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S.W. View of the STATE - HOUSE, in BOSTON.

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No. VIII.)-For AUGUST, 1791.--[Vol. III.








c ở N T A I N H N G,

Pag. Description of the Plate,

467 | Monthly Review of new American Books,su4 Translation of, and Remarks upon Mr. The Freethinker's Catechism,

507 De Barreaux's Penitential Hymn,

Tbe BOUQUET. Cunning,

469 | Anecdote of a Philosopher and a Wic Description of a Genius,

470 of a Tavern Keeper-of a Culprit Anecdote of Christina, of Sweden, ibid. -of Mr. L-, of a Shweniaker The Extravagant Wite : an American of a Countryman of a Hamorous Tade, concluded,

471 - Fellow of Dr. Graham-of a Gen. On the Passion of Fear,

tleman, Story of Ludovicus,


SEAT of the MusĖS. The General Observer, No. XXVI.

474 Epilogue to Who's the Dupe, A Discourse upon Horle Shoes, 475 Lines on a Sifier's Birth Day, ibid. Account of Dr. Franklin's Spectacles, 477 Lines on Recovery from Sickness, ibid. On Dr. Smith's Theory of Spasm, 478 Extracts from the Zenith of Glory, a Memoirs of the Life of Edward Drinker,479 Manusçript Ode,

sto Dr. Ramsay's Address to the Citizens of The Tears of Sympathy, the United Scates,

Lines written on the Rind of a Birch, vib. On the Government of our Passions, 482 Despair,

ibid, The Death of the Christian,

The Penfive Mourner,

5!3 Some Particulars respecting the Mana The Plealant Evening, ners and Customs of the Ruffian Pear. The Delusionsof Fancy, ants, 484 || Jack and the Deacon,

ibid. An Opinion of Dr. Johnson's confuted, 487 Rebus,

ibid. A Chinese Letter, 48% An Extempore,

ibid. The Poor old Man, a Fragment, 489

MUSICK. Thoughts on Natural Perception,.' 490 A new Song for a Serenade, by D. Grof Natural History of the Formica Leo,


Portland. The Tune taken from arı On Ascending Thunder,

493 Air, in the Opera Incle and Yaricko, Mode of Manufacturing Glue, 495 composed by Dr. Arne.

515 A Dialogue between Mercury and a

POLITICKS. modern-Fine Lady,

Abstract of the Proceedings of the State A Miftake corrected,

Legislature,,concluded, A Billet Doux from Anna to Julia, jbid. Collection of publick Aets, Papers, &c. $17 Abstract of the Medical Institution,

The GâzË TTE. established at the University of Cam- Summary of European Intelligence, 519 bridge, in 1783,

Domestick Chronicle,

5?3 Method of studying the Scriptures in the Casualcies, Marriages, Deaths, &c.

527 Sunday Schools of Great Britain, 502 Meteorological Observations, [Ornamented with a handsome ENGRAVING, representing the 'S T A TE

HOUSE, in Boston ; and a Piece of MUSICK.]

ivic. • $1

496 498





Sold at their Bookstore, by said THOMAS at his Bookstore in WORCESTER, and

by the leveral Gentlemen who receive Subscriptions for this Work.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS to CORRESPONDENTS. The Parallel of Fayette and Mirabeau, is confeffedly imperfect the character of the Marquis has already appeared.

Translation of Monfieur de Barreaux's penitential Hymn, very acceptable. We shall be happy to hear from Carolina again.

Academicus-is lincerely thanked-his favours in prose or verse merit attention.

Animated Pikture of African Slavery, is reserved.

Obfervations on Butterflies-Remarks on Cowper's Task--came too late for insertion in the present number. Essay on Lame Ducks-writ by a Goose.

Lines on a Sister's Birth Day--met a ready insertion.
Eliza_piety unquestionable; poetry above mediocrity.
Health, an Acrostick-Sequitur patrem non paflibus æquis.

I now do clofe my Song-we are much obliged to you.
The Triumphs of Sarip-fent to the Bank.
The Tears of Sympathy-request a continuance of correspondence.
Celadon's Friendwifh to recognize for months to come.
Cleon, Alouette, Eugenio, &c. are thanked for kind promises.

R E QUEST S. Our valued correspondents from Hampshire to Georgia, will confer a fingular favour, in the transmiffion of all pieces, that have a claim to merit.

The justly celebrated Orators of Harvard, who added lustre to the Jate commencement, are respectfully entreated to gratify the publick with their respe&ive performances.

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Current Prices of PUBLICK SECURITIES. Boston.

f. d. Funded Six per Cents,

21 6 Do. Three do.

