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tia Negroes were stated to Govern- benevolent plan, free from the enor. ment, and orders were issued to the mities that disgrace the Slave Trade. Governors of the Provinces of Hali- The soil is rich and feriile, and the fax and New Brunswic, to interpose cultivation of many of our West India in giving an effectual check to the a. commodities will soon fourish there. buses complained of, with a severe re. Besides this, an extensive coift and riprimand for having ever allowed them;' ver trade is opened, for the valuablo at the same time they were directed productions of Africa, which are nuto take proper opportunities of com merous, and highly useful. An ex. municating to all the negroes the af- tenlive inland commerce may foon alfairs of the Sierra Leona Company, so be established; a contract has als and to give them what aid might be ready been made with the Mandingo neceffry for carrying the measures in- Priests, who are acquainted with eve. to effect.

A brother of the Rev. Mr ry village in the heart of this . unexClarkson, a lieutenant in the navy, is plored country, and whose persons are gone out to Nova Scotia with these held sacred by all the contending dispatches, and with proper creden- chiefs : Through their mediu:n a trat. tials for inviting such of the negroes


be carried on, reaching over as wish to leave the place, to the settle- all the African continent, by means of ment of Sierra Leona. Government numerous caravans that travel over it has agreed to provide shipping to tranf. in all directions; and even the filks port ihem from Halifax, and lieute-, and spices of the cat may find their nant Clarkson is to accompaný 'them to way from Cairo to the River of Sierra Africi. About fix hundred, it is now Leopa. Thefe fpeculations, it is hopknown, have embraced the offer, and ed, not altogether ideal, may not be will soon form a great accession to the immediately valued, but in time may new colony.

take effect; mean while, should this Such is the rise of their establish- colony do no more than check or oment, from which the friends of hu

verturn the nefarious Slave Trade, manity predict the most happy effects. every friend of humanity will rejoice, Nothing will more readily tend to in- and bless the memory of the benerutroduce civilization into Africa than a lent projectors, colony thus formed on a liberal and

Mr William Ged's Narrative of his Scheme for Block-printing,

Diliated by himself some time before his Death, for the Satisfaction of his Relations. I

HAPPENED in the year 1725, to be made by it. I desired he would give

in company with a printer, who, me a page for an experiment, which, talking of the loss our nation was at after some days trial, I found practi. for waot of a letter-founder, and af. cable, and so continued for near two ter showing me the nature of the types years improving on my invention; and tingly and composed in pages, alked making a great many experiments, fcme, if I could contrive a method to veral of which were expensive; but remedy that defect. I answered, that the more I practised, and the le's I judged it more practicable for me chargeable naterials I used, I was the to make plates from the composed more succesful, til at laft I brought it pages than make single types. To to bear, as that no distinction could be which he replied, that if such a thing made between the impression from my could be done, a9 estate might le plates and that from tae types.

I tha

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I then applied to a gentleman in lieve the reason of this delay was, this place, who had five or six thou- that he had got acquainted with a letsand pound stock, and who, for a fourth ter-founder, who would, for one 16th share of the profits, contracted with share from each of us, furnish all the me to advance all the money that might different types should be wanted; upbe neceffary for carrying on the work. on which followed ano:her contract, But this Gentleman, afterwards converf- and we were accordingly furnished ing with a certain other printer in this with two parcels of different types :town, was made to believe that eight but when we came to use them, we. thousand pound would not bring that found them altogether unfit for our undertaking to perfection'; which did purpose; and were likewise informed, so intimidate him, that in two years that he had been formerly employed continuance of that contract he made by the King's printers, but was rejectno farther advance to me than L. 22. ed by them, because one Caslon had So finding no appearance of success eclipsed him in his business, which octhat way, I was glad of any opportu- calioned his applying to me, believing nity by which I might expect better he could make a living by the profits encouragement.

he expected from his share in my proIn July 1729, William Fenner, a ject. Thereafter having feen a Pible London Stationer, being by accident printed in the King's house in Lonhere in Edinburgh, hearing of my pro- don on a beautiful letter, I applied to ject, made me proposals more difad them to know if they would give suitvantageous than my former bargain, able encouragement to furnish them which however I accepted of. He with plates for a Bible from that type. claimed the half of the profits, in con- Accordingly a day was appointed to fideration he was to advance all the hear our proposals : in the mean time, money requisite, and that I should pro- they acquainted their new founder, cure my former partner's renuncia. Callon, who told them he would give tion of any, farther concern with me us fifty guineas, if we, in half a-year's in that affair: which being obtained, time, made one page of a Bible from we entered into a contract for twenty- that type. Our appointment holding, one years, by which I was obliged to we made demands, and they made of. communicate to him the art.

