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Artful Villainy brought to Light: a Chinese Tale.


THERE was in the dynasty of Ming, in fell into a great passion at these words.

the small city Yungkia, of the district “ You rascal you," said he to him, “ how of Ouentcheou, in the province of Tcheki- dare you talk to me in this manner " Upon ang; a scholar whose name was Quang, and this, without considering he was a man in Hrname Kie, and whose title of honour was years, he gave him a hearty push, and Ouenhoa. He had married a lady called threw him down: the fall was violent, inLicou, who alone possessed his whole affec- fomuch that the poor wretch lay without

he had no other child but one daugh- fenfe or motion. To say the truth, ont ter : thus the whole - family consisted of ought never to be in a paflion, especially three persons, besides flaves and domestics. with people who get their livelihood by Though he was not rich, yet he lived in a dealing in trifles : a mite or two can never handsome manner, and study was his whole be worth hagling about ; and yet it is very employment; he had not yet taken a de- common to see servants Theltering themgree, but he was in quest of that honour; selves under their masters, who are often and in order to attain it he lived in recirc- brought into trouble by that means ; but ment, constantly taking up his time with prudent persons give such strict orders, that books, and not Tuspending his labour on any all inconvenienciesof this kindarc prevented. account, unless pow and then to visit two

It is very certain, Ouang should have or three friends, who mutually communi- been more moderate ; for want of this, he cated their productions to each other. As committed a great fault, and he was severefor the lady Lieou, she was a model of vir. ly punished for it, as will appear hereafter. tue ; she was witty, diligent, frugal, and As soon as ever he saw the stranger fall at industrious, and these two persons of fo a. his feet without motion, and almost with ntiable a character lived together in a per- out life, he was seized with extreme dread, fcd union.

** which foon diflipated the fumes of wine : he One afternoon, about the latter end, of went to his affistance, and cried out for the spring, in charming weather, a friend help; they carried the man half dead into or two came to draw him from his books, the hall: as he yet discovered no fign of with a design to take a walk in the fields. life, they poured into him a little hot tea, Quang, invited by the sweetness of the lea" which recovered him from the swoon. fon, was willing to take a little diversion, Then Ouang asked his pardon, and treated and he and his company went and regaled him with excellent wine, giving him fomethemselves, drank several bumpers, and fo thing to eat, to renew his strength; after parted

which he made him a present of a piece Oaang coming near his own house, found of stuff to make money of. This good two servants at the door, who were in a treatment foon turned his resentment into great paffion with a man in the street : this joy, which he teftified by a thousand thanks; latter lived at Hou-tcheou, and was called after which he took his leave, and he made Liu; he had a basket in his hand full of the beft of his way to the side of a river, ginger, which he fold : the servants pré which it was neceffary to pass before it was tended he had made them pay too dear for dark. If Ouang could posibly have fore. the quantity he had given them: the deal- seen what would happen, he would have er, on the other hand, said they would urged the stranger to a longer Atay, and wrong hina, if they with-held a single mite maintained him for the two following Oulang having learned the cause of the dif- months ; this hospitality would have preference, turned towards the dealer, and faid, vented the crosses which he afterwards met * You are very well paid; go about your with : his conduct nay afford a good leffon, business, and don't make such a noise at my which is expreiled in this proverb, W. door.” The dealer, who was a plain honest throw a galden net with both hands, and catch a man, replied with his usual freedom, “ It is hundred misfortunes, Ouang no fooner faw non poflible for us -small traders to bear the that he was gone, but he entered into the lealt lofs; and it is very ill done in you, inner part of his house, and rejoiced with who ought to have a great and generous his wife that he was fo foon got rid of fo foul, to be so hard with us poor people." troublefome an affair: as it was night, the Cuang, who was a little heated with wine, Lady Liebu called her laves, and ordered HI VOL. XIV. No. 81.


