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Account of them, and Directions for the Passage Westward, round this Part of America, into the South Seas.


CHA P. VII. The Sequel of the Pasage from Cape Horn to the newly discovered

Islands in the South Seas, with a Description of their Figure and Appearance ; fome Account of the Inhabitants, and several Incidents that happened during the Course, and at the Ship’s Arrival among them.

69 CH A P. VIII. The Arrival of the Endeavour at Otaheite, called by Captain Wallis,

King George the III.'s Island. Rules established for Traffic with the Natives, and an Account of several Incidents which happened in a Visit to Tootahab and Toubourai Tamaida, two Chiefs. 79


A Place fixed upon for an Observatory and Fort: an Excursion into

the Woods, and its Consequences. The Fort erected: a Vifit from several Chiefs on board and at the Fort, with some Account of the Mafic of the Natives, and the Manner in which they dispose of their Dead

89 CH A P. X. An Excurfion to the Eastward, an Account of several Incidents that

happened both on Board and on Shore, and of the first Interview with Oberea, the Person who, when the Dolphin was here, was supposed to be Queen of the island, with a Description of the Fart.

99 C H A P. XI. The Observatory set up; the Quadrant stolen, and Consequences of the

Theft: A Visit to Tootahah: Description of a Wrestling-match : European Seeds fown: Names given to our People by the Indians.




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