Hudibras: Poëme, Band 3


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Seite 180 - O' th' compass in their bones and joints, Can by their pangs and aches find All turns and changes of the wind, And better than by Napier's bones Feel in their own the age of moons, So guilty sinners in a state Can by their crimes prognosticate, And in their consciences feel pain Some days before a shower of rain. He, therefore, wisely cast about All ways he could to ensure his throat.
Seite 164 - Next him his son and heir apparent Succeeded, though a lame vicegerent ; Who first laid by the parliament, The only crutch on which he leant ; And then sunk underneath the state That rode him above horseman's weight. And now the saints began their reign, For which th' had yearn'd so long in vain, And felt such bowel-hankerings To see an empire all of kings, Deliver'd from th' Egyptian awe Of justice, government and law, And free t...
Seite 59 - More than I'll say, or you believe/' II e>t, dit-il, de par le monde Un Sidrophel, que Dieu confonde, Que j'ai rossé des mieux. — " Fort bien"— Et maintenant il dit, le chien, Qu'il m'a battu —
Seite 328 - Lilburn:" which part of his character gave occasion for the following lines at his death : Is John departed, and is Lilburn gone? Farewell to both, to Lilburn and to John. Yet, being dead, take this advice from me, Let them not both in one grave buried be : Lay John here, and Lilburn thereabout, For if they both should meet they would fall out.
Seite 58 - s oath That I robb'd him — Well done, in troth.
Seite 32 - Emperor Caligula, That triumph'd o'er the British sea, Took crabs and oysters prisoners, And lobsters, 'stead of cuirasiers ; Engag'd his legions in fierce bustles, With periwinkles, prawns, and muscles, And led his troops with furious gallops, To charge whole regiments of scallops...
Seite 194 - tis not come to that, as yet, If we had courage left, or wit, Who, when our fate can be no worfe, Are fitted for the braveft courfe, Have time to rally, and prepare...
Seite 74 - That once I made a vow to you, Which yet is unperform'd 'tis true ; But not, because it is unpaid, 'Tis violated, though delay...
Seite 48 - Is sillier than a sottish chouse, Who, when a thief has robb'd his house, Applies himself to cunning men, To help him to his goods again ; When all he can expect to gain, Is but to squander more in vain : And yet I have no other way, But is as difficult to play.
Seite 22 - And dong'rous beating out of brains ; And, in the end, prevails as certain As thofe that never truft to fortune...

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