them to serve in supper : she began with the body in some place or other while iç giving her husband a dranght of hot wine to continues dark. Upon this he takes a purse recover him from his fright; he had al- of silver, amounting to about twenty taels, Feady regained his fpirits, and his heart was and returning hastiły to the waterman, at rest, when he heard a sudden knocking Maiter, said he, I hope you will keep the feat the door. He was seized with a new cret, and I will intruit you with the whole afCread, and taking a lanıp, went hastily to fuir : I muitown I had a hand in this unforsee what was the matter; he found a man tunate business, but more thro' imprudence called Tcheou-le, master of the ferry-boat than malice : we are both natives of Ouenby which they crossed the river; he had in tcheou, and I flatter myself that you will his hand a piece of stuff, and the merchant's use me like a fellow citizen : would you basket. As soon as he perceived Ouang, he ruin me for the love of a stranger; what faid with a wild look, What a dreadful affair advalitage can you gain by it ? is not it betyou have fallen into! you are absolutely ter to huili up this affair? if you will, my, lott. What! a scholar like you to kill a poor acknowledgment shall be proportionable to trader! This was like a clap of thunder to the benefic received from you; take then the unfortunate Ouang : what is it that you the corpse, and throw it into foine by-place ; fay, replied he trembling? Don't you know, the darkness of the night favours our design what I mean, an'wered Fcheou-fe? I sup without its ccnuing to the knowledge of any pole you know this ituff and this baket, perfon whatever. What place can I chuse, Yes, I do, faid he; a dealer in ginger beiong, replied the water-man? if by chance any ing to Hou-tcheou, came to my house, and mould discover the myitery to-morrow, and had this piece of fuff of me to-ray, and there should be a fearch for the criminal, this bafkace in which he carried his gieger, they will look opori me as an accomplice in How did they fall into your hands? It was the nzurder, and by doing you service 1 almost night, faid Tcheou-se, whut a man fhall equally involve nyfelf in this troubleof Hou-tcheo, called Liu, wanted a passage some affair. You know very well, faid in my boat; he was hardly got in before he Ouaug, the fepulchre of nty father is very complained of a violent pain in his breast, near; and is a place not at all frequented; which re.luced him to the last extremity; besides, the night is very dark, and there is then telling me it was the effect of blows no fear of meeting one foul by the way; .which you gave him, he put the basket and be then fo kind as to fetch the carcase front stuff into my hands : these will be a proof your boat. This is a likely niechod, replied when you profecute this affair, which I the waterman, but what will you pay me conjure you to do: for this reason, go to for the service? Then Ouang took the Hlou-tcheou as soon as you can to acquaint purse and gave it to the waterman, who, my relations, and pray them to revenge my finding by the weight that it was not very cause with the life of him who deprived confiderable, How! faid he, with a scornme of mine : when those words were end- ful air, here is a murder in the cafe ; and ed he expired; his body is still in the boat, you think to get out of the scrape for so which I have brought into your port at the small a fum: It was my good fortune tirat entrance of the river: you may examine conducted this man to my boat; heaven into the affair yourself, and so take proper has given me an opportunity of changing measures for your safety. At this relation my condition for a better, and you would Quang was so full of terror, he could not put me off with fo little; this businefs is speak one word, his heart was agitated like worth at least a hundred taels. Quang, that of a lawn who is hemned in on all who was very eager to g. t rid of thc dar.sides, and seeks on all sides a passage to e- ger as foon as pollible, durft not contradict fcape by. At length coming to liimself, he him; he signified by a nod that he accependeavoured to dissemble the confusion he ted the condition, and immediately went was in : what you relate, said he boldly, into the houfe, where he hastily took the cannot poslibly be : however he ordered a remainder of his filver, together with hafervant to go privately to the bark, and ex- bits, his wife's jewels, and such like things, amine if what he had said was true : the and returned fpeedily to offer all to Tchedua servant returned very speedily, and assured fe, telling him that what he brought abim that the dead body was certainly there. mounted to about fixty taels, whicil was Ouang was a man of an irrefolute mind, all that his circunstances would permit him and could not fee very far into trans to give, and he befought him to be conactions; he goes back into the house, tented therewith. In effect Tcheoll-fe z most out of his wits, and told his wife seemed to be 'inollified; I will niat, faid he, what he had just heard : It is quite over over-rate the misfortune, but as you are a with me, cried he, I am a loft man, the man of letters, I hope hereafter you will form is ready to burst over my head, nor have a regard for me. Ouang began to be do I know any reinedy for my misfortune, revived from this moment, and becaine a unless I can bribe the waterman to conceal little cafy: he got a collation for the water


dear for your

nan, and while it was preparing fent two difficulty, greatly bruised with the strokes fiaves for shovels and mattocks; the name he had received, and crawled to his room as of one of the two was Hou ; he was a well as he could. There, full of rage, and brutal fellow, for which reason he had the debating with hin:self like a madman; Cruel surname of Hou the Tiger. The company matter, said he, you


