Meteorology: A Text-book on the Weather, the Causes of Its Changes, and Weather Forecasting, for the Student and General Reader

Macmillan, 1912 - 549 Seiten

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Seite 418 - The hollow winds begin to blow : The clouds look black, the glass is low ; The soot falls down, the spaniels sleep ; And spiders from their cobwebs peep. Last night the sun went pale to bed, The Moon in halos hid her head ; The boding shepherd heaves a sigh, For see ! a rainbow spans the sky. The walls are damp, the ditches smell, Closed is the pink-eyed pimpernel.
Seite 455 - To the top of the upright stick of the cross is to be fixed a very sharp pointed wire, rising a foot or more above the wood. To the end of the twine, next the hand, is to be tied a silk ribbon, and where the silk and twine join, a key may be fastened.
Seite 477 - ... lightning into the earth. A strip of copper tape may be led from the bottom of the rod to the nearest gas or water main — not merely to a lead pipe...
Seite 419 - Quits mutton bones on grass to feast ; And see yon rooks, how odd their flight ! They imitate the gliding kite, And seem precipitate to fall, As if they felt the piercing ball.
Seite 455 - Make a small cross of two light strips of cedar, the arms so long as to reach to the four corners of a large thin silk handkerchief when extended; tie the corners of the handkerchief to the extremities of the cross, so you have the body of a kite; which being properly accommodated with a tail, loop, and string, will rise in the air, like those made of paper; but this being of silk, is fitter to bear the wet and wind of a thunder-gust without tearing.
Seite 418 - The glow-worms, numerous and bright, Illumed the dewy dell last night. At dusk the squalid toad was seen, Hopping and crawling o'er the green ; The...
Seite 478 - ... (3) The upper horizontal conductor should be fitted with aigrettes or points, at intervals of 20 or 30 feet. (4) Short vertical rods should be erected along minor pinnacles and connected with the upper horizontal conductor. (5) All roof metals, such as finials, ridging, rain water and ventilating pipes, metal cowls, lead flashing, gutters, etc., should be connected with the horizontal conductors.
Seite 455 - This kite is to be raised when a thunder-gust appears to be coming on, and the person who holds the string must stand within a door or window, or under some cover, so that the silk ribbon may not be wet; and care must be taken that the twine does not touch the frame of the door or window. As soon as any of the thunder-clouds come over the kite, the pointed wire will draw the electric fire from them, and the kite, with all the twine, will be...
Seite 417 - When the wind sets in from points between south and southeast and the barometer falls steadily, a storm is approaching from the west or northwest, and its center will pass near or north of the observer within 12 to 24 hours, with wind shifting to northwest by way of south and southwest. When the wind sets in from points between east and...

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