12 6
Do. Deferred Six per Cents,

12 6
Final Settlements,
Interest Indents,
Army Certificates,

Consolidated State Notes,

16 Loan Office Certificates,

20 Specie Orders, Tax No. 5.

18 No. 1, 2, and 3 Orders,

18 New Emission Money,

13 4

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For AUGUST, 1791.



MAGAZ DESCRIPTION of the PLATE. "HE State House is an elegant Cornhill ; and the other two, in

brick building, standing at the opposite centres of the length. the head of State Street, one inile The Clerks of the Supreme Judiand

297 yards from the fortifica- cial Court and Court of Common tion. It is one hundred and ten Pleas, hold their offices upon the feet in length, and thirty eight in first floor ; which also serves in breadth. The foundations of the bad weather as an Exchange for present walls were laid, A. D. the mercantile part of community. 1712, the former State House hava A range of Dorick pillars fuping been reduced to ashes, in the port the floors of the second ftogreat fire of the preceding year. ry, which is defined for the acThe internal part of this building commodation of the General Leagain experienced the desolating giflature. The Senate Chamber flame, in 1747, when a vast num- is thirty two feet square, and fifa ber of ancient books and early re- teen feet in height, furnished cords, together with a collection with a convenient lobby for of valuable papers, were destroy- Committees to transact business in, ed; and to the ravages of this ca- The Representatives Chamber is lamity, we may attribute the im- fifty seven and a half feet in length, perfect accounts that are to be ob- thirty two in breadth, and the tained, of the first and second fame height as the former, wit!: ? building. The ascent to the low- well constructed lobby. Th. er floor, as fronting the Long third, or upper story, is improved wharf, is by an elevated flight of by different Committees during large stone steps, railed round the session, and has an East, West, with

iron ballustrades. and South lobby ; beside several There are three other entrances, apartments for publick papers one at the opposite end, facing to and records. On the centre of




Mr. de Barreaux’s Penitential Hymn. the roof is a tower, consisting of orders complete, and from thence three stories, finished according is a fine prospect of the Harbour, to the Tuscan, Dorick, and lonick and adjacent Country:



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a coll

'reach ;

TO THE EDITORS OF THE MASSACHUSETTS MAGAZINE. GENTLEMEN, "HE following versified tranf- that mercy, consistent with that

; to attempt, in consequence of the played in abfolving, than in punifh, person who sent it to the Specta- ing. The fix following lines retör modestly doubting his ability present the horror and distraction to do it justice. This confeflion consequent upon the foregoing coninspired me with a sort of emula- feffion ; that is to say, on tion ; and I really think the fpi- sciousness of having forfeited all rit of the French is retained, how- title to God's favour, and incur, ever ungraceful it may appear in

red his vengeance.

That there the versification of a novíce. For is great distraction in the foregothe occasion of the hymn, which ing part of it is visible, and such is celebrated as a very emphatical would naturally proceed from one, I refer to Mr. Spectator, Vol. the remorse of a reprobate struck 7, No. 513. • .

with conscientious horror : But Great God! thy judgments are with equi. in the two last lines, we perceive ty combin'd';

skind ; a gleam of heavenly light dispellBut crimes like mine excluderine forming ing the mists of Paganism, and

simpeach. cheering with the illumination of Pardon to such a wretch thy juftice would gospel truth and grace the sudYes, Lord, tor guilt so great, thy fele pre- denly converted infidel. The s pow'r to choole the punishment, but not beauty of the hymn lies in the In frustrating my bliss thy very' honour sudden transition from a state of

(fice. libertine despair to the rapturous And ev'n thy love demands me as a lacri: Wreak thy displeasure, Gince thy Glory mult impulse of christian conviction ;

[cheeks bedew. thus forming a lively contrast beLet ev'n these tears provoke thee, which my Burit thunder

tween the doubts and horrors of strike tis time ; my wrongs retaliate

a deift, and the joyful, though

e ; Expiring I revere the justice of thy hate. humble hopes, of him who knows But can thy thunder find a wretch untanctili'd ?

(he died ?

that his redeemer liveth ; and thus Is there, whom Jesus did not raniom when are the leading features of the Leít, however, it may appear to

two religions rendered striking. the difcerning eye of the critick Deism represented as dark, gloomy that I have done it injustice, per. hibiting a triumph of exultation

and distracting. Christianity exmit me, to pass some observations on its component parts.

in thcovertures of virtues of mercy In the two first lines are ac

and salvation. It is to be lamented knowledged the mercy and equity that our faith is too commonly the of the Supreme Being. In the

result of education, not of reason : two next is confessed the suppli

No wonder then it is so cold and ant's unworthiness ta experience unproductive of good fruits, when

lies ;

ensue ;


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