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and was then a bookkeeper by profession. In 1896 he was admitted to practice law. When the first Washington Volunteers went to the Philippines, Bothwell enlisted and served fourteen months. After their return he was elected first commander of George H. Fortson Camp, Spanish-American War Veterans. Later he served as department commander of the state organization.

HIRAM J. JACOBS. At the age of fifty-eight, in Seattle, July 28, 1916, Hiram J. Jacobs died. His death was quite unexpected and a great grief to his many friends. He was a son of the late Judge Orange Jacobs, formerly of the Supreme Court of the Territory and later of the Superior Court of King County; and was born in Jacksonville, Oregon, where he attended the common schools, being later graduated from the law department of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. He had practiced law in Seattle for thirty years. He was unmarried and is survived by his mother, three brothers and three sisters, all residents of Seattle.

JOHN W. CORSON. A former member of the Seattle bar, but who had not been in active practice for many years, John Warren Corson, died of cancer of the stomach in Seattle on August 2, 1916. He was born fifty-five years ago in Oldtown, Maine, where he received his preliminary education, which was continued in Ken's Hill Seminary and College in that state, from which he was graduated in 1881. He then entered Wesleyan University, Connecticut, where he remained two years, after which he began the study of law in the ofice of M. W. Lovejoy, who has been for more than thirty years engaged in the practice in Seattle, but who at that time was located at New Sharon, Maine. After practicing several years in Maine and in Michigan, he came to Seattle in 1892. He was for some time associated with James B. Howe, now general counsel for the Puget Sound Traction, Light & Power Company, and later with W. T. Scott and Melvin G. Winstock under the firm name of Scott, Corson & Winstock. He sought unsuccessfully to become corporation counsel of Seattle. In the campaign of 1892 he stumped the state for the Republican ticket. He was a brilliant orator. On the discovery of gold at Nome, Alaska, he went there and made quite a fortune. In 1893 he was married to Miss Jane Perley, a native of New Hampshire. In his college days Mr. Corson was noted as an athlete. In one of the exercises he suffered a fall which broke a leg. This proved a decided disadvantage to him in after life, and he blamed it for much difficulty he experienced in the practice of law, and the main cause for his retirement therefrom.


Wilmon Tucker, Seattle, President. C. Will Shaffer, Olympia,


W. O. Miller, Ritzville, President. C. H. Spalding, Lind, Secretary.
Bert Linn, Prosser, President. M. M. Moulton, Kennewick, Sec-

retary. CHELAN COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATIONG. G. Hannan, Wenatchee, President. D. A. Shiner, Wenatchee,

Secretary CLARKE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATIONA. L. Miller, Vancouver, President. H. L. Parcel, Vancouver,

Secretary. COWLITZ COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATIONDelos Spaulding, Castle Rock, President. M. J. Gore, Kalama,

Secretary. FERRY COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION Charles P. Bennett, Republic, President. Frank M. Allyn, Re

public, Secretary. GRANT COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION Daniel T. Cross, Ephrata, President. William M. Clapp, Ephrata,

A. R. Coleman, Port Townsend, President. U. D. Gnagey, Port

Townsend, Secretary.

President. John Arthur, Seattle, Secretary.
G. P. Short, Ellensburg, President. J. A. Whitfield, Ellensburg,

Secretary. LEWIS COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATIONGeorge C. Ellsbury, Centralia, President. A. A. Hull, Chehalis,

Secretary. LINCOLN COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION H. N. Martin, Davenport, President. C. A. Pettijohn, Davenport,

Secretary. OKANOGAN COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATIONWm. C. Brown, Okanogan, President. Geo. S. Lee, Okanogan,


John T. Welsh, South Bend, President. Robert G. Chambers, Ray-

mond, Secretary. PIERCE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATIONCharles 0. Bates, Tacoma, President. W. G. Heinly, Tacoma,

Secretary. SEATTLE BAR ASSOCIATION W. B. Stratton, Seattle, President. Clyde Hadley, Seattle,

Secretary. SKAGIT COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATIONThomas Smith, Mount Vernon, President. Frank R. Norvell,

Anacortes, Secretary. SNOHOMISH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION Jesse H. Davis, Everett, President. C. W. Jordan, Everett, Sec


W. W. Zent, Spokane, President. E. D. Weller, Spokane, Secretary. STEVENS COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION

L. C. Jesseph, Colville, President. F. Y. Wilson, Colville, Secretary. THURSTON COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATIONByron Millett, Olympia, President. George R. Bigelow, Olympia,

Secretary. WALLA WALLA COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATIONWilbur A. Toner, Walla Walla, President. E. L. Casey, Walla

Walla, Secretary. WHATCOM COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATIONWilliam J. Griswold, Bellingham, President. H. S. Nightingale,

Bellingham, Secretary. WHITMAN COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATIONCharles L. Chamberlin, Colfax, President. Claude Swegle, Colfax,

Secretary. YAKIMA COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION N. C. Richards, North Yakima, President. J. Vincent Roberts,

North Yakima, Secretary.


