The martyrs of science, or, The lives of Galileo, Tycho Brahe, and Kepler


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Seite 74 - We find in him not only literary distinction, but also the love of piety, and he is strong in those qualities by which pontifical good-will is easily obtained. And now, when he has been brought to this city to congratulate Us on Our elevation, We have very lovingly embraced him ; — nor can We suffer him to return to the country whither your liberality recalls him without an ample provision of pontifical love. And that you may know how dear he is to Us, We have willed to give him this honourable...
Seite 66 - ... holding forth, as he often does, in the midst of fifteen or twenty, all violently attacking him, sometimes in one house, sometimes in another. But he is armed after such fashion that he laughs all of them to scorn ; and even if the novelty of his opinions prevents entire persuasion, at least it convicts of emptiness most of the arguments with which his adversaries endeavour to overwhelm him.
Seite 239 - I will indulge in my sacred fury ; I will triumph over mankind by the honest confession, that I have stolen the golden vases of the Egyptians to build up a tabernacle for my God far away from the confines of Egypt. If you forgive me, I rejoice ; if you are angry, I can bear it : the die is cast ; the book is written, to be read either now or by posterity, I care not which : it may well wait a century for a reader, as God has...
Seite 240 - If you forgive me, I rejoice ; if you are angry, I can bear it : the die is cast ; the book is written ; to be read either now or by posterity. I care not which. It may well wait a century for a reader, since God has waited six thousand years for an observer like myself.
Seite 52 - Saturn devoured his own children ? or was the appearance indeed fraud and illusion, with which the glasses have for so long a time mocked me, and so many others who have often observed with me ? Now, perhaps, the time is come to revive the withering hopes of those who, guided by more profound contemplations, have followed all the fallacies of the new observations, and recognised their impossibilities.
Seite 80 - ... demonstrated ; but he had not the courage to do this in a direct and open manner.' He adopted the plan of discussing the subject in a Dialogue between three speakers, in the hope of eluding, by this artifice, the censure of the church. This work was completed in 1630 ; but, 6wing to some difficulty in obtaining a license to print it, it was not published till 1632.
Seite 255 - In a work which is to record the religious character of Newton, it would be unjust to withhold from Kepler the credit -which is due to his piety and faith. The harmony of the universe, which he strove to expound, excited in him not only admiration, but love. He felt his own humility the farther he penetrated into the mysteries of the universe...
Seite 118 - The scientific character of Galileo," as we have elsewhere1 had occasion to remark, " and his method of investigating truth, demand our warmest admiration. The number and ingenuity of his inventions" the brilliant discoveries which he made in the heavens, and the depth and beauty of his researches respecting the laws of motion, have gained him the...
Seite 30 - he demanded, " would it be but a vast unblessed desert, void of animals, of plants, of cities and of men ; the abode of silence and inaction ; senseless, lifeless, soulless, and...
Seite 218 - Yesterday, when weary with writing, and my mind quite dusty with considering these atoms, I was called to supper, and a salad I had asked for was set before me.

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