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It may easily be proved, that the present taxes but to him. A general amnesty was Affembly, and the municipality, had not then to be offered, from which tixty four the power to stop, or to punish them for en- persons were to be excepted, who were to be deavouring to repair to a place of security, delivered to him. Laitly, he was to invite where the Monarch might form delibera. all those who continue attached to him, to tions with the true and lawful representa. join him, and then march towards Paris. tives of the nation acting in full freedom, The remains of Voltaire have been conOf this privilege it is coo evident that his ducted to Paris with amazing pomp ; and Majesty has hitherto been deprived.

interred in the national Mausoleum for great On these accounts his most Catholick Majesty, as the firm ally of France, as a The Duke de Choiseul, Count Damas, near relative and friend of his Chriftian Ma- and Col. Froten, are arrested for facilitating jefty, and as possessing a kingdom contigu- the flight of the King, and in prifon at ous to his dominions, takes the deepest in- Verdun. terest in the happinels and tranquillity of the The national guard of Varennes, have French nation. He is so far from wishing refused the money voted to them for arto difturb them, that he conjures and ex- refting Louis XVI, and conducting him to horts the French to reflect on the insults Paris. They unanimously agreed not to which their Sovereign bas experienced, and accept any compensation whatever, which were the causes of the iteps which he was our duty, said they, and intereit fhall found himself obliged to take. He warns never dishonour our patriotism." them to respect the dignity of his facred An Ecclefiaftick has been stopped with a person, and to maintain and defend the Jarge quantity of money, designed to taci. prerogatives of their Sovereign, and the litate a counter revolution. immunities of the Royal family.

On the memorable 14th of July, the feven The King has been graciously pleased to united Committees delivered in their report add, that whilft the French nation behave in concerning the manner in which the Atthe manner above directed, that he will re. sembly ought to conduct themselves towards main their very good friend.

the King. After a variety of reasons thereFR A N C E.

for, they declare, “that it appears that The club of Cordeliers requested, by a there is no crime committed against the petition tigned with 30,000 names, that the Conftitution by the King: and if there National Affembly would not decide on the was, still the King's inviolability would not question respecting the King, without the permit him to be tried.". This report was concurrence of the 83 departments,

sanctioned by the Assembly. The population of Paris is stated as The Avignon army still continue to comfollows for the year 1790. Christenings mit great devastations in the country; they 20,005. Deaths 19,445. Marriages 5,866. have destroyed the mill at Carpentras, burnt Foundlings 5,342. Which is 123 foundlings, down fume farins, and carried away a quan622 christenings, and 1085 marriages more, tity of provifions. and 944 deaths lefs, than in 1789.

A smart shock of an earthquake has been A very remarkable procession took place felt at Rochelle and the environs. at Bourdeaux. More than 4000 citizens' The following are the principal Articles wives afsembled in the Champ de Mars, of the French penal Code: with the national cockade on their breasts. Į. The punisment of death shall conAfter having sworn in presence of the ad. tinue to be inficted on the perpetrators of ministrative bodies, to bring up their certain crimes. children in the principles of the new Con- 2. The punishment of death Mall confift ftitution, they presented a bouquet to the in the timple privation of life, without muconstitutional Bishop. The divisions of tilation or torture, in any case whatever. the national guards were drawn up in form 3. Every one condemned to death, fall of a battalion, and the ladies in the center. be beheaded.

The Marquis de Bouille has not been ap- 4. Certain crimes shall be punished by prehended, as was reported.

hard labour. Monsieur the Brother of Louis of France, 5. Those condemned to hard labour Thall lores 2 millions of livres, annually, by his be employed for the benefit of the State. abdication of the kingdom.

