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To William Franklin. 19 August, 1772. ... 13

Lord Hillsborough refuses Admittance to him. — His agree-

able Situation in London. — Desires to return Home. —

Chosen into the Royal Academy at Paris.

To Anthony Benezet. 22 August 16

On the Slave Trade.

To Joseph Galloway. 22 August 17

Lord Hillsborough's Resignation. — Lord Dartmouth suc-

ceeds him. — Lord Rochford.

To Thomas Cushing. 3 September. .... 19

Petition to the King. — Lord Dartmouth appointed Minis-

ter of American Affairs.

To Joseph Priestley. 19 September 20

Moral Algebra, or Method of deciding doubtful Matters

with One's Self.

To John Bartram. 17 October 21

Rhubarb.— Upland Rice.—Chinese Tallow Tree.

To Thomas Cushing. 4 November 22

Petition to the King put into the Hands of Lord Dartmouth.

To Joseph Galloway. 2 December 23

Court of Exchequer. — The India Company. — Duty on


To Thomas Cushing. 2 December 25

Petition from Massachusetts Bay— Conversation with Lord

Dartmouth respecting it.


To Thomas Cushing. 5 January 28

Conversation with Lord Dartmouth on American Affairs. —

Condition of the India Company. — Security of the Colo-

nies lies in their growing Strength.

To Mrs. Deborah Franklin. 6 January 31

His Birthday. .

To John Bartram. 10 February 32

To William Franklin. 14 February 33

Ministry embarrassed with the Affairs of the India Com-

pany.— Distress among the Manufacturers.

To Thomas Cushing. 9 March 34

Proceedings of the Town of Boston. — Governor Hutchin-

son's Speech. — Duty on Tea.

From Samuel Cooper to B. Franklin. 15 Marchx 1773. 36

Lord Dartmouth. — Measures adopted by the Towns in

Massachusetts. — Conduct of the Governor. — Administra-

tion in England universally disapproved.

To Thomas Cushing. 3 April 39

Lord Dartmouth's Wish to heal the Breach between Great

Britain and America.

To William Franklin. 6 April 40

Bishop of St. Asaph's Sermon. — Its liberal Sentiments in

Regard to America.

To Dean Woodward. 10 April 42

Slavery in America.—Ships transporting Convicts to Vir-


To Thomas Cushing. 6 May. .' 43

Governor Hutchinson's Speech to the Assembly of Massa-

chusetts.— Conversatioo with Lord Dartmouth respecting

it, and the Assembly's Answer.

To Thomas Cushing. 2 June 47

Petition presented to the King, and the Answer.

SwTo Thomas Cushing. 4 June 48

Duty on Tea.

From Samuel Cooper to B. Franklin. 14 June. . . 49

Committees of Correspondence. — Account of the Pro-

ceedings of the Massachusetts Assembly in Regard to

Hutchinson's Letters.

From Thomas Cushing to B. Franklin. 25 June. . . 52

Hutchinson's Letters. — Petition to the King for the Re-

moval of Governor Hutchinson and Lieutenant-Governor


To Thomas Cushing. 7 July 54

Controversy with Governor Hutchinson. — Resolves of the

Virginia House of Burgesses. — Dr. Franklin justifies him-

self against the Charge of Neglect, as Agent for Massa-

chusetts. — Arthur Lee.

To Thomas Cushing. 7 July 60

Parliament prorogued. — The King's Answer to the Amer-

ican Petitions. — Proposed Means of obtaining Redress.—

General Sentiments of the People in England respecting

America. — Captain Calef. — Sir Francis Bernard's Project.

To Samuel Mather. 7 July 68

Dissenters' Petition.— Discovery of America by Europeans

before Columbus. — Remarks on the Proceedings against


To Samuel Cooper. 7 July, 1773 71

Unanimity of the People of Massachusetts in the Senti-

ments of Liberty. — Hutchinson's Letters.

To Samuel Franklin. 7 July 73

To William Franklin. 14 July 74

Meeting with Lord North at Lord Le Despencer's. — Lord

Dartmouth. — Anecdote of Lord Hillsborough.

To Samuel Danforth. 25 July 77

To John Winthrop. 25 July 78

Prudence and Moderation recommended in the political

Movements of the Colonies.

To Thomas Cushing. 25 July 79

Printing of Hutchinson's Letters.

To Samuel Cooper. 25 July. . . . . . .81

Hutchinson's Letters.

To Thomas Cushing. 24 August 82

Address of Massachusetts for the Removal of their Gov-

ernor and Lieutenant-Governor.

To William Franklin. 1 September 83

Resolutions of the New England Townships.—Project to

form a Union with Ireland. — Hutchinson's Letters.

V/To Thomas Cushing. 12 September 86

Project to avoid repealing the American Tea Duty.

To John Baskerville. 21 September. .... 87

Sale of Printers' Types. — Sheet of Chinese Paper.

To William Franklin. 6 October 88

Right of the British Parliament to make Laws binding the

Colonies, denied. — Lord Mansfield's Opinion of the pre-

tended Prussian Edict. — The Reading of it at Lord

Le Despencer's by Paul Whitehead.

To Thomas Cushing. 1 November 91

Proposed Accommodation with Great Britain. — Petition

for removing the Governors.

To an Engraver. 3 November. 94

Art of printing on China Ware.— Use of the Art in teach-

ing Moral Lessons.

r To Joseph Galloway. 3 November 96

Supposed Disposition to compose the Differences with

America. — Tea Duty.

To Thomas Cushing. 5 January 100

Petition for the Removal of the Governors presented by

Lord Dartmouth. — Duel between Mr. Temple and Mr.


To William Franklin. 5 January 102

Insinuations respecting Mr. Galloway. — Dr. Franklin pro-

poses to return to America.

To Thomas Cushing. 15 February. . . . .103

A particular Account of the Proceedings of the Privy

Council on the Petition of the Assembly of Massachusetts

for the Removal of Governor Hutchinson. — Dr. Franklin

dismissed from his Office of Deputy Postmaster-General in


/"To Joseph Galloway. 18 February 115

Acts of the Pennsylvania Assembly. — Duty on Tea.—

Hutchinson's Letters.

To Samuel Cooper. 25 February 117

Treatment of Dr. Franklin in Consequence of sending

Hutchinson's Letters. — French Edition of his Writings.

To Thomas Cushing. 2 April 118

Petitions to Parliament from Americans in London. —

Alarm of the Manufacturers. — New Measures hostile to

the Colonies expected.

To Mrs. Deborah Franklin. 28 April. . . . .121

Proposes to return Home. — Illness and Death of Mr.


To Thomas Cushing. 1 June 122

Massachusetts Affairs. — Lord Chatham. — Postoffice.

To Mr. Coombe. 22 July 124

Bishop of St. Asaph's Speech. — Poetry. — Use of Elo-

quence in a Preacher.

To Mrs. Deborah Franklin. 22 July 125

From a Committee of New Jersey to B. Franklin.

26 July. 126

Making Inquiry respecting the Proceedings of the Admin-

istration in England.

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