Salad and Salad Making

Fairbanks, Palmer & Company, 1884 - 40 Seiten

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Seite 18 - Twould tempt the dying anchorite to eat. Back to the world he'd turn his fleeting soul, And plunge his fingers in the salad bowl. Serenely full, the epicure would say, Fate cannot harm me, I have dined to-day.
Seite 18 - Distrust the condiment that bites so soon; But deem it not, thou man of herbs, a fault To add a double quantity of salt; Four times the spoon with oil of Lucca crown, And twice with vinegar procured from town; And lastly o'er the flavoured compound toss A magic soupcon of anchovy sauce.
Seite 18 - Distrust the condiment which bites so soon ; But deem it not, thou man of herbs, a fault, To add a double quantity of salt...
Seite 10 - It should be only a dressing—an adjunct, to tone down and soften too sharp an acid, or too pungent a flavor; or to render finer and more distinctive, some peculiar individuality of the fruits, vegetables, etc., composing the salad. This is the true mission of the dressing. And a salad dressing, scientifically prepared, brings out and develops the native characteristics of the various materials used, and crowns with perfectness the harmoniously compounded salad.
Seite 24 - Mayonnaise, or a cream dressing is, on all accounts, most appropriate—either of which can be varied to a considerable extent, to meet the special requirements of the salad. The addition of a small quantity ot sugar to a dressing for cabbage may be an improvement, in supplying a saccharine need; but mustard should always be omitted, as cabbage possesses that flavor, or family trait, in a sufficient degree. Celery appears to be about the only vegetable that makes a perfectly harmonious combination...
Seite 36 - In selecting materials for a mixed salad it is best, as a general rule, to confine them to one distinct class. But as some people are willing to tolerate incongruous mixtures for the sake of producing marvelous and startling effects, an illustration of an inharmonious salad of this description may be found in Prof. Blot's felicitous recipe for " A SALAD MACEDOINE. This salad ought to be called
Seite 16 - ... as a base. Butter may always be substituted for olive oil when desired, and can be used in a Mayonnaise by stirring to a cream, and gradually adding a well beaten egg. The white of an egg beaten stiff' may be added to any cream or Mayonnaise dressing just before it is used.
Seite 11 - To the juice of three oranges and one lemon, which should make a half pint, add four ounces of sugar, one gill of sherry wine, and the white and shell of one egg. Beat all together. Heat to boiling point. Simmer five minutes. Strain. The wine may be omitted from this dressing, if desired.
Seite 33 - AND TONGUE SALAD. Prepare the white meat of cold boiled or roast chicken, and cold boiled tongue, in equal quantities, in the form of dice. Make a rich transparent dressing of chicken broth or stock, seasoned with salt and pepper; and flavored with tarragon vinegar or sherry wine. Mold the same as fruit or fish salad, arranging the light and dark meats so as to produce a pretty effect when turned from the mold.
Seite 20 - Oi the currants may be removed from theitem, sprinkle slightly with fine sugar, and set away in a cold place an hour before serving. Any fruit may be served in a similar manner. Banana Salad — Take off one section of peeling, take out banana and cut into small cubes; dress with French dressing. Put back into rinds and serve on lettuce leaves. This, indeed, is a delicious salad to serve with a fish or meat course. The Mayonnaise dressing may be used if prepared. Orange Sulad.

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