6. Criminals of this description, thall The plan of the King is announced to have an iron bullet attached to one of their have been as follows. He was to go to feet, and be linked to a chain. Montmedi; if the garrison of Metz would 7. This species of punihment shall not receive him, he was to shut himself up in be perpetual. that town, if not to pass on to Luxembourg. 8. When the criminal is a female, this At all events, he was to affernble the re- punishment thall be changed into solitary fugee members of the former Parliaments, confinement. to hold a bed of justice, and to propose the 9. Females fo confined, fhall labour for articles of the Royal Gitting of the 230 June the State. 1789, with some additions. He was then 10. The respective administrators of the to enjoin the Ministers to receive no orders departments, fhall decide upon the embut from him, and the people to pay no ployment of all criminals,


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The people at Montmedy, whither the King intended to escape, had been employed for some time in baking bread. A number of tents had been conveyed into the town; a large quantity of oxen were bought up, and in thort, ammunition, military stores and provisions were plenty.

Montmedy is situated on a mountain, which commands the roads that lead to Metz, to Stenay and to Sedan, and exceedingly strong both by nature and art.

In the reign of Louis 14th, it sustained a vigorous siege during 40 days, at which che king afted in person. The garrison of defence only confitted of 300 men.

The town is bounded on the North by the Meadows, through which glides the river Chier. These meadows are of great ex. tent, and are surrounded with hills which reach the Austrian territories at about two miles diftance.

It would have been a charming situation for M. Bouille's Camp. Here he would bave intrenched himself under the artillery of the fortress, while he could have easily maintained a correspondence with the Auftrians.

The national guards have had some difficulty to master the mob, who decreed the positive abdication of the King. Some lives have been loft.

'Two hundred and ninety deputies of the French National Assembly, have published a protest against those proceedings which infringe the rights of Royalty.

The National Affembly have decreed that the new Legislature thall meet on the 15th of October next; that the coniticution entire shall be presented for the King's acçeptance; which if he thould approbate, all hopes of a counter revolution will end,

The annual payment of 130,000 livres to the Pope, is stopped.

The officers of twenty regiments, under command of the Marquis de Bouille, have published a yery fpirited address to their countrymen.

Mr, de Ræsereir, a deputy in the Nation. al Allembly, has answered the M. de Bouille's letter, and charges him in high terms with absolute fallity.

ENGLAND. The mob at Birmingham assembled to the amount of several thousands, whilit the patriots were commemorating the anniversary of the French Revolution, upon the 14th of July, and in consequence of an inHammatory hand bill, proceeded to acts of the greatest violence. Dr. Priestley's house, library, and apparatus fell victims to their fury, and a great number of other el. egant seats were burnt, together with the diffenting meeting hours for many miles round. The damages amount to upwards of £100,000.

At no time since the discovery of America, has a trade of equal extent been carried on between this country and the continent as at this moment. The orders for woolen

goods in the neighbourhood of Leeds amount to £600,000.

The African abolition society, are about to form a settlement of native negroes,on the coast, who are to be instructed in morality, handicrafts and religion, in order to civil. ize their countrymen.

The ladies of Scotland have arrived to such perfection in the art of spinning wool, that several complete vest pieces, have been received from Edinburg, the thread of which was fo fine, as to admit conveyance in a common frank.

A clergyman in the diocese of Chester, not yet 30 years of age, has married 780 couple, baptized 3750 children, buried 2850 dead, read the church service 6750 cimes, and preached 2000 fermons, to which he adds the registering the whole, the visiting 6cco fick, and the administering 6ooo private facraments.

Upwards of 45 and an half millions of gold and silver have been coined in Great. britain, in the course of 30 years.

The Society of Arts, &c. have given a reward of (wenty guineas, to Mr. John Locket, of Dennington, for making 25 yards of cloth from hop Italks.

The Rev. Dr. Coke, the successor of the Rev. John Wesley, bas arrived from America, and entered on bis functions,

August 5.--The assurances given the publick for some time past, that a general peace was on the point of being concluded, is at length confirmed from unquestionable authority: The Empress of Ruflia has concluded the negociations that were fet on foot by the allied powers with success. Her imperial Majesty is to retain Oczakow, and the districts around it as far as the Neifter ; and the Emperour is to have all the districts on this fide the river Unna, which is to serve as a boundary between him and the Turks.


