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Pages Elected secretary SHEA, WILLIAM HENRY, JR.Eulogy of

.231 SHEPARD, CHAS. E.Delegate to American Bar Association

.132 SICKLES, D. K.Address by, "Probate Records and Procedure,”

.222 STEDMAN, L. B.Response to address of welcome

11 STEHEKINTrip to

.139 SULLIVAN, P. C.Letter from, against probate code

42 TANNER, W. V.Delegate to American Bar Association

.132 “THE COURT'S WORK."Address by Judge 0. G. Ellis,

...179 “THE FOLLY OF OUR TAX SYSTEM." Address by T. D. Rockwell

..173 “THE PROBATE CODE" Address by Dix H. Rowland

..215 TREASURERReport of

15 UNIFORM STATE LAWSReport of Committee on

.116 WALLER, 0. L.

Address by "Right of State to Regulate Distribution of Water Rights.”

.203 WELCOMEAddress of

7 WHITE, WILLIAM H.Eulogy of

.232 WILSON, PRESIDENTResolution of condolence for

.134 WINDERS, C. H.Report of Committe on Uniform State Laws by


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