fers of n.orey, and we believed we On his part he was obliged, four might have agreed; but at the fame months after date, to have a proper time told us of the above fifty guineas, house and all materials in readiness at and that the gentlenian who had made London, where I engaged to be by the offer was in the house: being cal. that time; and these conditions under led into our company, he bragged a penalty of L.1000 to be forfeited by much of his great skill and knowledge the party failing. There was likewise in all the parts of mechanism, and para clause in that contract, that if, in ticularly vaunted, that he, and huneight months after trial, my project dreds besides himself, could make plates should not prove advantageous, because to as great perfection as I could ;of the opposition it might likely meet which occafioned fome heat in our with from the printers, in such event converfition, and which was diverted the contract was to be void and null, by a propcfal of Mr Baket, That

I implemented my part, being at Carlon and I should each of us have London within the time limited, where a page giren us to make a plate from, I found Mr Fenner had nothing a of that type, between then and that greed on provided, and I believe was day fe'nnight ; and that be who fail. 25 little capable. But being a strangered should give a handsome entertainto his circumstances, he made me be ment 10 the company: this being aLI2


of us ba; a page


Sreed to, Mr Thomas Gib, overseer Prayer-books'; which motion took. of the printing-house, was appointed S, John James, the abore architect, judge of the performance.

and my partner Fenner, went down Next day, about dinner time, each to Cambridge, where their propofałs

fent I immedic were readily agree to. But, before ately after fell to work, and by five this time, I lulpeciet much the fuffi. o'th'clock that fame afiernoon I had ciency of my partner's circumstances, finished three plates from that page, which made me tell, that I inclined and caused to take impresions from to leave them at the term of the eight them on paper, which I and partners months; wnic. John James hearing, carried direäly to the king's printing. being a man of substance, made an house, and showed them to faid overture, to divide in four shares, Mr Gib, who would not believe but and that he would make the fourth these impressions were taken from the partner ; that he would lay me down type; whereupon I produced one of iool. that I should have yearly rool. the plates, which, he said, was the paid me for the use of my family, betypes Idered together, and fawed lides thirty thillings weekly for my own thorough. To con iace him of his subsistence ; that I should be præses of mistuke, I took that plate from him, the company; and that any one of the and broke it before his face, then other three partners, who joined voice showed him another, which made him with me, should de:ermine the quecry out. He was surprised at my skion ; and that, lastly, he would use perform ince, and then called us to a his interest with the university ,of bottle of wine; when he purposed I Cambridge, that I should have their Trould take cleren pages more, to privilege for printing the before menmake up a form, that he would see tioned books in my plate-way; which how it might answer the feet-way, conditions I went in to, and had the My too expeditious performance here faid 100l. laid me down. proved rather a detriment than advan. We had several meetings at mak. tage to me, as I came afterwards ing up this contract; which being to understand from the kiog's prin- agreed to in the terms above, was put ters theinfelves ; who having acquaint- into the hands of Counsellor Hamilton, ed Mr Caflon with what had happened, to be extended at large. Meanwhile he declined kceping the appoinment the king's printers, having heard our an pirion, tut fent a fou of Mr Lal. defign, applied to the university, and ket's to tell, “ That he could not made an oifer of gool. more than what

perform the thing himself, neither they had agreed to take from us. Af“ could he get one of the hundred he terwards Thomas James, our letter{poke of to undertake it.” founder, fell to intriguing with the

Thomas James, the letter-founder king's printers (who understanding above-mentioned, our partner, having the countenance we were likely to a bruther an architect, who was uni- obtain from the university of Camveraly acquainted with the nobility bridge, which was equal to their own anu dignified clergy, he gave him as to the privilege of printing Bibles one of these plates, and inform:d him ant Prayer-books; and the more of my abovc performance. Mr James fraid, of having a min of such fubhanded the pate about, till be came ítance' as Join James his brother to the Earlo Macclesfield, who told partner with us) in order to withdraw him that there was'a vacancy in the his brother, which acierwards appearunivirsiy of Camlıridge, who would ed he had undertaken to do. The be glad to receive us, and let us have argument they made use of to spirit the privilege of printing Bibles and him up (we having complained of the