Cape Francois, August 23.This day the negroes have set up the standard of revolt, and nearly 70,coo are in motion. They have burnt every plantation within 60 miles of the capital, and laid waste almoit to the town,

An indiscriminate massacre has taken place amongst the men, women and children, who could not escape their fury. An embargo is laid upon all veflels ; the failors are drafted on thore to do military duty; and the town is put into the best poda ture of defence imaginable.

M. de Blanchelande, commander at the Cape, marched out of town about the ift of September, with a determination to rout the negroes, who had increased their forces near, ly to 200,000 ; his troops fired three times, but without any effect. Each negro had provided himself with a light matrals stuffed with cotton, through which the balls could not penetrate, and thus stood the fire without thewing any kind of fear. They had no fire arms, but were well provided with daggers, knives, &c.


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To preserve Vegetables from injury by Frot.
ENERAL Jackton is canvassing the Before the sun rises, in spring or sumbrer,

election of General Waye. tie has wath off all the white frost from the plants pupihed a number of allidavits to thew with a watering pot of common pond or that bribery and false returns were among spring water ; the above has been tried this the expedients made use of against him. seafon, and had the desired 'effect. In the presentment of the grand jury of

MARY LAND. Chatham, this election tornis the inuit con- The number of strangers at Bath springs, fpicuous article in the list of grievances, this lealon, amounted to 604 ; the waters

NORTH CAROLIN A. have proved remarkably efficacious. Col. George Mitchell, of Onbow county, A few days ago arrived in Frederick is no inure. This gentleman and Rubec town, from Indian captivity, a Mr. Reister W. Snead were competitors for the honour of Albany. He relates that about 12 years of repretenting the county in Senate. The fince he was taken prisoner by a party or loexertions of the candidates and their friends dians, and conducted to the Mohawk towns. has been productive of much ill will and an- That finding all poilibility of an escapimosity, before the close of the Poll, when impracticable, he allumed their manners, Mr. Snead was declared duly elected. habits, &c. and at length engaged in ma

After the election was closed Ms. Snead trimony with one of their squaws that a. was observed to call Cul. Mitchell from a. bout the beginning of July, ialt, being out inungit the people aflembled at the Court a hunting, in company wish his father in house, and to go with him into a thicker just law only, a dispute arose between them, and by. Shortly atter, the report of a pistol the old map threatened to thoot him ; reaching the ears of those who were at the whereupon, for his own safety, he judged to Court house, attracted them to the spot expedient to put a period to his tawny rela.from whence it issued; where, in the pre- tion's existence, which he did, and effected sence of Col, Snead only, lay Col, Mitchell, his escape. a corpse. Two freth wounts were discove PENNSYLVANIA. ered on him; one from a pistol shot, paff- Since the first of January laft, 49488 bar. ing through from his fhuurders out below rels of gun powder, the manufacture of A. his rios; the other on his skull, apparently merica, have been lodged in the Philadelfrom a heavy blow with the butt of a pistol. phia Magazine. Mr. Snead was thereupon apprehended, but An Italian artift lately arrived in Philhas lince been admitted to bail. Col. adelphia, has it in contemplativu tu eiect a Mitchell bore an unblemited character, monument designed to perpetuate the memand has left a widow and eight children. ory of American Independence. VIRGINIA.

The Africans and descendents of Afri. Fredericksburg, Sept. 11.-This day the cans, in Philadelphia, have it in mind to Right Rev. Bishop Madison, who has been build a house of worship; to effect which for lome time past, vititing several parishes they have jointly, addrelled the friends or in this state, held a confirmation in this freedom and religion in that city, setting tuwa, when great numbers of uld and young torth their intentions, and aking charitape pic of bath sexes, many of whom were ble donations from the well dilpoled, very respectable, took that opportunity of

RHODE ISLAND, making a publick acknowledgment of their The anniversary commencement of Rhode. haptismal covenant. At the same time the island college, was celebrated at the lace Bishop conferred holy orders on M. Owen Rev. Pretident Manning's meeting house, Fitzgeral M'Grath, graduate of Trinity in Providence. After the elegant and scieriColege, Dublin.

tifick exbibitions of the day were conclude KENTUCKE and WESTERN TERRI. 'ed, the degree of Bachelor in arts was cooTORY.

ferred on 16 young gentlemen, and the deAccounts from Fore Franklin, on French gree of Master of arts on 16. Creek, mention, that old Mr. Mead, is The corporation of Rhodeisand college, found dead with old Bull, the warrior who have elected Mr. Nicholas Brown a trustee, inurdered Cutwright's family. They aj vice Nicholas Brown, Esq. deceased : Mr. their knives in each others beily.

