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All day they ply their task; with mutual chat, Beguiling each the sultry, tedious hours. Around them falls in rows the sever'd corn, Or the shocks rise in regular array.

But when high noon invites to short repast, Beneath the shade of sheltering thorn they sit, Divide the simple meal, and drain the cask : The swinging cradle lulls the whimpering babe, Meantime; while growling round, if at the tread Of hasty passenger alarm’d, as of their store Protective, stalks the cur with bristling back, To guard the scanty scrip and russet frock.



ANCIENT coins, discovery of, at Selborne, CALENDARS, comparative view of White's

and Markwick's, 319-330
Anecdote of a young cuckoo, 103

Candles, rushes best adapted for, 140
Anecdotes of owls, 114

Carp, supposed torpidity of the, 82
Animals, love of company exhibited by, Castration, singular effects of, 149

Cat and leveret, anecdote of a, 150
Antique vase or urn found at Selborne Cat, squirrels nurtured by a, 288
Priory, 262

Chapel of Whaddon, account of the, 258
Antiquities of Selborne, 201

Chimney-swallow, peculiar habits of
Ants, emigration of, 295

the, 122
Aphides, emigration of, 181

Cobwebs, extraordinary display of, 136
Ashforde, the last Prior of Selborne, 255 Coccus, an insect rarely seen in England,
Aurora-borealis, 305


Cockchafer, the, noticed by many Greek
BANK-MARTIN, burrowed nests of the, authors, 55

Cockroach, habits of the, 289
Barometrical observations at Selborne, | Colour, influence of, on the food of birds,

Bat, new kind of, discovered, 76 Congregation of birds, reasons for the,
singular species of, first noticed by

White, 76

Copper coins found at Selborne, 201
Bavaria, general extermination of game Copulation of rooks, 171
in, 18

Courage of birds in defence of their
Beans and Peas sown by birds, 301

young, 112
Belfry of Selborne church, 207

Cuckoo, nests selected by the, 97
Bin's pond, disappearance of, 20

- why eggs are said not to be hatched
Birds, beans and peas sown by, 301

by the, 147
- how supported during the winter Cure for the bite of a viper, 43
months, 83
- infested by insects, 116

Daws, the nest-building of, 50
of prey, rapacity of, when hungry,

Description of Selborne Church, 204-209

Dogs, aversion of, to dead game, 188
- singular social habits of, 66

- , remarks about, 187
that sing whilst flying, 95

Ducks capable of perching in trees, 272
- varied motions of, 164

Dusting and washing birds, 102
Bishop Farmer's account of Selborne
Priory, 259

Echo, how to produce an, 159
Blind worm, controversy regarding the Echoes, Virgil's notion regarding, 158
habits of the, 44

Edward II., anecdote of, 203
Bohemian wax-wing. occasional visits Eels, the island of Ely famous for, 81
of the, 31

Election of a Prior of Selborne, 236
Breeding properties of the cuckoo, 99 Encaustic tiles at Selborne, 245
Brood-hens, revenge of, upon a sparrow- Esculent swallow, description of the, 127
hawk, 168

Experiments upon echoes, results of, 157
Bridge, ancient, at Selborne, 258

Extraordinary land-slip near Selborne,
“British Zoology,” White's contribution: 169

to Pennant's, 78
Bull of Pope Martin V. regarding Sel- FAIR, origin of the, at Selborne, 263
borne priory, 238

Fairy-rings, how produced, 302
Bustard, particulars regarding the, 72 Fall of Selborne Priory, 255

Fallow-deer, breathing apparatus of, 35 | Hunting in Woolmer Forest by
— , error respecting, 35

Edward II., 203
Familiarity of birds, 95

Hybrid pheasant, description of a, 273
Family tortoise, more particulars re-
garding the, 265

ICHNEUMON-FLY, services rendered by
Fattening of animals during moderate! the, 293
frosts, 99

| Idiot boy, anecdote of an, 143
Fern-fowl, flying powers of the, 77

Insects and vermes, observations on,
Fern-owl, or goat-sucker, habits of the, ! 287–297

