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live out of Command and Authority, or live under the Laws of God or .Man—Whether such Men, I say, are not more like to enslave their Country than those who are content with what will hardly satisfy Nature; that pawn their Lives for that little, that will keep them honest, though poor and miserable; that are contented (at least quiet) with less than the Laws of God require of them: for we do not find that they are commanded in Scripture to be contented with no Pay, as they have been of late for some Years, and yet have not been known to mutiny, or offer Violence to any Man. As for that Violence, which they are charged to have done to several Governments, the chief Authors of those Atchievements were Members of this House, and here learned the way of it, which the inferior Officers and the rest of the Army are so far from being guilty of, that they did no more than their Duty, which consists in obeying, not arguing, the Commands of their Superiors, without making themselves supreme Judges of State Affairs, which do not at all belong to them. This was all they did heretofore, and all that they did lately, and all that they are like to do hereafter, only oppose Tyranny, when they ate

commanded. And is it possible, that these Men should have any Design to enslave others, that have suffered themselves to be made such Slaves, as instead of receiving their just Arrears, to be sent away to starve in the remotest Parts of the Earth, as a great Part of the Army have been; to be shipped away for France, Flanders, Sweden, and Jamaica, just at the framing of new Tyrannies, which they were like to disturb, if they had been suffered to stay at Home; that have patiently endured to see so many of their Officers cashiered, without any Thing laid to their Charge, or being heard to speak for themselves? And yet they are accused for enslaving those, from whom they have suffered all this, and charged with those Designs, which they only keep from taking Effect, with such transcendent Confidence and obstinate Hypocrisy, as if their Accusers intended to blot out all Notions of Right and Wrong, and Truth and Falshood out of the World. This is the only Reason, why they are made so great a Grievance to their Country by those Men, who do not only owe their Wealth and Greatness, but their very Lives to their Protection. For by them have they been secured to sit here, to brood Riches, to fliare the Fruits of other Mens Blood and Danger, and talk themselves great; and by them are they at this Instant protected from the Outrage of the People, which would inevitably fall upon them, were they left to themselves. And yet they desire nothing more than the Destruction of their Preservers, and to put Arms into other Hands, to whom they owe less, and who less understand them; and consequently would be never serviceable to their Purposes. But if that were once done, they would not only assume, but own, and justify that, which they now exclaim against, before God, and the World.

What would follow afterwards it is not hard to foresee: for as there is no Government, that they can settle, were the Army removed, that would not immediately be thrown off by the People j so if they can but raise a Foivc of their own to secure themselves, they will ntver settle any at all, but make themselves supreme Lords of this vast unlimited Power, that, like a Terra incognita, cannot be determined how far it extends, nor will it ever be by them. This they will execute most righteously, no doubt, under these serene Princes, their invisible Higb~ nejjes, the Keepers of the invisible Liberties, that like the Persian Magi never appear, but keep State and their no-Charge in some enchanted Castle nobody knows where, nor can tell how many they are. And yet, to give them their due, they are the most benign and gracious Sovereigns to their Ministers of State in the whole World: for they will give them absolute Power to do what they please, how unjust or inhuman soever, and never admit of any Appeals, nor call them to account for any thing, but freely let them enjoy such a large Dominion, as thefiftb-Monarcljy Saints propose to themselves under King Jesus, whom they would now compel, whether he will or no, to take the Devil at his Word, and accept of all the Kingdoms of the Earth, and the Glory of them,, which he refused so long ago, merely that they might create themselves his Popes or Vicars upon Earth, and rule according to his, that is, their own will. And just such a Prerogative will these Men enjoy under their magical liegcLords as long, if no outward Force disturb them, as they can continue united, which, were their common Dangers removed, will be but a short Time, where there are so many supreme Powers, and so many that would be; who believing they have equal Right, as well as Itch, to it, will not fail to keep up perpetual Faction, and spread Sedition, which that just Hatred of the People will be always ready to

assist By this means (as all Tyrannies of

many have ever been short-lived) so will this quickly fall into other Hands, and from many to one, and from one to many again j until between these different Usurpations, that pull several ways, the whole Nation will in the end be sawed in Pieces. All the Hopes we shall

have of Liberty will be only this That the

Stock of the Commonwealth will not be long able to bear the Charges of its own Slavery; and so Tyranny itself, as well as all other Trades, must in the end be forced to break. In the mean Time we shall not have so much as a settled Slavery, but be forced to change our Masters, as Christian Bond-flaves are in Turks, as they shall please to dispose of us; and be conveyed from Government to Government, as Rogues are from Constable to Constable, still to be whipt and punished according to Law, as they will outface us, until we come to the Place where we were born, a just and lawful Authority.

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