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Esq. ; and that Mr. Hay, the Upper War- man, and to keep himself unspotted froun den, do provide the same.”

the world : because now, more at his ease, “ This Book was provided and presented and less distracted by the cares incident to to him in compliance with the above reso. all as long as they continue in the flesh, lution. Being in the Commission of the he was assured that a more intimate ac Peace for the County of Middlesex, he quaintance with this Book would gild the had both the will and the power, in the dis- evening of life with hope and joy, would sharge of his Magisteriat duties, upon lighten the many infirmities of old age, many occasions essentially to serve his would smooth the bed of sickness, and Fellow Parishioners, particularly in all tranquillize the hour of death. To LUKĖ parochial affairs. He was for many years FLOOD, Esq. this frontispiece is grateTreasurer of the Parish. In this office he fully inscribed and dedicated by the Truso succeeded his most intimate friend, Samuel tees of the Parish of St. Mary, WhiteHawkins, Esq. whom he had greatly as- chapel, not only in testimony of hisWorth, sisted in the performance of the very are and in gratitude for his many Public Ser: duous business attached to this situation. vices; but that his posterity may be in-' To this office, therefore, he brought much formed in what kind of estimation their Experience, much Ability, and, what was Sire was held, and, won by his example, more estimable than all, incorruptible lu- may be incited to pursue the same career tegrity. In Nov. 1817, now in his 80th of Active Virtue. year, of mind perfectly sound, and in DANIEL MATHIAS, M. A. Rector. health remarkably vigorous for his age, " James Hay, Upper Warden. he was pleased to retire from the heavy

“ ROBERT FERGUSON, responsibility of this office, that he might

Renter Wardens, be more at bis leisure to devote the re- JOHN SMITH, Vesiry Clerk. mainder of his days to the service of his Whitechapel, Anno nostre Salutis 1817.” Maker, and to prepare for Eternity. On When the above was written in fairness his retirement, carrying with him the ap: and in justice to the character of the living, probation of the wise and the good, he little was it thought that it would so soon was urged to declare what token of Pa. be used in commemoration (as if it were) rochial regard would be most acceptable to of the dead. Death did indeed come sudhis feelings: he inade choice of this Book, denly upon him; but it did not find him because he prized his Bible above all unprepared. He had neither spiritual por earthly treasures: because, guided by the temporal things " to set in order:" Like Heaven-revealed doctrines and pure pre- a true Christian, be calmly resigaed him. cepts of this Holy Book, he had hitherto self to the will of his Maker, and was seendeavoured to preserve his conscience renely composed. In him was exemplified void of offence towards Gud and towards “ the latter end of the righteous."


METEOROLOGICAL TABLE for February, 1818. By W. CARY, Strand. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer. Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer.

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BILL OF MORTALITY, frons January 27, to February 24, 1818.1

2 and 5 171 | 50 and 60. 167 Males


5 and 10 80 60 and 70 159

1727 Females , 862 Females 859

10 and 20 69 70 and 80 124 Whereof have died under 2 years old 455

20 and 30) 117 80 and 90:56

30 and 40 158 90 and 100 15 Salt 1. per bushel; 4£d. per pound.

-40 and 50 163 100



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d. s.


8 54

AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from the Returns ending February 17.

Wheat Rye Barly | Oats Beans

Wheat Rye Barly Oats Beans
d. s. d. s. d. s. d.

d. s. d., s. d., s. d., s. d. Middlesex 92.250, 044 430 749 9 Essex 77 737 039 6129 950 $ Surrey 85 445 642 2/30 2 48 4 Kent 88 8:00

0 +5 431 0 46 4 Hertford 80 4152 0 43 1031 10 45 9 Sussex 85 4100 039 028 0176 Bedford 82 10152 040 0 28 11 45 51 Suffolk 86 745 842 727 114 3 Huntingdon 82 6100 042 8 24 4 44 4 Camb. 83 000 040 823 817 7 Northamp. 79 200 0 40 6/23

8 Norfolk 79 613 639 11 26 6 37 7 Rutland 75 600 0 39 626 653 6|Lincoln 74 0 42 839 11 23

846 11 Leicester 80 450 0 41 4.27 0151 0 York 73 750 342 1125 1161 5 Nottingham 81 048 045 10 30 461 01 Durham 74 8100 045 5/30 3100 () Derby 81 800 048 629 11167 8 Northum. 67 756 038 11 31 • 200 0 Stafford 83 000 044 228 062 2 Cumberl. 85 866 045 530 600 0 Sklop 85 5 49 10 48 030 - 667 6 Westmor. 95 6100051 2 33 000 Hereford 83 8 54 447 329 6158 1 Lancaster 91 700 000 oso i 00 0 Worcester 81 1100 047