John Frances, ditto, vice John Jenckes, General Wilkinson has completed the Líq. deceased : And Mr. John Malon, vice object of his expedition : Having destroyed Col. Sylvester Child, resigned. a large Indian town fituated on the Wabaih;

NEW YORK. also a Keckapoo town containing about 30 The gentleman who purchased of the houses ; 42 of the enemy are killed or take. State, upwards of 4 millions of acres, has

Col. B. Harrison, who marched against refused £ 50,000 for his bargain ; estimating the Indians on the Scioto, has returned. the neat profits at £250,000. He is to pay The Indians abandoned their towns before for the whole purchate £ 137,cco in 6 years. he reached them. Only one Indian was The furveyor general has tet out to exdiscovered on the march, and he was killed. plore the communications between the Huch


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The Gazetie.

591 n River and Wood Creek, falling into cial Court 15 criminals were found guilty of ake Champlain, for the purpose of ascer- theft, forgery &c.

dining the most eligible place for the pro- Captain William Lambert of Roxbury, ofed canal, which is to open a water con- presented the poor of Boston, in the alms by feyance with Vermont.

house, with two cart loads of vegetables and Intelligence from Maderia.

fruit. An example worthy of imitation ! then The anniversary of our political birth day The trustees of Hallowell Academy, have pas celebrated here at the houte of the A.

appointed Thomas Rice, Esq. President, tunerican Consul, J. M. Pintard, Esq. with Jonathan Bowman, Treasurer, and Mr. Na

Que respect. Ac sun rise an elegant fik flag thaniel Dummer, Secretary.

bf che United States was displayed in front e. fpf the house; at three o'clock the matters of TABLE of CASUALTIES, &c. &c. Serail the American vefiels in port, nine in 3. number, partook of an entert sinment pro

DROWNED. Free vided by the consul; fifteen tentimental MASSACHUSETTS.-Lee, Brigadier Gew

toasts were drank, attended by the discharge neral Mofes Afbly. 12 - of cannon, and the colours were struck un. RHODE ISLAND.-Cranston,Mr. Charles 9., der a discharge of the fame at funft. Dyre, jun. NEW HAMSHIRE.

NEW YORK. Albany, Mr. Fofepb BeckThe convention of this State, which met

man's Jon. for the revision of the constitution, have

FIRE S. proposed a variety of excellent alterations, PENNSYLVANIA.-Philadelphia, a barn and adjourned to the 2d Wednesday of burnt down. Fehruary next.

CONNECTICUT.-Hartford, A powder The anniversary commencement of de

mill caught fire, 3 men killed by tbe explosion. grees at the collegen Hanover, was cele. A bain burnt dorun. brated on the 24:hult. After the literary NEWYORK:- In the city, 23 bouses, barns exercises of the my, fplendid in a high de

and ftables. Damage £40,0co.
49 gentlemen were admitted Bachels

MASSACHUSETTS.- - Wrentham, A urs of arts.

black smith's shop: A lad abo- !5 years of age, lately died

ACCIDENTAL DEATHS. mon extrordinary death.

His disorder MASSACHUSETTS.Bostin, Mr. Pa. was an abitues, which

originated at the hip trick Cbriftopber, by the fall of a beam. joint; it afterwá. -- atled in the groin

CONNECTICUT.-Middleton, Mr. Danand made its way up under the edge báne, iel Putnam's cbild, by the presure of a cart and downwards as far as the kuee, where is wheel. broke out. Some time before his death in

MARYLAND.-Annapolis, James Smitb, numerable cancer worms broke out, and killed in a boxing matcb. were felt by the patient continually gnawing NEW HAMPSHIRE.-Bradford, Mr.Wil. his bowels till he died.

liam Kimball. MASSACHUSETTS.

