming pride ;
• Till Nature's home-sprung blellings he confess,
« And own that calm.content is happiness.'
« Ye woods and lakes, ye cliffs and mountains !
* Haunted grots, and living fountains !

• Listen to your shepherd's lay,
• Whose artless carols close the day.
* Bounding kids around him throng;
• The steep rock echoes back his song:
• While all unseen to mortal

* Sliding down the evening sky,
Holy Peace, tho' born above,

Daughter of Innocence and Love,
• Quits her throne and mansion bright,
* Her crown of stars and robe of light,
• Serene, in gentle smiles array'd,
• To dwell beneath his palm-tree shade.
* Hail, meek angel ! awful guest !
• Still pour thy radiance o'er my breast !

Pride and Hate in courts may shine ;
• The shepherd's calm and blameless tent is thine !"

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• Softly, softly breathe your numbers,
• And wrap his weary'd soul in slumbers !' -

Gentle sleep becalm his breast,

And close his eyes in healing reft!
• Descend, celestial visions, ye who wait,
6 "God's miniftring powers, at Heaven's eternal gate!

• Ye, who nightly vigils keep,
• And rule the filent realms of sleep,
· Exalt the just to joys refin'd,
• And plunge in woe the guilty mind,
• Descend ! Oh, waft him to the skies,
all Heaven's glories to his eyes !

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prii And

• Beyond

Beyond yon starry roof, by seraphs trod,
• Where Light's unclouded fountains blaze ;

Where choirs immortal hymn their God, • Intranc'd in extafy of ceaseless praise.

• Angels, heal his anguish!
• Your harps and voices join !
· His grief to bliss shall languish,
• When sooth’d. by sounds divine."


• Behold, with dawning joy each feature glows!

• See, the blissful tear o'erflows !
« The fiend is fied !--Let Mufick's rapture rise :
• Now, Harmony, thy ev'ry nerve employ;

• Shake the dome, and pierce the skies;
· Wake him, wake him into joy!'


What power can ev'ry Paffion's throne controul ?

What power can boast the charm divine,

To still the tempest of the foul ?
Celestial Harmony, that mighty charm is thine !
She, heavenly-born, came down to visit earth,

When from God's eternal throne
The beam of all-creative Wisdom thone,

And spake fair Order into birth.
At Wisdom's call the robe'd yon glittring kies,
Attun'd the spheres, and taught consenting orbs to rise.

Angels wrapt in wonder itood,
And saw that all was fair, and all was good.

'Twas then, ye fons of God, in bright array,
Ye Mouted o'er creation's day :
Then kindling into joy,
The morning stars together fung;
And thro' the vast ethereal sky
Seraphick hymns and loud hosannahs rung.

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