9 30

9143 4 Chester 84 700 050 10/29 7100 Warwick 83 100 043 6131 863 8 Flint 82 1100 048 1027 8000 Wilts 76 10c0 0 45 630 4173 4 Denbigh 179 100 049 327 500- 0 Berks 87 700 041 729 1054 2||Angleşea 80 000 049 027

8 000) Oxford 79 000 042 4127 660 6|Carnarvon 88 800 048 028

2100 Bucks 83 300 039 3 28 646 3Merioneth 93 700 055 330 1000 0 Brecon 92 867 0154 326 800 0 Cardigan 107 000 048 021 3100 0 Montgoin. 32 4100 044 933 700 Pembroke 107 100 046 524 41000 Radnor 87 000 043 528 800 0Carmart. 102 11 00 055 1023. 500 -0)

Glainorgan85 600 054 846 8100

Gloucester 83 1000 047 431 069 Average of England and Wales, per quarter. Somerset 93 200 049 728 057 7 85 1151 1145 3128 6154 4 Monm. 93 200 051 425 600 0 Devon 92 800 0 14 10127 1000

O Aggregate Average Prices of the Twelve Ma Cornwall 89 0 45 521 5100 0

ritime Districts of England and Wales, by Dorset 85 1100 0 44 928 2 70
which Importation is to be regulated in Hants 86 200 0 40 5/26 2151
Great Britain.....

86 0'49 10'45 627 2'497
PRICE OF FLOUR, per Sack, February 23, 75s. to 80s.
OATMEAL, per Boll of 140lbs. Avoirdupois, February 14, 33s. Od.
AVERAGE PRICE of SUGAR, February 18, 493. 1&d. per cwt.

Kent Bags

221. Os. to 251. 10s. Sussex Pockets.........241. 10s. to 271. 10s. Sussex Ditto

221. Os. to 251. Os. Essex Ditto.......... .251. Os. to 277. Os. Kent Pockets ......... 251. 16s. to 28. Os. Farnham Ditto......... 281. Os. to 341, Os.

St. James's, Hay 41,6s. 6d. Straw 21. 10s. 3d. Clover4l. 17s.6d. --Whitechapel, Hay 5l. 2s. Od.

Straw 26. 11s. Od.-Clover 61. 10s. Od. --Smithfield, Hay 5l. 10s. Od. Straw 21. 8s, Od.



Beef. Mutton Veal Pork

SMITHFIELD, February 23. To sink the Offal-per Stone of 8lbs.
... 45. Od. to 5s. Od. Lamb.....

......Os. Od. to (s. Od.
...58. Od. to 6s. 44. Head of Cattle at Market Feb. 23;
..... 5s. Od, to 7s. Od.

Beasts ............

..., 2,100, Calves 120. .55. 4d. to 6s. 4d, Sheep and Lambs 11,720. Pigs 210.

COALS, Feb. 23: Newcastle 36s. Od. to 43s. Id. Sunderland 35s. Od, to 37s. Od. TALLOW, per Stone, 846. St. James's 4s. 8d. Clare Market 0s. Od. Whitechapel 4s. 8.1. SOAP, Yellow, 100s. Mottled 1 10s. Curd 1145. CANDLES, 125, 6d. per Doz. Mould: 1 is.

THE AVERAGE PRICES of NAVIGABLE CANAL SHares and other PROPERTY, in Feb. 1818 (to the 23d), at the Office of Mr. SCOTT, 28, New Bridgestreet, London.Coventry Canal, 9501. Div. 441. per annum. - Stafford and Worcester Canal, 6201. ex Half Year Div. 186-Oxford, 6151. Div. and Bonus 311. per annum.-Leicester, 2501. Div. 121. per annum. -- Monmouthshire, 1271.-Grand Junction, 2211.-Ellesmere, 631. -Kennel and Aron, 241.-Thames and Medway,291. 8s. to 311. 10s.-Commercial Dock, 791.-West India Dock, 2021. ex Div. 51. Half Year.-London Dock, 811. 10s. to 821. Div. 1l. 10s. Half Year.-County Fire Office, 241, 10s.-Hope, 31. 135.-Rock, 41. 10s., 41. 125.-East London Water Works. 1041. Div. 31. per annum.-West Middlesex, 471.-Grand Junction Ditto, 571.- Portsmouth and Farlington, 81.-Surrey Ditto, 101. 10s.-Drury-Lane Renters' Shares, 1651.- Gas Light 671. to 731.

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RICHARDSON, GOODLUCK, and Co. Bank-Buildings, London.