NEWYORK.-- Albany, Mr. - Benjamin Mr. Ebenezer Gyles of Marblehead, late- Townsend, by a lodded muskei. ly fell in with a large shell fish of the mulci

DU EL S. valvia kind, wbich weighed 712 pounds. NORTHCAROLINA.-Newbern, Colonel

The American Academy of Arts and George Mitchell, in a duel with W. Sneau, Sciences have lately received some very val. Esquire. uable donations, among which are the li.

EXECUTION S. brary of the late prefident Bowdoin, conllt. ALBANY:-Whiling, Sweeting, for ibe ing of 1200 volumes ; Dr. Franklin's do. murder of Darius Quimby. nation of Les Arts et Metiers, 32 vols, folin;

MUKDE RS. the Byzantine History, and Muraton's Col- MASSACHUSETTS.-Bolton, A female lection, 57 vols. the gift of President id- child--perjons unknown. ams; and many other ingenious treatises, from various gentlemen.

The Massachusetts Charitable Society, Ricbard Codman, Fig. Vice Conful of Pore
have elected Hun. Thomas Dawes, fin. tugal, for the fate of Wallacbusetts, .
Esq. Presiden: ; John Lowell, Vice Prefi- Major General Brooks Markall for Molla.
dent; and Nathaniel Noyes, Secretary. chuferis Diftrict, vive Yunaikan fackson, Ēja.

John F. Williams, Esq. commander of appointed inspector.
the Revenue Cutter, has sent in a Noya.
Scotia schooner, loaded with grindstones,

The Bristol Medical Asociațion, have CONNECTICUT.-Ellington, Rivoych.
chosen Hon. William Baylies, Prelident; ua Leona a.
Dr. Samuel Perry, Vice President, and Dr. RHODE ISLAND. -Providence, Rev. you
Foster Swift, Secretary.

naiban Mlaxity.
Mr. Benjamin Greene, is appointed
'Treasurer of the Boston Tontine Affocia-


MASSACHUSETS.Boltoni, Dr. Når At the last Session of the Supreme Judi- thaniel Noyes, to Alils Ribecca Hunt; Mr.


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Yosepb Hartwell, to Miss Efiber M Clarey; Miss Elizabetb Farnham, 20; Miss Polls Atri Isaac E les, to Miss Sally Pierce; Mr. Sweerfer, 10; Mrs. Elizabeth Craige; a Samuel L. Parder, Mis Ruth Adams ; in M'Carthy, Esq.--Attieborough, Mrs. Mr. Jon Hitchborn, to Miss Seriey Brown. Ann Nemel, 73.--Beverly, Mrs. Anna Bart -Salem, Mr. yua Pope, ro Alils Serbiab let... Cambridge, Mr. John Burke.-- Cbela Dean; Mr. Eckiel Allen, to Mlijs Polly sea, Mr. Joon Siade, 52.--Chelter, Dr. Juba Proctor ; Capt. Jocpb Peabody, co Mijs Ca. Carry!.--Dudley, Miss Chamberlain.-- Hard. tharine Smith.--Wrentham, Mr. Samuel wick, Col. Timothy Page, 64.--Holden, Vucker, to Mil I rypberry Chency: --Dorchest- Mr. Ifrael Davis, 74..--Medford, Mrs Lucy cr, Mr. Edmund Baker, to Mijs Sally Howe.; Brooks, 38.--Newburyport, Mrs. Tbomjon. -- Daovers,Cap.. John Endicott,10 Mijs Polly --Peter ham, Mrs. Mary Stevens, 34.Purnam.--Medway, Rev. Stepben Baxter, to Portland, Mr. Samuel D). Deering, 22; DeMiss Betsey Lovell..-Marblehead, Mr. vid Strout, Esq.--Roxbury, Mafter Jobe James Scobie, to Miss Polly Pedrick.-- Welt Greaton, 8.-Salem, Mrs. Hannab Virey, Springfield, Mr. Henry Dwigbt, to Miss 27; Miss Jane Appleton, 21.--Southbrim Lydia Day.--York, Dr. Samuel Emerson, field, Mrs. Mary Needbam, 89.-- Springto Miss Olive Barrill.

field, William White; 9. Bush, Mr. Aaron PENNSYLVANIA:--Philadelphia, Mr. Parsons, 54.--Stockbridge,' Mr. Ebereze Folepb James, to Miss Hopkins.

