The Role of Dietary Supplements for Physically Active People: Current Bibliographies in Medicine, January 1966 Through April 1996

DIANE Publishing, 1996 - 53 Seiten
Provides 762 citations from journals, technical reports & books related to the use of dietary supplements in humans for physical activity & recreational sports. Contents: metabolic basis of supplementation; macronutrients & amino acids (protein, carbohydrates, water & electrolytes, branched chain amino acids, glutamine); minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, chromium & copper) other supplements for the physically active (B vitamins, creatine, carnitine, choline, herbs); antioxidants (vitamins E & C, selenium); & laboratory methodologies.

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Seite 28 - The effects of calcium supplementation (milk powder or tablets) and exercise on bone density in postmenopausal women.
Seite 28 - A 1-year walking program and increased dietary calcium in post-menopausal women: Effects on bone.
Seite 34 - Iron status in exercising women: The effect of oral iron therapy vs. increased consumption of muscle foods. Am. J. Clin. Nutr.
Seite 28 - Mazess RB, Barden HS. Bone density in premenopausal women: effects of age, dietary intake, physical activity, smoking, and birth-control pills.
Seite 12 - Gleeson M, Maughan RJ, Greenhaff PL. 1986. Comparison of the effects of preexercise feeding of glucose, glycerol and placebo on endurance and fuel homeostasis in man. Eur J Appl Physiol 55:645-653.
Seite vi - If I am going to be made a noncommissioned officer next ironth, I am going to be a noncommissioned officer maybe 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 years before I ever get to go to the noncommissioned officer school.
Seite 28 - Dodd BL. Effects of physical activity, dietary calcium intake and selected lifestyle factors on bone density in young women. Can Med Assoc J 1990 ; 142 : 221-227. 25. Johannsson Ch,, Mannius S, Mellström D, Rundgren A.
Seite 20 - A sparing effect of increased plasma fatty acids on muscle and liver glycogen content in the exercising rat. Biochem. J.
Seite 28 - Recker RR. Davies KM. Hinders SM, Heaney RP, Stegman MR. Kimmel DB. Bone gain in young adult women. JAMA 1992; 268:2403-2408.
Seite 33 - Deuster PA, Kyle SB, Moser PB, Vigersky RA, Singh A, Schoomaker EB.

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