Insects greedily eaten by various fowls,
Field-cricket, habits of the, 171

+ 269
Fieldfares, roosting-places of, 64

Instinct, singular illustrations of, 185
Fish in Selborne streams, 27

Ireland, ornithology of, by Thompson, 85
Fly-catcher, singular characteristic of John Moreton's election to Selborne
the, 25

Priory, 243
Food of the ring-dove, 276
- required by gold and silver fish, 182 Kite's Hill, singular custom regarding,
Forest or sand-stone, 9

1 263
Fossil shells in the neighbourhood of Knights Templars, the, at Shelborne, 226
Selborne, 7

Kuckalm the ornithologist, 102
- trees in Woolmer Bottoms, 14
- wood in Woolmer Forest, 189 LANGUAGE of birds, the, 166
Fowls, partiality for devouring wasps, Land-rail, habits of the, 275

Landsprings of Sussex, &c., 126
Fox, singular death of a, 273

Land-tortoise at Ringmer, 104, 111, 122
Freestone, use and application of, 8 Leprosy, causes of the disappearance

of, 155
GAME, extermination of, in Bavaria, 18 - singular case of, 154
Garden cultivation, benefits resulting Linnæus on the rock-swallow, 70
from, 155

Loach, description of the, 45
Geological formations at Selborne, 2 Long-legged plover, singular construction
Gilbert White's poems, 334-337

of the, 176
Glow-worms not always luminous, 296 Lucretius ou echoes, 159
Goat-sucker, habits of the described,
singular powers of the, 52

| MAGPIES, thrushes frequently attacked
Gold and silver fish, habits of, 182

by, 271
Grange at Selborne, court-leets held in Manor-house of Selborne, 263
the, 263

Markwick's comments upon Gilbert
Grasshopper-lark, habits of the, 40

White's observations, 269-305
Great speckled diver, or loon, descrip- Meteorological observations, 303
tion of the, 277

Migration of birds, remarks upon the,
Grosbeak, food of the, 285

Guinea-fowls, singular roosting-place of, Migratory habits of frogs, 42

Migratory habits of the swallow, 54
Gypsies, anecdotes of, 139

Mill of Selborne Priory, 259

Missel-thrush, pugnacious habits of
HARVEST-BUG and other insects, habits the, 135
of, 73

Mole-cricket, domestic habits of the,
Harvest-mouse, singular nest of the, 30 175
Heath-cock, extirpation of the, 15 Monuments in Selborne church, 207
Hedgehog, habits of the, 63

Moose-deer, description of a, 65
Heliotropes, simple mode of construct-
ing, 168

Natural affections of the feathered
Hen-partridges, extraordinary instinct I tribes, 112, 114, 134
of, 273

Naturalist's calendar, preface to the,
Historical records of Selborne, 220–225 315-318
Hollow lanes, description of two rocky, - summer evening walk, the, 57

Nest of the harvest mouse, 30
Honey-buzzard, habits of the, 86

chosen by the cuckoo, 97
Honey-dew injurious to trees, 304

- the house-martin's mode of build-
Hoopoe, portrait of the, 27

ing its, 117
Hounds at fault in Hartley Wood, 286 Nidification of woodcocks and field-fares,
House-cricket, peculiarities of the, 174

House-martin, domestic habits of the Nightingale and cuckoo, musical tones

of the, 109
, mysterious disappearances of the, Nose-flies troublesome to horses, 293

Nuthatch or jar-bird, the, 40
- , migratory or hybernatory, 77
, winter search for, 179

OAK3, singular group of, 6

Observations from Mr. Gilbert White's Selborne fair, origin of, 263
MSS., 269

- list of rare plants found near, 162
on' insects and vermes, 287–297 - locality of the parish of, 1
on quadrupeds, 285