Abel, A. M.
Abel, W. H.
Abbott, W. H.
Abrams, C. E.
Adams, B. B.
Adams, J. B.
Akins, J. D.
Albert, Chas. S.
Albertson, R. B.
Alderson, Tom.
Alexander, J. B.
Allen, Chas. E.
Allen, Clay.
Allen, Edward W.
Allen, F. D.
Allen, J. C.
Allston, G. C.
Anders, Will H.
Anderson, J. J.
Anderson, J. W.
Arnold, H. W.
Arntson, Anthony N.
Arntson, J. M.
Arthur, John.
Ashton, Jas. M.
Askren, Wm. D.
Aust, Geo. F.
Avery, A. G.
Aylmore, Reeves, Jr.
Back, R. H.
Bailey, H. Wade.......
Bailey, Leon M.
Ballinger, Harry.
Ballinger, R. A.
Barney, C. R.
Batchelor, C. A.
Bates, C. 0.
Battle, Alfred..
Bausman, Frederick.
Beals, Walter B.
Beatty, W. H.
Bebb, Wm. B.
Beck, W. T.


.Montesano P. O. Box 355, Bellingham

Bellingham .1118 Paulsen Bldg., Spokane


Goldendale ..G. N. Passenger Station, Spokane

..Superior Judge, Seattle .603 New York Bldg., Seattle

.800 Leary Bldg., Seattle 630-631 New York Block, Seattle .U. S. District Attorney, Seattle

...Burke Bldg., Seattle .1004 Paulsen Bldg., Spokane .303 Maynard Block, Seattle Superior Judge, Everett

Olympia .Bankers Trust Bldg., Tacoma .California Bldg., Tacoma

.Vancouver .Fidelity Bldg., Tacoma. Bankers Trust Bldg., Tacoma

New York Block, Seattle

.411 Fidelity Bldg., Tacoma .914 National Realty Bldg., Tacoma

.Boston Block, Seattle -505 Rockwood Avenue, Spokane .1408 L. C. Smith Bldg., Seattle Superior Judge, Vancouver

Colville National Bank of Tacoma, Tacoma -529-533 Pioneer Bldg., Seattle

.Alaska Bldg., Seattle .313 New York Block, Seattle

.211 New York Bldg., Seattle .1107 National Realty Bldg., Tacoma

.901 Alaska Bldg., Seattle

.Hoge Bldg., Seattle .Haller Block, Seattle .Colman Bldg., Seattle .Leary Bldg., Seattle


Beebe, A. H.

.Arcade Bldg., Seattle Beebe, Eugene H.

.310 American Bank Bldg., Everett Belcher, J. E.

.National Realty Bldg., Tacoma Bell, Eugene W.

.749-751 New York Block, Seattle Bell, Ralph C.

Superior Judge, Everett Bell, W. P.

Everett Bell, A. B.

.Bank of California Bldg., Tacoma Bennett, B. E.

..Pacific Block, Seattle Birdseye, L. J.

.37 Zeigler Block, Spokane Bixby, Frank..

Sunset Bldg., Bellingham Black, W. W.

.Everett Blackburn, H. H.

..Bankers Trust Bldg., Tacoma Blaine, E. F. Chairman State Pubic Service Commission, Olympia Blair, John E.

.617 Hyde Bldg., Spokane Blake, Henry E.

.Burke Bldg., Seattle Blinn, Leola May.

.615 Lyon Bldg., Seattle Boner, E. E.

.Finch Bldg., Aberdeen Boner, W. W.

Finch Bldg., Aberdeen Booth, Robert F.

.Lowman Bldg., Seattle Bostwick, S. A.

Everett Boyle, Lon..

.Prosser Brady, Edward.

.1308 Alaska Bldg., Seattle Brandt, Emil J.

..Lumber Exchange, Seattle Brawley, Augustis.

Superior Judge, Mount Vernon Bridges, J. B.

Aberdeen Brockett, Norwood.

..Stuart Bldg., Seattle Brockway, E. B.

.Fidelity Bldg., Tacoma Bronson, Ira..

Colman Bldg., Seattle Brooks, J. W.

.320 Drumheller Bldg., Walla Walla Brooks, N. B.

Goldendale Brooks, Z. O.

Goldendale Broomell, H. F.

Fidelity Bldg., Tacoma Brown, Ed. J., Dr.

Starr-Boyd Bldg., Seattle Brown, Fred C.

.1212 L. C. Smith Bldg., Seattle Brown, F. V.

.King Street Station, Seattle Brown, L. H.

.515 Empire State Bldg., Spokane Brown, Percy P.

.Kelso State Bank Bldg., Kelso Brown, Wm. C.

Okanogan City Brown, W. P.

.Bellingham Brownell, Francis G.

.957 Stuart Bldg., Seattle Bruce, S. M.

.Bellingham Brueggerhoff, Wm.

..Empire Bldg., Seattle Bryan, J. W.

..Alaska Bldg., Seattle Bryson, H. C.

.312 Drumheller Bldg., Walla Walla Bundy, E. W.

.Leary Bldg., Seattle Burcham, J. T.

.Hyde Bldg., Spokane Burgunder, R. M.


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