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insufficiency of his types) was, to make mer plate,) till I convinced him of his him believe that the fault lay in my error, by showing him the other plate. plates only, and not in his types, tho? Not long after this, Mr Sanuel Palthey had been formerly rejected by mer (the mot knowing printer in themselves: wherefore, to convince London,) who had frequently see his brother of ignorance or malice, I my performance in the plate-way, made impressions from both type and affured me, that the types I was using plare, in the manner following; viz. were altogether unfit for my pu: pofe; Having at that time five or fix sheet and further, he and another gentler of an octavo Prayer-book in plates man told us, they heard our lettermade from the same types, I cau- founder fay; That as long as he was fed to make up a sheet where pages our letter-founder, we hould never of plate were intermixed with pages hurt the trade; and it was for that of type; and having twenty such theets reason he had joined us in company. to cast off, I asked him, before his Having wrought about 18 months brother, to distinguish which was plate, at London on several bocks with thefe and which type. To do which, he imperfect types, which proved naught, divided the one half of these sheets and the lease never yet obtained, tha' from the other, saying, the one was the univerfity sent letters every two plate, and the other half type, where-, or three weeks to John James our partas each of thefe sheets bore a mixture ner at Greenwich, directed to the of pages, half one, half other. I care of his brother the letter-founder at made a fecond trial,on Thomas James's London, who, being in use of breaking bringing two paragraphs of a different open these letters, kept up a material size of letter, composed in Latin, one, wherein the university defired us which he desired to be cast off with to take council, and talk with their care, being to be sent to the country agent at London, to whom they had for a specimen. Observing this to be sent their papers and powers. Next a better type than what he had fur- meeting, instead of communicating the nished' us, I caused to make up as contents of this letter to the concerned, much of our letter as would make a he told them he had seen a gentleman, a folio page, joined with these two who said the gentlemen of the univerfpecimens, from which I made a plate, firy were surprised we had so long deand caused to throw off a parcel of layed coming down to Cambridge to sheets from both ; which being brought take out our lease, which they were to bin, he mistook the one for the o- so willing to grant us, and proposed ther,but carried one of each home with to his brother and Mr Feaner to go him,and next day he discovered a small down in the name of the company, open in the tail of one fingle letter, which they had agreed to before I whereby he was afterwards capable to came. When they told me what had distinguish that plate from the type: for paffed, I knowing the man's fincerity, which reason I made another plate from which I had oblerved for some time the fanie composed page, and cauled before, thought it not convenient withcaft off an equal number from the Out I went along with him; and then last plate as from the former ; and the told them, I could endeavour 10 proimpressions being mixt and laid before cure the recommendation of my Lord him, he discovered his ignorance, Inay and others of my countrymen : by 'affirming that all the impref- and accordingly I obrained my Lord fions of my last plate were taken Inay's litier to Mr Smith, profeffor of from the types (not finding that the optieks in Trinity College, who chasm ar open in a letter of the for. happened to be præses at that meets


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ing, called Syndicks. This letter I thought fit to inform the King's prindelivered by myself, when this gentle ters (our antagonists) of our refolutan asked me what advice I had from tions, who had been at Cambridge two counsel about their privileges ; which days before we arrived, and had re. was the first time I had heard any newed their former offer of L.500 thing of the contents of the above- to the university, besides an yearly mentioned letter from the university. premium ; and the more to ingratiateThis being a farther confirmation of themselves, carried along with them this man's treachery, 'I let Mr Smith specimens of Calon's types, to fhew know my former jealoufies of him ;-- the imperfection of Thomas James's, and, since he was præfcs, I begged of as were exhibited before himself, when him to call a meeling before I left this he was obliged to own there was no place, that I might know their opini- comparison : but, having an impreffima ons; and accordingly being met, they of that plate with me I had formerly granted our request for paying into made from Mr Caflon's types, made the university L.100 yearly, and five it plain my work must be always anpounds per annum to one Jonathan swerable; which the gentlemen being Plinder, an old decayed printer in that convinced of, our lease paired the oplace. I told Thomas James, I was ther two courts next day. informed such a letter was sent by the The university being confined to university to his brother, to take ad- make that grant only in the name of vice of counsel as it directed, and was one single person, we were asked which much surprised he had concealed the of us should be nominated; when Fencontents from the company; when he per and Thomas James stood candi. answered, he did not know the use of dates, and by the power given me of it.

the casting vote,


it in favour of I defired him to go along with Fenner, who promised, as foon as he me to thank the gentlemen of the u- came to London, to make a transfe. niversity, which he refusing, I told him rence to the whole concerned ; but I would go alone then; but seeing me no fooner we returned thither, than positive, he went in company'; when there was a proposal made to send he, with no little assurance, alked Thomas James to Holland to purthem, That if my project should mis- chase proper types, which was accordgive, were we obliged to pay them an ingly done, when in two months stay hundred guine as yearly and farther, there, he brought upon us a charge of he doubted of the validity of their 1.160, and only one set of types lease. To both which they anfwered, home with him, though io greater quanWe had to do with gentien.en; and tity than he had either orders or we then we got their decree signed una: use for. Having heard me frequently nimoufly. When we came to Lon- fay, that the best plates I could make don, I acquainted my other partners would be from types before they were with my success at Cambridge, and used or inked, he caused to set up four Thomas James's behaviour and con- pages of a Bible, to make a plate cealment of the forementioned leitet. from them before any impreslion had His brother took him heartily to task ; been taken from them. The inwho told me how he had chastised him, preilions were made, when there ap. and got his promise of better teljavi. peared like two hundred blois in our for the future. Then werelolved each page; which he was so fond to go alogetier to Cambridge, to af- of, that he carried them direaly to tend two other courts, called Caput his brother. Being surprised, I cauf. and Convocation, to get the finishing ed take impressions likewise from the kroke to their lease. We appointed types, when the same number of blots a day 10 fet cut; but Thomas James appeared there too: and when the

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