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Printed by Nichols, Son, and Bentley, Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street, London.


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Cornw.-Corent. 2 General EVENING

Cumb.2-Doncast. M.Post-M.Herald

Derb.-Dorchest. Morning Chronic.

Durham - Essex Times-M. Advert.

Exeter 2, Glouc, 2 P.Ledger&Oracle

Halifax Hants 2 N.Times.-B. Press

Hereford, Hull 3 St. James's Chron.

Huntingd.-Kent 4 Sun-Even. Mail

Ipswich 1, Lancas. Star-Traveller

Leices. 2--Leeds 2 Statesman

Lichfield, Liver. 6 Packet-Lond.Chr.

Maidst. Manch. 6 Albion--C. Chron.

Newc.3.-Notts, 2 Courier-Globe

Northampton Eng. Chron.--Ing.

Norfolk, Norwich Cour.d'Angleterre


N.Wales, Oxford2 Cour. de Londres

Portsea-Pottery 11 Weekly Papers

Preston-Plym. 2 17 Sunday Papers

Reading -Salisb. Hue & Cry Police

Salop-Sheffield2 Lit. Adv.-Lit.Gaz.

Sherborne, Sussex Bath 3—Bristol 5

Shrewsbury Berwick-Boston

Staff. Stamf. 2 Birmingham 3

Taunton-Tyne Blackb. Brighton

Wakefi.- Warw. Bury St. Edmund's

Wolverh. Worc.2 Camb.--Chath.

York3.IRELAND37 Carli.2--Chester 2 CONTAINING

SCOTLAND 24. Chelms. Cambria.

Jersey 2. Guern. % Miscellaneous correspondence.

Review of Dew Publications. MINOR CORRESPONDENCE.--Corrections, &c. 194 Gregson's Fragments of Hist. of Lancashire 233 The Declaration against Transubstantiation 195 Shaw Mason's Statistical Account of Ireland 234 Right of Presentation to the New Churches 196 Pegge's Curialia.--Fosbrooke's Monachism 240 Churches in honour of National Victories 197 Upcott's Account of English Topography 242 Hungerford Family?-Bp. Trelawny, &c. 199 Rob Roy, &c.- Dallas's Ramirez, a Poem. 243 Coins by Wyon.-Non-residence of Clergy 199 Myers's Remarks on Education.--A Cruise 244 The distressed Case of Thomas Redmile... 200 Two Sketches of France, Belgium, and Spa 245 New lon at Sherborne in Dorsetshire....... 201 Walpole's Memoirs relating to Turkey. COMPENDIUM OF COUNTY Hist. : Cambridge ib. The Life and Errors of John Duntop...... 248 The late Insurrection in Derbysbire... 206-208 Mrs. Cornwallis on the Canonical Scriptures 249 Dr. May's Collection of Reformation Tracts 209 LITERARY INTELLIGENCE...

253 Account of Portrait of Dr. Martin Luther 210 Intelligence relative to Arts and Sciences 255 Case of Capt. Parr, Commanderof‘Chaser' 211 Select POETRY Proposed Amendment of Copyright Act...214

Historical Chronicle. On Disorders from Indigestion.-Insanity 216 Proceedings in present Session of Parliament260 Comparative View of Gibbon and Lardver 217 Abstract of principal Foreign Occurrences.. 263 The Detected, a Periodical Paper, No. 11. 220 Intelligence from various Parts of the KingCharade by Porson; another by a Lady...221 dom, 267.- London and its Vicinity..... 269 Puoning.Followers of Joanna Southcott 222 Promotions, &c.271.--Births,and Marriages 272 Particulars of Origin of Hackney Coaches 223 OBITUARY ; contaioing original notices of Family of Spenser, and of Goldsmith ?.... 224 S. Cotes, Sir R. Croft, G. Cuit, J. Gifford, Remarks on the Signs of Inos, &c.......... 225 P. North, Earl of Upper Ossory, E. RushGreek and Latin derived from the Celtic... 229 worth, J. Serra, R. Shuttleworth, &c. 273 Gaelic, or Celtic, Prosessorship proposed 232 Meteorological Diary,286; Bill of Mortality 287 Foundling- Hospital-Epitaph ou Oldham ib. Prices of the Markets, 287.- The Stocks,&c. 288 With an Etching of the New Inn at SHERBORNE in DORSETSHIRE ;

and a Lithographic Portrait of Martin LUTHER.


.... 246



Printed by NICHOLS, Son, and Bentley, at Cicero's Head, Red Lion Passage, Fleet-str. London;

where all Letters to the Editor are particularly desired to be addressed, Post-PAID.