WSition. Worcester, Mrs.AnnaC.Walker,70. NEW JERSEY.--Matthias Barton, Ne hy ERSEY.--Miss Jane Covenboven. Miss Hitty Cox.

PENNSYLVANIA --Mrs. Jane Hun RHODEISLAND.-- Pravidence, Mr. 70. pbries; Mr. Janet F. Sebor ; Mr. Henry natban Maxcy, to Miss Susannab Hopkins ; Taylor. Mr. Waterman Carpenter, 10 Miss Eleanor NEW YORK.--Mr. John Antbory, 56; Fuller. --Newport, fobn Coffin Yones, Esq. Mrs. Verplank, 79 ; Mr. Daniel le Roy, 30; 10 Miss Eliza Champlin.

Brigadier General Maling; Master Marcus DE A T H S.

Furius Camillus Knoxi, Lipt. John TrowMASSACHUSETTS. --Bolton, Mr. Zeph- bridge ; Mifs Ann M. JY; Mr. Henry ániah Hart, 67 ; Mr. Henry Smith, 16 ; Mr. Kif ; Miss Fanny Tiffany. Stepben Harris, 63; Mrs. Catherine Ab. CONNECTICUT. --Mrs. Berbiab Gleaman, 35; Mr. Ib-mas Crane, 55; Mrs. Jon, 75 Foyce Williams, 34 ; Mr. John Lucas Coo's NEWHAMPSHIRE.-- Mrs, À

nch idge, 19; Mafter Samuel Greenougb, 8 lard, 77; Mrs. Abigail Re


; Mr. Mrs. Joanna Stanton, 55; Mrs. Abigail David Placę15. May, 26; Mr. Yoba Osoorne, 51; Mrs. CODESLAND.--Miss Juditb Smieb ; Mary Colter ; Mrs. Hannab Homans, 47; Rev. A Hunt.

1 P.M.

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$ 163



D. 7 A.M.
7 A.M.

1 P.M. 9 P.M.
29 75 29 77 29 77 59 565 51 59

N. NE.

Cloudy, Rain. 75 77 87 59 72 62

N. NW.

Mifty, Fair.
30 OI
93 30 02

71 58


Hazy, Fair.
B | 29 94 29 85


NW. E.

Hazy, Cloudy. 81 65 561

E. NE C. Rain, Th. Sbi' 71 72 77

58 NE. N. NE. Rain. 84 86

67 512


Cloudy. 94 30 00 30 02


NE. 930 oC 0129 98

Cloudy. 71 51615 NE.

Cloudy. 10 29 9129 87

68 60


Cloudy. B 75 73

70 66

N. SW.SE. Foggy, Clou. Rais, 57

24 560 5 S. SW. W.

Rain, Fair. 13

69 63


Fair. 14 73

69 65
75 51 62


Fair. IS 70

57 62


SW.W, NW. Cloudy, Rain, 73

59 51


Fair. 17 93


B 97 93






SW. Fair, Cloudy.
96 30 0030.09


Fair. 30 21



NE. Clou. Fair, Clou.. 23 051 29 99 ! 29 91

E. S.


SW, N.
B 76 82

Fair, Rain.
89 53


Stormy. 26 29.39 30 1 97

N. E.

Fair. 27



E, SW. W. 28

89 5 1 61

Cloudy, Fair,
W. NW.

30 00

NW.SW.S. Fair, Cloudy. 30 | 29 95




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24 29 82


7829 66


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