рау fet out soon after; and when they were brutality. I'll be revenged for this. Then, come over against the fepulchre, they chose after he had confidered a moment, I need a place that was soft and easy to dig, where not go far, says he, to seek for an opportunithey made a grave and buried the carcase; ty, it is near at hand, and I will not let it after which they returned to the house fiip; as soon as my wounds are healed, you However, this labour took up the greatelt fall know what I can do, I shall teach you, part.of the night, and the day begun to according to the old proverb, Whether it is break before they came hone: after break- the bucket hung by the rope that goes down fasting, the waterinan took his leave. Ouang into the well, or whether it is the water sent away his servants, and went into his out of the well falls into the bucket. wife's apartment to hewail their misfortune. As Ouang was walking in his gallery, Is it pollibie, cried he, that a man of my one day, he observed a company of officers profession, and of so ancient' a family, enter, who put a cord about his neck, and fnould be reduced to submit to a wretch to carried him away to the Mandarin. In vain whom, upon any other occasion, I should, did he plead he was one of the learned, and not condescend to speak? At these words deserved better treatment. When he came he ihed a flood of tears. His wife endea- to the tribunal, he perceived his slave was. voured to mitigate his forrow, saying, Instead become his accuser, and immediately conof murmuring as you do, praise heaven that jectured it proceeded from revenge. The has protected you in this misfortune ; con. Mandarin accosted him thus, You are acpose yourself for reit as well as you can, for cused of having killed a merchant of Houyou have need of it after the troubles and tchcou; what do you say to the accusation ? fatigues of the night. Ouang followed her Sir, replied Ouang, yon are the representaadvice, and went to bed. As for the water- tive of righteous heaven, do not listen to the man, he sold his boat, and with the money calumnies of this wretch. My accufer is the scholar had given him opened a shop, one of my fayes whom I catched in a fanlt, and applied himself to trade.

and for which I feverely corrected him, and The common saying is true, that mis- in revenge he has formed a design to ruin fortunes ride poff, and succeed one another :' me. Hou the tiger, striking his forehead aThe daughter of Ouang whom I mentionedi gainst the ground, Sir, as yon act in heaven's before, entered on her third year, when Itead, I conjure you vot to regard what this The was attacked with the finall pox of a learned person has said, who has an excellent malignant Sort; they prayed heartily for talent at counterfeiting. It is easy to clear their only daughter, and procured the best up this matter; search, and you will find the physicians to come to her asliftance: the bones of the murdered person in his fepulparents spent days together, weeping by her chre. bedside; at length they learnt that there The Mandarin gave orders to search the was a' phylician in the city cailed Siu, great- fepulehre, and the bones were found. The ly experienced in these distempers, and who crime is plair, says the Mandarin, and was had laved a great number of children that going to put Ouang to the torture, when he were given over. Quang wrote a very presas made this defence : "It is plain these are sing letter, and gave it to Hou the Tiger, ' ss the bones of a person murdered long ago,' his llave, charging him to make all pofiible *?“ why did not my accufer appear against me

but Hou did not return home till: “ sooner? He has procured this skeleton to next day at noon. The flave stopt at a “ fix the calumny upon me.” But Hou republic house, where he got drunk, and rè-“ plied, “ It is true, this perion was killed long turiing home told his master the physicians ago, and I have connived at it too long. was not at home, and that he waited for 2" ! hoped my master would have corrected him all day to no purpose ; -which greatly * “ his passionate temper, but he is growing angmented the father's grief. Some days « every-cay more brutal, and I was afraid I e ereafcer the father discovered the trick by " should have at last shared the same fate : means of some of the domestics. At this...“ But let his servants and neighbours be news, Ouang being transported with anger, “ fent for, and they will testify concerning called the relt of his faves : Be quick, faid's this affair.” They were accordingly ora he, take this rascal, and lay him on the dered to appear, and they declared, that aground, and give him fifty hearty blows about a year ago, Ouang beat a dealer in ginwith a bartoon, and be sure to lay them ger till he fainted away, but he came to handsomely on. When the correction was himself again, and we know not what hap-' over he withdrew, full of grief, into his ac pened afterwards. This fruck Ouang lo, partment. . The lave got up with great that he contradicted himself in his examina

