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To Edward Bancroft. 16 April, 1778.

From David Hartley to B. Franklin. 23 April.

Dr. Franklin's Answer.

To Count de Vergennes. 24 April.

Giving an Account of his Conversations with Mr. Hartley

and Mr. Chapman respecting Propositions for Peace.

From Count de Vergennes to B. Franklin. 25 April.

Policy of the British Ministry to excite Divisions and Dis-


To Arthur Lee. 17 May.

Mode of drawing Money from the Hands of the American


To John Paul Jones. 27 May..

To John Paul Jones. 1 June.

Proposal to take Command of a Ship.

To Jobn Paul Jones. 10 June. .

Intelligence and Instructions respecting the Command of

a Frigate.

To James Hutton. 23 June.

To an Engraver in Paris. 24 June..

Respecting a Print commemorative of American Indepen-


To Charles de Weissenstein. 1 July.

Reply to Insinuations against the good Faith of France.

Future Prospects of America. — The King's political

Studies. — Peace is to be obtained only on equal Terms.

- Offer of Rewards ridiculed.

From Rawlins Lowndes to B. Franklin. 18 July. .

Commodore Gillon commissioned to procure Ships of War

in Europe for the State of South Carolina.

To James Lovell. 22 July.

Proceedings relative to Mr. Deane. — Beaumarchais. — In-

convenience of maintaining several Commissioners in Eu-

rope. War between England and France. — Difficulty of

raising Loans.

From David Hartley to B. Franklin. 14 August.

Exchange of Prisoners. - Remarks concerning Peace.

To John Paul Jones. 6 September.

To F. Grand. 14 October.

Regulations of Congress respecting Privateers.

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To David Hartley. 26 October, 1778.

Extracts from a Scotch Song. – Terms of Peace. — Indis-

creet conduct of the British Commissioners in America.

From John Charles de Zinnern to B. Franklin. 26 Oct.

Latin History of the American Revolution. — Inquiries on

that Subject


From Samuel Cooper to B. Franklin. 4 January.

The Marquis de Lafayette - Count d'Estaing. - Proposed

Invasion of Canada.

To Ralph Izard. 4 January.

Financial Affairs of the United States in Europe.

To the Committee of Foreign Affairs. 15 January.

Money advanced to Mr. Izard and Mr. Lee.

From David Hartley to B. Franklin. 23 January.

The Alliance between France and the United States an

Obstacle to Peace.

To Mrs. Margaret Stevenson. 25 January.

Private Incidents. - His Mode of living in France.

To David Hartley. 3 February.

Answer to Propositions for quitting the Alliance with


To David Hartley. 22 February.

To Patrick Henry. 26 February.

On the Subject of procuring military Supplies in Europe

for the State of Virginia.

To David Hartley. 21 March.

Delay in the Exchange of Prisoners. — Losses of the Brit-

ish.— Growth of America.

From John Adams to B. Franklin. 13 April

From James Hutton to B. Franklin. 15 April.

To Josiah Quincy. 22 April

Character of the French people. — Too many Superfluities

purchased in America.

To Samuel Cooper. 22 April.

On the Depreciation of American Paper Money.

From David Hartley to B. Franklin. 22 April.

Proposing a Truce. — Interests of France. — Advantages

of adopting some Preliminaries. - Observations on a Plan

of Negotiation.



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To John Paul Jones. 27 April, 1779.


Plan of an Expedition in which the Marquis de Lafayette

was to join.

Instructions to John Paul Jones. 28 April.


To Arthur Lee. 3 May.


To Thomas Viny. 4 May.


To Mrs. Patience Wright. 4 May.


To David Hartley. 4 May.


Relative to Propositions for a Peace.

To General Beckwith. 17 May.


Discouraging his Project of joining the American Army.

To the Committee of Foreign Affairs. 26 May.


Receives his Credentials as Minister Plenipotentiary.-

Presented to the King. - Paul Jones's Squadron. - Pris-

- Necker. — Lee and Izard. - Consuls. - Barbary

Powers. - Spain. - France.

To Sir Edward Newenham. 27 May.


Respecting Irish Emigrants to the United States.

From William Jones to B. Franklin. 28 May.


Presenting a Translation of a pretended Fragment of Po-


To James Lovell. 2 June.


Currency. - Charges of Lee and Izard. - Luzerne.


To Horatio Gates. 2 June.


Chevalier de Raymondis. Capitulation of Saratoga.

Dissensions in America.

To Richard Bache. 2 June.


Respecting certain Persons who had attempted to injure

him, - His Grandsons.

To Mrs. Sarah Bache. 3 June.


To William Greene. June.


To John Paul Jones. 8 July.


To the Marquis de Lafayette. 19 August.


English and French Ministry.

To the Marquis de Lafayette. 24 August.


Forwarding a Sword in the Name of Congress.

From the Marquis de Lafayette to B. Franklin. 29 August. 381

Acknowledging the Reception of the Sword.

To Count de Vergennes. 26 September.



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Military Supplies for the American Army.

From the Marquis de Lafayette to B. Franklin. 10 Jan. 411

To Charles W. F. Dumas. 27 January.


To David Hartley. 2 February.


America will not treat without her Allies. — England not

disposed to Peace. — Conduct of the British Army in


To Richard Price. 6 February.


To Joseph Priestley. 8 February.


True Science and its Progress. — Inconveniences attend

all Situations in Life.



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To the Judges of the Admiralty at Cherbourg. 16 May. 453

Requesting the Release of a Neutral Ship.

From Larochefoucauld d'Enville to B. Franklin. 22 May. 454

To the President of Congress. 22 May.


Recommending Baron d'Arendt.


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