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And now beneath delighted pass,

Where winding thro' the deep-gréén grafs

A full-brimm'd river flow'd.

I ftop, I gaze; in accents rude,
To thee, ferenest Solitude,

Burft forth th' unbidden lay : ›

⚫ Be gone, vile world! the learn'd, the wife, • The great, the busy I despise,

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And pity e'en the gay.

Thefe, thefe are joys alone,' I cry ; 'Tis here, divine Philofophy,

Thou deign't to fix thy throne!

• Here Contemplation points the road,
• Thro' Nature's charms, to Nature's God!

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• What mean'st thou, man? would't thou unbind The ties which conftitute thy kind,

The pleasures and the pains ? **

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• Shall light and fhade, and warmth and air, • With thofe exalted joys compare

• Which active Virtue feels!

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• As reft to labour ftill fucceeds

• To man, whilst Virtue's glorious deeds 2 vd I Employ his toilfome day; artemisarzisek qua


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Enthufiaft, go! try every fenfe;
If not thy blifs, thy excellence,

Thou yet haft learn'd to scan;

At least thy wants, thy weakness know, < And fee them all uniting show,

• That man was made for man.'





ENGEANCE, arife from thy infernal bed,
And pour thy tempeft on his guilty head!'
Thus Heaven's decree, in thunder's found,
Shook the dark abyfs profound.-

The unchain'd Furies come!

Pale Melancholy ftalks from hell :
Th' abortive offspring of her womb,
Defpair and Anguish, round her yell.
By fleepless terror Saul poffefs'd,

Deep feels the fiend within his tortur'd breaft.

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Midnight spectres round him howl:

Before his eyes

In troops they rife;

And feas of horror overwhelm his foul.

Hafte! to Jeffe's fon repair;
He best can fweep the lyre,
Wake the folemn-founding air,

And lead the vocal choir :

'On every string foft-breathing raptures dwell,
To foothe the throbbings of the troubled breast ;
Whose magick voice can bid the tides of paffion fwell,
⚫ Or lull the raging storm to reft.’.

Sunk on his couch, and loathing day,
The heaven-forfaken monarch lay :

To the fad couch the fhepherd now drew near;
And, while th' obedient choir ftood round,
Prepar'd to catch the foul-commanding found,
He dropp'd a generous tear.

Thy pitying aid, O God, impart !
For lo, thy poison'd arrows drink his heart!'

The mighty fong from Chaos rofe:

Around his throne the formless atoms fleep,
And drowzy darkness broods upon the deep.-
Confufion, wake!

Bid the realms of Chaos shake!

Rouze him from his dread repofe !'

Hark! loud Discord breaks her chain :

The hostile atoms clash with deaf'ning roar ;

Her hoarfe voice thunders thro' the drear domain,'

And kindles every element to war.

"Tumult cease!:

"Sink to peace!..

...Let there be light!"th' Almighty faid:

• And

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And lo, the radiant fun,

Flaming from his orient bed,

• His endless course begun!

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See, the twinkling Pleïads rife :

Thy ftar, Orion, reddens in the skies;

• While flow around the northern plain,
• Arcturus wheels his nightly wane.'

Thy glories, too, refulgent moon, he fung;;
Thy myftick mazes, and thy changeful ray :
O, fairest of the ftarry throng!

Thy folemn orb of light

Guides the triumphant car of Night

• O'er filver clouds, and sheds a fofter day!

Ye planets, and each circling constellation, • In fongs harmonious tell your generation! Oh! while yon radiant feraph turns the spheres, And on the stedfaft pole-star stands fublime; • Wheel your rounds

To heavenly founds,"

And foothe his fong-enchanted ears
With your celeftial chime.'

In dumb furprize the list'ning monarch lay ;
(His woe fufpended by fweet Mufick's fway ;)
And awe-ftruck, with uplifted eye,

Mus'd on the new-born wonders of the sky.

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• Ocean haftens to his bed;

The lab'ring mountain rears his rock-encumber'd head:

Down his steep and fhaggy fide,

< The torrent rolls his thundering tide;

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