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tion, and he was ordered to be bastinadoed. “ The waterman Tcheou-se brought a dead Immediately two lufty fellows belonging to " body to our door, and produced the basket the Tribunal feized the scholar, threw him « and the piece of stuff that we gave you, down, and laid on him twenty strokes of « saying, that you had delivered it to him the battoon, This had such an impression “ as a proof you was killed by my husband. upon Quang, whose constitution was tender “ We prevailed on him by money to conceal and delicate, that he made no scruple of con “ it, and he aslifted in burying the dead bofefling whatever they pleased. The Man “ dy. But about a year thereafter, Hou indarin said, It is no longer a doubt that you « formed against his master at the tribunal, deserve to die, yet as no friends of the mura " and by torture my husband was obliged dered person appear to demand justice, your “ to confess all, in consequence of which he execution Mail be delayed for some time.-- “ was cast into a dungeon where he still Quang was conducted into a dụngeon, and

« lies.” the slaves, returning home, acquainted their At the Lady Lieou's relation, Liu vioLady with all the transactions. She fainted ļently beat his breaft, “ Ab, madam,” said, away for some time, and wher, fhe came to he, “ is it poffible there should be a man herself

, she made the neighbourhood echo “ under heaven capable of fo black an acs with her cries. Her grief being fomewhat « tion. When I left you last year, I went abated, she dressed herself in another habit « directly to the bark to cross the river. and set forward with what filver she could « The watermau seeing the piece of stuff in conimand, with one of her flavęs following my hands, demanded where I had it. ber; she croffed the city, and came to the Having no fufpicion of his villainous dea gate of the prifon, where obtaining er « fign, 1 informed him, that being thrown trance, he gave her husband the money to “ down by your husband, and lain some distribute to the jailor and keepers, that they “ time senseless, I was afterwards kindly ena might treat him with more mildness during tertained, and received the piece of stuff his confinement. Før six months Quang led " as a prefent. He defired me to sell it to this folitary life in a dungeon, which pro « him, which I did; he desired likewise my duced a distemper that was likely to baffle « bamboo basket, which I gave him for my all the phyficians art; and which filled his passage, but could any one have guessed Lady's" heart' with grief. While the was *B the horrid villainy intended ?” wholly taken up with the diftrefs and re « good friend,” replied the Lady,“ I conid. lancholy fituation of her husband, the fer « not be certain before I spoke to you, that vants in the lower part of the boufe faw a * the accusation against my husband was a man, advanced in years, erter, carrying a « forgery; but where had he the dead hoa present, and asking for the master of the s dy?” Liu, having considered a moment,, house. When they had looked at him a faid, “ I now recollect, that whil, I was in little, they ran all off crying, “ A ghost ! A " the boat, I saw a dead body float near the ghost !" The franger took hold of one of " bank of the river ; which I suppose he. them by the arm as he was running off, and « has used for his diabolical purpose; but faid, “ Are you all-mad, why do you mis

in this affair there is no time to lose.” take me for an apparition ?" The lady, hear- The Lady took the present, ordered dinner, ing the noise, came haitily out to fee what and set out for the Mandarin's palace, atwas the matter. The good old 'man ad- "tended by her flaves, and followed by the vanced, and made her obeifanče, saying, ydu "old man. have doubtlefs forgot the old man of Fui She informed the Mandaria of all that rcheou called Liu, who dealt in ginger ; had contributed to her hufband's disgrace, 'tis I myself, and I shall always have a grate- and ended with saying, that this was the ful remembrance of your husband's enter- very dealer in ginger her husband was actainment, and the present he made me of a cused of killing The Mandarin having piece of stuff. I have now brought fome beard her attentively, made Liu draw near trifiles from my own country, that I take the in his turn to be examined, Liu related the liberty to make you a prefent of. I cannot beginning and end of the dispute in which comprehend what

could induce your people ke was hurt by the fall : he explained the to take me for an apparition ? One of the manner in which he was prevailed upon to domestics who lay fnug in a corner called feH the piece of stuff, and gave entire fatisa out, “ Madam; take heed what you do, for faction to all the queftions that were asked he has certainly assumed this fantastic body him." “ Put (faid the Mandarin) has not to embroil your affairs, and complete my

this woman prevailed upon you by money master's destruction! The 'Lady Lieou fi "to give this evidence ?!" Liu, striking his lenced the servant, and addresing herself to forehead against he ground, immediately the stranger, said, “ As far as I can compré-replied, “ Such a trick is impracticable; I

hena, there is no reason to believe you am a merchant of Hou-tcheou, and have have rifen from the dead ; but my husband “ traded in this city for several years ; I am has suffered grcady on your known by a great number of persons;

