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To John Foxcroft. 4 February.

Agency in procuring Walpole's Grant.-Postoffice.

To Cadwallader Evans. 6 February.

Silk produced in Pennsylvania, and sent to England for
a Bounty.

From David Hume to B. Franklin. 7 February.
On the Prejudices against his Writings.

To Thomas Cushing. 13 April.

Little done in Parliament relating to America. Lord
Hillsborough. — Agents in England unnecessary, unless
received on a different Footing.

To Mrs. Deborah Franklin. 5 May.

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To Mrs. Deborah Franklin. 14 July.
Journey to the North of England.

To William 17 August.

To William Franklin. 19 August.
Use of bodily Exercise.

Removal of Lord Hillsborough. Lord Dartmouth.

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From Samuel Cooper to B. Franklin. 15 March, 1773.

Lord Dartmouth. Measures adopted by the Towns in

Massachusetts. — Conduct of the Governor. - Administra-

tion in England universally disapproved.

To Thomas Cushing. 3 April. .

Lord Dartmouth's Wish to heal the Breach between Great

Britain and America.

To William Franklin. 6 April.

Bishop of St. Asaph's Sermon.— Its liberal Sentiments in

Regard to America.

To Dean Woodward. 10 April.

Slavery in America. - Ships transporting Convicts to Vir-


To Thomas Cushing. 6 May.

Governor Hutchinson's Speech to the Assembly of Massa-

chusetts. Conversation with Lord Dartmouth respecting

it, and the Assembly's Answer.

To Thomas Cushing. 2 June.

Petition presented to the King, and the Answer.

To Thomas Cushing. 4 June.

Duty on Tea.

From Samuel Cooper to B. Franklin. 14 June.

Committees of Correspondence. — Account of the Pro-

ceedings of the Massachusetts Assembly in Regard to

Hutchinson's Letters.

From Thomas Cushing to B. Franklin. 25 June.

Hutchinson's Letters. — Petition to the King for the Re-

moval of Governor Hutchinson and Lieutenant-Governor


To Thomas Cushing. 7 July.

Controversy with Governor Hutchinson. - Resolves of the

Virginia House of Burgesses. — Dr. Franklin justifies him-

self against the Charge of Neglect, as Agent for Massa-

chusetts. — Arthur Lee.

To Thomas Cushing. 7 July.

Parliament prorogued. — The King's Answer to the Amer-

ican Petitions. — Proposed Means of obtaining Redress. —

General Sentiments of the People in England respecting

America. - Captain Calef. — Sir Francis Bernard's Project.

To Samuel Mather. 7 July.

Dissenters' Petition. - Discovery of America by Europeans

before Columbus. - Remarks on the Proceedings against


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To Samuel Cooper. 7 July, 1773. ..

Unanimity of the People of Massachusetts in the Senti-

ments of Liberty.-- Hutchinson's Letters.

To Samuel Franklin. 7 July.

To William Franklin. 14 July.

Meeting with Lord North at Lord Le Despencer's. - Lord

Dartmouth. — Anecdote of Lord Hillsborough.

To Samuel Danforth. 25 July.

To John Winthrop. 25 July.

Prudence and Moderation recommended in the political

Movements of the Colonies.

To Thomas Cushing. 25 July. .

Printing of Hutchinson's Letters.

To Samuel Cooper. 25 July.

Hutchinson's Letters.

To Thomas Cushing. 24 August.

Address of Massachusetts for the Removal of their Gov-

ernor and Lieutenant-Governor.

To William Franklin. 1 September.

Resolutions of the New England Townships. - Project to

form a Union with Ireland.-Hutchinson's Letters.

To Thomas Cushing. 12 September.

Project to avoid repealing the American Tea Duty.

To John Baskerville. 21 September.

Sale of Printers' Types. — Sheet of Chinese Paper.

To William Franklin. 6 October.

Right of the British Parliament to make Laws binding the

Colonies, denied. — Lord Mansfield's Opinion of the pre-

tended Prussian Edict. — The Reading of it at Lord

Le Despencer's by Paul Whitehead.

To Thomas Cushing. 1 November.

Proposed Accommodation with Great Britain. Petition

for removing the Governors.

To an Engraver. 3 November.

Art of printing on China Ware.— Use of the Art in teach-

ing Moral Lessons.

G To Joseph Galloway. 3 November. ,

Supposed Disposition to compose the Differences with

America. — Tea Duty.


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To William Franklin. 3 November, 1773.

From Samuel Cooper to B. Franklin. 10 November.

Method of warming Churches. – Hutchinson's Letters.-

Samuel Adams. • Major Hawley.


To Thomas Cushing. 5 January.

Petition for the Removal of the Governors presented by

Lord Dartmouth. — Dued between Mr. Temple and Mr.


To William Franklin. 5 January.

Insinuations respecting Mr. Galloway. – Dr. Franklin pro-

poses to return to America.

To Thomas Cushing. 15 February.

A particular Account of the Proceedings of the Privy

Council on the Petition of the Assembly of Massachusetts

for the Removal of Governor Hutchinson. — Dr. Franklin

dismissed from his Office of Deputy Postmaster-General in


To Joseph Galloway. 18 February. .

Acts of the Pennsylvania Assembly. — Duty on Tea.-

Hutchinson's Letters.

To Samuel Cooper. 25 February.

Treatment of Dr. Franklin in Consequence of sending

Hutchinson's Letters. — French Edition of his Writings.

To Thomas Cushing. 2 April.

Petitions to Parliament from Americans in London.

Alarm of the Manufacturers. -New Measures hostile to

the Colonies expected.

To Mrs. Deborah Franklin. 28 April.

Proposes to return Home. — Illness and Death of Mr.


To Thomas Cushing. 1 June.

Massachusetts Affairs. - Lord Chatham. - Postoffice.

To Mr. Coombe. 22 July.

Bishop of St. Asaph's Speech. – Poetry. - Use of Elo-

quence in a Preacher.

To Mrs. Deborah Franklin. 22 July.

From a Committee of New Jersey to B. Franklin.

26 July..

Making Inquiry respecting the Proceedings of the Admin-

istration in England.

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