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the day. This was a banquet dinner. One of the features was an abundance of large, delicious, red-meated mountain trout. It was Frlday all right, though every other delicacy was there in addition. The newly elected president presided and with entertaining manner commanded many of the members to respond to appropriate toasts. All complied in like vein; in all, making the banquet one of the finest in the history of the Association.

After the banquet there was dancing until a late hour, after which all retired with the satisfaction that the day had been filled full of pleasure.

Saturday was devoted to fishing, boating, mountain climbing and sight-seeing, and no one was disappointed. Many concluded to stay longer. The boat returned from Stehekin at five o'clock in the afternoon, arriving at Chelan again about nine, and by special train and automobile the rest of us reached Wenatchee about midnight.

In all this trip was equal to, if not the most enjoyable ever experienced by the Association. And in the language of the street, "That is going some.” This was the first time the ladies have accompanied the Association on such an annual event and while all things contributed to the pleasure of the occasion-the scenery, the hospitality of the people, the geniality of the d, yet, by many, the presence of the ladies should be credited for a generous, if not the chief portion, of the happiness of the trip.





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Abel, W. H.
Abbott, W. H., P. O. Box 355
Abrams, C. E..
Abrams, J. B., First National Bank Building
Adams, B. B., 1118 Paulsen Building
Adams, J. B.
Albert, Chas. S., G. N. Passenger Station
Albertson, R. B., Superior Judge
Alderson, Tom, 603 New York Block..
Alexander, J. B., 800 Leary Building
Allen, Charles E., 630-1 New York Block
Allen, Clay, Federal Building.
Allen, Edward W., Assistant Attorney General
Allen, F. D., 1004 Paulsen Building
Allen, J. C., 303 Maynard Block....
Alston, C. G. Superior Judge
Anders, Will H.
Arnston, Anthony N., Fidelity Building
Arthur, John, New York Block
Ashton, Jas. M., 411 Fidelity Building
Askren, Wm. D., 914 National Realty Building
Aust, Geo. F., Boston Block
Avery, A. G., Exchange National Bank Bldg.,
Aylmore, Reeves, Jr., 575 Colman Building
Back, R. H., Superior Judge
Bailey, H. Wade,
Ballinger, Harry, 529-533 Pioneer Building
Ballinger, R. A., Alaska Building
Barney, C. R., 313 New York Block
Batchelor, Chester A., 332 New York Block.
Bates, C. O., 1107 National Realty Building.
Battle, Alfred, 901 Alaska Building
Bausman, Frederick, Hoge Building
Beals, Walter B., Haller Building
Beatty, W. H. Colman Building
Bebb, Wm. B., Leary Building.
Beck, W. T.
Beebe, A, H., Arcade Building
Beebe, Eugene H.

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Birdseye, L. J., 37 Zeigler Block
Bixby, Frank, Prosecuting Attorney
Black, W. W.
Blaine, E. F., 307 Lowman Building
Blair, John E., 617 Hyde Building
Blake, Henry E., Burke Building
Boner, E. E., Finch Building
Boner, W. W., Finch Building
Booth, Robert F., Lowman Building
Bostwick, S. A.
Boyle, Lon
Bradford, James E., Coropration Counsel
Brady, Edward, 1308 Alaska Building..
Brandt, Emil J., Lumber Exchange Building
Brawley, Augustus, Superior Judge
Brents, Thos. H.
Bridges, J. B.
Brockett, Norwood W., 219 Pioneer Bldg.
Brockway, E. B., Fidelity Building..
Bronson, Ira, Colman Building..
Brooks, J. W., 15-16 Dooley Building.
Brown, Ed. J., Starr-Boyd Building...
Brown, Fred C., Prefontaine Building.
Brown, F. V., King Street Station....
Brown, L. Frank, 721-722 Northern Bank Building..
Brown, L. H., 515 Empire State Building.
Brown, O. P., Clover Block..
Brown, William C.
Brown, W. P.
Brownell, F. H., Henry Building.
Bruce, S. M.
Bruggerhoff, Wm., Suite 1602 L. C. Smith Bldg..
Bryan, James W.
Bryson, Herbert C., 312 Drumheller Building.
Bundy, E. W., Leary Building.
Burcham, J. T......
Burke, Thomas, Burke Building.
Burkey, C. P., 807 National Realty Building.
Burkey, J. E., 807 National Realty Building.
Burkheimer, John E., New York Block..
Burnett, L. M.

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