Priors, list of, 250
- on vegetables, 298–302

- priory, history of, 214--217
Old coins found near Selborno, 241

- suppressed by Pope InnocentVIII.,
Otter found at Selburne, 67

Ousels, doubts regarding the habits of, Scopoli's works, White's opinion of, 68,
48, 50, 60, 68, 77, 78

69, 71, 101, 102
Owls, musical pitch of, 108

Severe winters of 1776 and 1784, 193, 195

Sexual distinction of birds by their
PEACOCKS, difference between the train colour, 101
and tail of, 75

Sheep, difficulty of recognition among,
Pennant, White's first letters addressed after shearing, 285
to, 1

Shell-snails devoured by thrushes, 271
Peregrine falcon, account of the, 27, 186 Shower of aphides at Selborne, 295
Peter Berne elected Prior of Selborne, Shrew-mouse, former cruel treatment

242; resigns his office, 243; re-elected, of the, 145
246; his second resignation, 247; his Singing-birds at Selborne, list of, 93
poverty, 249

-, general remarks upon, 96
Peter de la Roche, account of, 214 Sir Adam Gurdon, historical sketch of,
Piers Plowman, prophecy of, 239

218, 220
Plants, flowering propensities of, 163 Sloughing of snakes, 297
Poems by Gilbert White, 334-337 Snakes, singular mode of protection
Population of Selborne in 1783, 11

adopted by, 59
Ponds, natural economy of, 21

Snow-fleck, habits of the, 61
Prediction of Piers Plowman, 240

Soils of Holt and Wolmer forests, differ-
Presentiment, existence of a singular, at ent nature of the, 22
Selborne, 263

Sparrow-hawks, daring conduct of, 86
Procreation of toads and frogs, 41

Spiders, remarks concerning, 137
Propensity of fowls to perch a distance Spotted fly-catcher, ingenuity of a, 113
from the ground, 272

Squirrels suckled by a cat, 286
Priors of Selborne, how chosen, 229 ; list Stepe, formerly Prior of Selborne, 242
of the, 250

Stone coffin found at Selborne, 247
Priory church at Selborne, remains of Stock-doves, discussion concerning, 87
the, 262

Stone-curlews, migration of, at night, 279
Priory of Selborne, antiquity of the, 214; - , winter habits of, 38
benefactresses to the, 228

Summer birds of passage at Selborne,

history of, 40, 90
QUADRUPEDS, observations on, 285 Sussex Downs, geological formation of,
Queen Anne at Wolmer forest, 16


Swallows, alleged torpidity of, 24
RABBITS, turf improved by, 285

- anecdotes of, 125
Rain, large falls of, at Selborne, 11 - concealment of, during the winter,
Rapacity of birds of prey, 277

Raven tree, the, and its inhabitants, 6

congregating and disappearance
Red deer, Wolmer forest formerly inha of, 283
bited by, 16

Swift, details regarding the habits of
Relics in Selborne priory, 241

the, 130-134
Ring-dove, food of the, 276

-, singular anecdote regarding the,
Rivulet at Selborne, antiquity of the, 179

Rooks, curious proceedings o

TAME bat, description of a, 28
- social habits of, 270

Toads, alleged cure of cancers by nieans
Rock-swallow, discovery of the, by John of, 46, 50
White, 71

--, popular errors regarding, 42
Ruptures, superstitious cure for, 144 - Sir Joseph Banks on, 42
Rushes best suited for burning in | Tortoise, death of the old Sussex, 178
candles, 141

Trees, condensing powers of, 145

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SAGACITY of birds, remarkable instances VASE, antique, found at Selborne priory,
of the, 113, 271

Sand-martins, inferential torpidity of, Vegetables, observations on, 298, 302

Vegetation, neglected study of, 161
Sand-piper, migratory habits of the, 48 Vicars of Selborne, history of, 211
Scotland, defective maps of, 85

Vipers, a batch of young, 148
Seal used by the Priors of Selborne, 265 — , remedy for the bite of, 43.
Selborne a Saxon village, 202
- church, description of, 204 | Wagtails, singular practices of, 284

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