“ haw

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how then can I carry on an impofture? if all that had passed. This relation fo trans" that which they have feigned concerning ported him with joy, that one would have my

death was true, do you think when I thought the most spirituous effence was " was ready to die, I should not have order- poured upon his head, or the sweetest dew "ed the waterman to fetch some of my ac fallen upon his heart, and the same moment

quaintance to give them a commission to his distemper left him. “I was chiefly pro “ demand justice? was it likely that I should "voked (laid he) at the vile, slave, whom Į "give this charge to a person unknown? “ looked upon as a monster, and did not he" but if I had been really dead, would none « lieve there was a more wicked man to be " of my relations at Hou-tcheou, when they “ found ; but the villainy of the waterman “ found I was a long while absent, come and 1“ far exceeds his : is it possible to carry wice « make an enquiry after me? If I had been "kedness to so great an excefs? If this good “ killed, as has been said, would they not old man had not appeared himself, I should “ have carried my accusation to your tribus never have known whether I had died for “ nal? how then comes it to pass, that for "a real or a supposed crime; but at length "a whole year together no body has appears “the truth is manifeft." "ed; and instead of one of my relations, a The Lady Lievu did not fail to be at the “ flave should take upon him to accuse his audience with old Liu, whom she had hand" master? I returned to the city but this somely regaled at her own house : they had “ day, and therefore could be informed no by cunning prevailed upon Tcheou-se to be “ sooner of this horrid scandal : in short, there, who, after, he had quitted his boat, " though I have contributed nothing to the opened a shop, and was become a stuff-mera “ misery of this unfortunate scholar, vet as chant; the officers

the tribunal had per. “I and in some fort the occasion of his fuller- fuaded him that their master would make “ inbitsvas pot possible for me to see innom a good purchase, so that he entered the hall "cence opprefied without emotion; and of audience with an air of fatisfa&ion, howa “this is the okly motive taç bias brought ever the justice of heaven was on the point “me to your foot-fool : give orders, I be- of discovering itself. When he thought “ feech you, that enquiry may be made con least of the matter, and was turning his had “ cerning what relates to me, for nothing here and there in a confident manner, he « can be more easy.” “Since you are known perceived old Liq: in an instant; by an ea “ here by many: (replied the Mandarin) motion of his mind which he could not coma 4 mention fome, that I may examine.” Liu mand, his ears became as blood: old Lių mentioned to the number of- ten, whose called to him with a loud voice, Well, Mr names the Mandarin took down, but fixed Boatman, how have you done since the day on the four last whom he fent for. When that I sold you the piece of ituff and the they entered the hall of audience, it was oh- bamboo basket ? has the traffic been lucky? servable, that as foon as they perceived the At these wordə Tchcou-se hung down his old man Liu, they said one to another, head and made no reply, but his counte" Ah! here is our antient friend Liu, of the Dance Suddenly appeared like the branch of « city of Hou-tcheou ; he is not dead then, a tree that is withered by the sun: they " as was given out." The Mandarin order introduced at the face ume Hou the Tiger: çd them to draw mearer, that they might this wretch, after he had betrayed his master, take the better notice of him. “ Are our did not return back to his master's house,

eyes inchanted ? (added they) no; 'tis hc but lodged in- another place as if he hard “ himself : this is the dealer in ginger that cealed to be a llave, and was coming that “ was said to have been killed by the scho- day to the audience for the fake of diverfion, « lar Ouang.'

The Mandarin gave orders and to fue what was doing; the officers of to some of the officers to inform themselves the tribunal met him very luckily near the secretly where the waterman, Tcheou-se Mandarin's palace. We were looking for lived, and to amuse him with falle hopes, you, said they to him, because to-day fena that he might come direaly co the tribu- tence is to be passed on your master; the nal, without having the lealt fufpicion of relations of the murdered person profecula the business in hand. As for Hou the 'Ty- ed the cause, and there, is uobody wanting ger, who had given in the accusation, as he hug you, who are the informier, to condenjil had a person bound for him, he was casy to him to the pupishment his crime be found : the order, was given that they Hou the Tiger, transported with joy, followa should both be brought into court in the af- ed the officers and kneeled down at the foot ternoon; the officers replied with a sout of the tribunal.. When the Mandarin faw that testified how readily they obeyed, and him, Dolt thou know that nan? said he, separated immediately to go to different pointing co old Liu with his finger, Hou parts of the city. In the mean time the the Tyger, after he had beheld him: a little Lady Licou, who had orders to be there earnestly, was immediately in fuch confua with old Liu at the same hour, went to the fon and astonishment that he could not speaks prifon, where the informed har bland af a yord. The Mandarin perceiving the cmia



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