The New America and the Far East, Band 1


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Seite 1730 - Nor smile — beneath the wild-vines by the stream, To seek thy face and kiss thy feet, and pray Where I might find this seed and find no death, If now, indeed, my baby be not dead, As I do fear, and as they said to me.
Seite 1758 - India,' sanctioned August 2, 1858. By the terms of this Act, all the territories heretofore under the government of the East India Company are vested in Her Majesty, and all its powers are exercised in her name ; all territorial and other revenues and all tributes and other payments are likewise received in her name, and disposed of for the purposes of the government of India alone, subject to the provisions of this Act.
Seite 1730 - the Master said, " Searching for what none finds, that bitter balm I had to give thee. He thou lovedst slept Dead on thy bosom yesterday; to-day Thou know'st the whole wide world weeps with thy woe; The grief which all hearts share grows less for one. Lo! I would pour my blood if it could stay Thy tears, and win the secret of that curse Which makes sweet love our anguish, and which drives O'er flowers and pastures to the sacrifice — As these dumb beasts are driven — men their lords. I seek that...
Seite 1729 - But I who could not lose my precious boy, Prayed of the physic, which might bring the light Back to his eyes ; it was so very small That kiss-mark of the serpent, and I think It could not hate him, gracious as he was, Nor hurt him in his sport. And some one said, " There is a holy man upon the hill — Lo! now he passeth in the yellow robe — Ask of the Rishi if there be a cure For that which ails thy son.
Seite 1799 - One, — what a rapture is his Who in moonlight and music thus sweetly may glide O'er the Lake of CASHMERE, with that One by his side ! If woman can make the worst wilderness dear, Think, think what a Heav'n she must make of CASHMERE...
Seite 1727 - Christians and Mahometans, and not being skilled in controversy, declare, that they are utterly unable to judge which religion is best; but to be certain of not entirely rejecting the truth, they very prudently follow both. They go to the...
Seite 1729 - Whom, when they came unto the river-side, A woman — dove-eyed, young, with tearful face And lifted hands — saluted, bending low : " Lord ! thou art he," she said, "who yesterday Had pity on me in the fig-grove here, Where I live lone and reared my child ; but he Straying amid the blossoms found a snake, Which twined about his wrist, whilst he did laugh And tease the quick forked tongue and opened mouth Of that cold playmate.
Seite 1799 - The mingled spoil were scatter'd here. The Lake, too, like a garden breathes With the rich buds- that o'er it lie, — As if a shower of fairy wreaths Had fallen upon it from the sky...
Seite 1730 - I went, Lord, clasping to my breast The babe, grown colder, asking at each hut — Here in the jungle and towards the town — "I pray you give me mustard of your grace, A tola — black"; and each who had it gave, For all the poor are piteous to the poor ; But when I asked, "In my friend's household here Hath any peradventure ever died — Husband or wife or child or slave?
Seite 1729 - ... gentle eyes and touch with patient hand; Then draw the face-cloth back, saying to me, 'Yea! little sister, there is that might heal Thee first, and him, if thou couldst fetch the thing; For they who seek physicians bring to them What is ordained. Therefore, I pray thee, find Black...

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