Compendium of Finance: Containing an Account of the Origin, Progress, and Present State, of the Public Debts, Revenue, Expenditure, National Banks and Currencies, of France, Russia, Prussia, the Netherlands, Austria, Naples, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Hanover, and Other German States, U. S. of America, Buenos Ayres, Columbia, and Chili

W. Phillips, 1822 - 544 Seiten

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Seite 248 - It cannot be doubted that the more complete our internal resources, and the less dependent we are on foreign powers for every national as well as domestic purpose, the greater and more stable will be the public felicity. By the increase of domestic manufactures, will the demand for the rude materials at home be increased ; and thus will the dependence of the several parts of the Union on each other, and the strength of the Union itself, be proportionally augmented.
Seite 234 - Among these none holds a more important place than the public revenue, from the direct operation of the power by which it is raised on the people, and by its influence in giving effect to every other power of the Government. The revenue depends on the resources of the country, and the facility by which the amount required is raised is a strong proof of the extent of the resources and of the efficiency of the Government.
Seite 179 - Nor shall any thing in this act be construed to repeal, alter, or affect, any of the provisions of any former act, pledging the faith of the United States to the payment of the interest or principal of the public debt...
Seite 234 - ... dollars. During this term, the expenses of the government of the United States were likewise defrayed, in every branch of the civil, military, and naval establishments ; the public edifices in this city have been rebuilt, with considerable additions ; extensive fortifications have been commenced, and are in a train of execution ; permanent arsenals and magazines...
Seite 177 - ... contracted and to be contracted, according to the terms of the contracts respectively ; and for creating an adequate sinking fund, gradually to reduce, and eventually to extinguish the public debt, contracted and to be contracted...
Seite 234 - The sum of three millions of dollars, authorized to be raised by loan by an act of the last session of Congress, has been obtained upon terms advantageous to the government, indicating not only an increased confidence in the faith of the nation, but the existence of a large amount of capital seeking that mode of investment at a rate of interest not exceeding 5 per Cent.
Seite 247 - Alississippi stock. There has, therefore, been an actual increase of the public debt, contracted during the year, of one million five hundred and thirty-eight thousand two hundred and sixty-six dollars, sixty-nine cents. " The receipts into the treasury from the 1st of January to...
Seite 156 - ... a position inviting to prodigality, and liable to dangerous abuse", that he ardently wishes to see it incorporated, as a fundamental maxim, in the system of public credit of the United States, that the creation of debt should always be accompanied with the means of extinguishment.
Seite 238 - That, to provide for the exigencies of the public service, to make such progressive reduction of the national debt as may adequately support public credit, and to afford to the country a prospect of future relief from a part of its present...
Seite 253 - ... annually. It is highly probable, however, that an increase of duty on some of those articles might eventually cause a reduction of the revenue ; but this can only take place where similar articles are manufactured in the country. In that event, domestic manufactures will have been fostered, and the general ability of the community to contribute to the public exigencies will have been proportionably increased.

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