We have been favoured with answers two years since) a short time before his to Mr. Smyth's question in p. 3 b. (where death, with an injunction that she for Psalm 100, read 110), from J. B., should never make it known; which CLERICUS, and W. W.: to the latter, request was strictly complied with, unwho has quoted the passage alluded to, til ber poverty obliged her to dispose of we give the preference.--". The infor- it to its present possessor.” mation,” he says,

“ which Mr. Smyth S. A. asks, l." Whether Casaubon's requires will be found in Lowth's Tenth Annotatjons on Persius, which in 1695 Lecture on Hebrew Poetry. The fol- were annexed to Henninius's Juvenal, lowing are Lowth's words :

are now to be met with in a separate Præ Utero Auroræ tibi ros prolis tuæ : form?" - 2. " Whether R. S. Vidal, boc est: Præ rore, qui ex Utero Auroræ esq. has yet published his Translation of prodit, ros tibi erit prolis tuæ; copiosior Mosheim's Notes on Cudworth, which nimirum et numerosior. Quo in loco he partially announced in the preface to quæ interpretationum portenta peperit his version of the Commentaries on the Hebræi idiomatis ignoratio!

Affairs of the Christians'?"-3. “ Whe“ Nothing can be clearer than Lowth's ther any Translation, either English or interpretation of this difficult verse. A French, bas yet appeared of Meusel's celebrated German Critic makes this · Leitfaden zur Geschichte der Gelehr. observation upon it: 'Cujus rei, nempe samkeit,' or Guide to the History of LiEllipsis, illustre exemplum esse potest terature, which was published at Leipsie locus ille gravissimus vexatissimusque in 1799, and reviewed in the Mon. Rev. Psalm. 110. 3. à nemine, quod scimus, vols. 32, 33, 34, and 36."-We thank this præter reverend. Lowthium, rectè fe- Correspondent for the sight of his learned liciterque tractatus.' Vid. Schnurreri Tract: it is very much too long for inser. Observ. p. 169."

tion, and shall be returned to his order. “A critical Translation of the Psalms," A DEACON, having been called upon W. W. adds, “after the manner of to solemnize the marriage between a Lowth's Isaiah, Blayney's Jeremiah, couple whose banns bad been published and Newcome's Minor Prophets and full two years before, at first hesitated, Ezekiel, is a desideratum in Hebrew Lin under the supposition, that in such a terature. Perhaps a new and in proved case there might be some restriction ; edition of Green's Translation might an. but, finding none, either in the Canons swer the purpose. I hope ere long or Rubrick, complied with the request. some Hebrew Scholar will undertake -He asks, “ Does no length of time, this necessary Work.

or circumstance, such as the parties BiogRAPHICUS observes that our Cor- having in the interim resided out of the respondent St. Ives may find some parish, nullify banns once published ?" further particulars of Richard Lau- Clericus submits the following query: rence in Lord Mountmorres's History " When a man has been absent from of the Irish Parliament, vol. II. Ap- his wife for seven years, and never heard pendix, p. 221. “Mr. Laurence ap- of during that time, or per contrà : is a pears to have had the management of Surrogate justified in granting the rethe Duke of Ormond's estates, and Lord maining party a licence to intermarry M. gives extracts from his papers. He with any other person upon the authoestablished a small manufactory at Car- rity of the statute i Jac. c. 11.? rick, on the Duke's estate, for ratteens X. X. X. requests an account of the wade of wool. Richard Laurence is foundation, various changes, and prealsó mentioned in the Ormond pedigree; sent endowments, of St. John's Chapel, see Archdall's edition of Lodge's Peer- Deritend, near Birmingham. age, vol. IV. p. 2, note."

S. H. C. asks for particulars of RiMr. THOMAS SIMPSON says, “ Perhaps chard Hull, esq. who built the tower on it may not be generally known that Leith Hill in Surrey, in the year 1766 ? there is now in the possession of a gen. Where did he reside, the date of bis tleman, who purchased it of Mrs. Barber, death, whether he left issue, &c. ? It the wife of Francis Barber, Dr. John. appears from the inscription on the son's faithful servant, the Original Mi. tower at Leith Hill that he sat in Par. niature, painted about the year 1736, of liament: query for what borough? the late Dr. Samuel Johnson, when he P. 229 1. 16. After “ originated” in was in his twenty-cighth year. It is in the first paragraph, omit “ from.good preservation, is the only one ever A WESLEYAN must excuse our depainted at so early a period of his life, clining any further answer to W. B. S. and was given by the Doctor himself to Messrs. HAWKINS; WEEKES; T. D.; T.; Mrs. Barber (who died at Lichfield about H. I.; M. P. ; CHRISTIANUS; in our next.

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