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corder of the city of Goldendale, two terms as city attorney, three years as councilman and one term as mayor. He was also prosecuting attorney of Klickitat county, and about the same time was appointer United States Commissioner for the Eastern District of Wasbington, which office he occupied until he resigned in 1907.

In November, 1906, Mr. Presby was elected to the Senate of the State of Washington from Klickitat and Skamania counties, and was recognized by the people of Washington as one of the ablest mem. bers of that body.

Mr. Presby was always active in the advancement of education and in the general welfare of his community. In 1896 he was one of the organizers of Klickitat Academy, at Goldendale. He was also in. terested in the Knights of Pythias and Masonic orders; was especially active in the work of the Masonic lodges, and was Excellent High Priest of the Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, at Goldendale at the time of his death.

Winthrop B. Presby was admitted to the bar of the State of Washington in 1890 and continued in active practice of the law until within a few months of his death. His ability as a lawyer was well known throughout a large part of Washington and Oregon. His distinguishing trait was a legal mind, coupled with a thorough knowledge of the law. In the trial of a cause Mr. Presby was especially apt in applying this knowledge. He commanded in a marked degree the confidence of the people and an extraordinary clientele entrusted their business to him.

As a member of society Mr. Presby's charity for others greatly endeared him to the hearts of all who knew him. He was always among the first of his community in the upbuilding of conditions and institutions. He met all men with a kindly and encouraging word. He was always ready to assist those who were in need. He believ. ed in a divine creation and in a continual uplift of humanity. He believed in his fellow man, and his sympathy was unbounded. Withal, Winthrop B. Presby was a citizen useful to his community and country and a man among men.


Frank Reeves, Wenatchee, President. C. Will Shaffer, Olympia,

G. E. Lovell, Ritzville, President. John Truax, Ritzville, Secre-

tary. BENTON COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATIONBert Linn, Prosser, President. M. M. Moulton, Kennewick, Sec


W. 0. Parr, Wenatchee, President. W. F. Whitney, Wenatchee,

Secretary. CLARKE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATIONA. L. Miller, Vancouver, President. H. L. Parcel, Vancouver,

Secretary. COWLITZ COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION Joseph O'Neill, Kalama, President. J. E. Stone, Kalama, See

retary. FERRY COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION Chas. P.' Bennett, Republic, President. Frank M. Allyn, Repub

lic, Secretary. GRANT COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATIONW. E. Southard, Wilson Creek, President. C. J. Lambert, Wilson

Creek, Secretary.

A. R. Coleman, Port Townsend, President. U. D. Gnagey, Port

Townsend, Secretary.

President. John Arthur, Seattle, Secretary...
Austin Mires, Ellensburg, President. C. R. Hovey, Ellensburg, Sec-

retary. LEWIS COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATIONGeorge Dysart, Centralia, President. A. A. Hull, Chehalis, Secre


President. C. A. Pettijohn, Davenport, Secrew retary. OKANOGAN COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION P. D. Smith, Conconully, President. W. C. Gresham, Conconully,


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J. T. Welsh, South Bend, President. Robt. G. Chambers, Ray-

mond, Secretary. PIERCE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION Frank D. Nash, Tacoma, President. W. G. Heinly, Tacoma, Sec

retary. SEATTLE BAR ASSOCIATIONL. B. Steadman, Seattle, President. Dalas V. Halverstadt, Seat

tle, Secretary. SKAGIT COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATIONJ. W. Norvell, Anacortes, President. H. C. Barney, Anacortes,

Secretary SNOHOMISH COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATIONB. E. Padgett, Everett, President. Frank L. Cooper, Everett, Sec

retary. SPOKANE BAR ASSOCIATIONJ. T. Burcham, Spokane, President. C. D. Randall, Spokane,

Secretary. STEVENS COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATIONF. Leo Grinstead, Colville, President. R. A. Thayer, Colville, Sec

retary. THURSTON COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION-. Byron Millett, Olympia, President. George R. Bigelow, Olympia,

Secretary. WALLA WALLA COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION W. H. Dunphy, Walla Walla, President. Edward Mills, Walla

Walla, Secretary. WHATCOM COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION John A. Kellogg, Bellingham, President. Alfred L. Black, Jr.,

Bellingham, Secretary. WHITMAN COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION W. A. Inman, Colfax, President. Claude Swegle, Colfax, Secre

tary. YAKIMA COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION Fred Parker, North Yakima, President. J. F. Chesterly, North

Yakima, Secretary.

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