Evenings at Home; Or, The Juvenile Budget Opened:: Consisting of a Variety of Miscellaneous Pieces for the Instruction and Amusement of Young Persons, Band 3

Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, ... and R. Hunter, successor to J. Johnson, 1819

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Seite 163 - I have no allurements to, tempt you with, like those of my gay rival. Instead of spending all your time in amusements, if you enter yourself of my train, you must rise early, and pass the long day in a variety of employments, some of them difficult, some laborious, and all requiring exertion of body or of mind.
Seite 161 - She advanced smiling to the girl, and with a familiar air thus addressed her : — My dearest Melissa, I am a kind genius, who have watched you from your birth, and have joyfully beheld all your beauties expand, till at length they have rendered you a companion worthy of me. See what I have brought you. This dress and this ticket will give you free access to all the ravishing delights of my palace.
Seite 153 - Then I do as well as I can ; I work on, and never think of it. Mr. L. Are you not dry sometimes, this hot weather ? B. Yes, but there is water enough. Mr. L. Why, my little fellow, you are quite a philosopher.
Seite 153 - Well, my boy, you seem to want nothing at all, so I shall not give you money to make you want anything.
Seite 97 - Were each man to proceed exactly in the line in which he set out, he could not move many paces, without encountering another full in his track. They would strike against each other, fall back, push forward again, block up the way for themselves and those after them, and throw the whole street into confusion. All this is avoided by every man's yielding a little.
Seite 125 - ... every other particle of matter, with a force proportioned to its size and distance. Lay two marbles on the table. They have a tendency to come together, and if there were nothing else in the world, they would come together ; but they are also attracted by the table, by the ground,, and by every thing besides in the room ; and these different attractions pull against each other.
Seite 151 - Well, but you could buy apples or gingerbread at the town, I suppose, if you had money ? B.
Seite 83 - Biot stood silent for some time, and then begged to be allowed to consult with his friends, what was best for him to do. This was agreed to, and he was permitted to retire, though under guard of an officer. After a short absence, he returned with more humility in his looks, and said that he pleaded guilty, and threw himself on the mercy of the Court. The Judge then made a speech of some length, for the purpose of convincing the prisoner, as well as the by-standers, of the enormity of the crime. He...
Seite 63 - The cats could not get at them: they were too cunning and too well fed to meddle with poison; and traps only now and then caught a heedless straggler. One of these, however, on being taken, was the occasion of practising a new device.
Seite 149 - Mr. L. Don't you ? so much the better for you. Few men can say as much. But pray, what were you doing in the field ? B.

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