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Observations on the Poison of Copper and Brass, and the very great Danger

attending the Use of Utensils made of these Metals, and other mired Metals wherein Copper and Bruss make a Part, especially in the preparing and keeping Food and Physic, &c.

80 Extraordinary Instance of Maternal Affection in a sarage Animal

82 Three Letters concerning the Reviviscence of some Snails, preserved many Years in a Cabinet.

84 Extraordinary Instance of the Hardiness of Snails to resist Heat, which may

serve, in some Degree, as a Confirmation of their Hardiness to resist Dryness, the Subject of the preceding Article..

86 An Account of the Gymnatus Electricus, or Electrical Eel.

87 Some Account of a Tree growing in Spain, called the Algarroba, Garofero, Carrobe, or Locust-Tree, which produces vast Quantities of Fruit.

92 Description of a newly-discovered sensitive Plant, called Dionæa Muscipula, or Venus's Fly-trap.

93 Description of a petrified Stratum, formed from the Waters of Matlock, in Derbyshire.

95 Glorious Prospect during the Passage of the Strait of Gibraltar.



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Plan, and Summary of the Report, &c. &c. of the Society 'instituted in.

London, 1774, for the Recovery of Persons apparently drowned; with plain Directions for the Recovery of such Persons ; and also of those scemos ingly dead by any other Species of Strangulation, by Suffocation, by being frozen, seized with Syncopes, Apoplectic or other Fits, &c. struck with Lightning, or stupified by Falls or Blows; likewise of overlaid and eten still-born Children.

99 Authentic List of the Names of Persons either saved or recovered by the said Society, from its first Institution to the End of 1775.

10+ Three Remarkable Cases, of a Man and trco Children, to all Appearance dead, recovered to perfect Health.

105 Names and Places of Abode of the Medical Assistants to the said Society. 115 Description of a Machine for saving Persons and Effects from fire; zith Remurks thereon.

117 Generous and humane Advertisement of some eminent 'Brewers, offering the

Assistance of their Engines and Servants for extinguishing Fires. 119 Recipe for an ercellent Cosmetic, as well as Preventative and Premedy for the

Sculd-fleud und Itch, and other Disorders proceeding from Worms. ibid. Some decorint of the Institution and present State of an lindertaking for usefully

employing Female Children of the Poor, in the Blond, and Black Silk Lace Manjuctory.

121 An Ididress to the Furmers of Great-Britain on the great Adruntages of setting ftheat, instead of sowing ii in the usual Way.

1 25. Method

Method of preserting, 8c. all sorts of Plants and Roots, for affording ?

chcap, wholesome, and palutable Food for the Use of Man.

Simple and easy Method of nuzking Hay.
Easy Process for nuking Ice, without the Assistance of snow, Nitre, i

On 10-
other kind of Salt, even close to the Tropics, und in low Grounds.

Of the



Certain Olejections to the Veracity of the Mosaic History, with regard

Age of the Eurth, drawn from the Appearances of some Parts of 1

titna, refuted, from the Changes allowed to hare happened in other Pa

the same Mountain.

Of the little Dependance to be placed on the Description of Eclipses left

Ancient History, towards ascertaining their Dates, šc.

Olojections to the suthority of an A pamean Medal, produced by Mr. Br

to prove that the Accounts in the Old Testament of the ancient Patria

gure Rise to a great Part of the Heathen Mythology; with Mr. Bry"

Refutation of these Objections; and an Illustration of another Coins

at the same Place.

Some Account of a Latin Dissertation, entitled, " An Essay in which

proved that the Shipwreck of St. Paul happened on the coast of the Isla i

Méléda in Dalmatia, and not on the Coast of the Isle of Malta."

Account of the Origin of Inkes and-Fairs.

- Description of an uncient Picture in Windsor Castle, representing an Intervies Epilog

between King Henry VIII. and the French King Francis I.

Orders for Household Serountes, first devised by John Haryngton, in the Yeare

1566; with u Letter from Sir Robert Cecil to Sir John Hurrington.

State of the English Peerage, from 1603 to 1775.

On the Expirution of the Cornish Language.

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Thoughts on Free-thinking, and on Free-thinkers, particularly the late Earl

of Shaftesbury, and the late Lord Rolingbroke; with Observations on these

An Essay on Indifference in Religion ; by Mrs. Chapone.
The great Difference in the State of Morals, &c. and Taste for the Fine Arts

ac, in different countries at the same Period, and at dəfferent periods in
the sume Country, accounted for from the Difference in the State of Eden
cation und Religion in those Countries, and in those Periods, without the

Recourse to the concomitant Circunstances of Soil or Climate.
Letter from Ignatius Sancho, a free Black in London, to the late Rev. Ms.
: Sterne, beseeching him to bestow a little of his Attention on Slavery; widt

Mr. Sterne's Ansier.


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Ode for his Majesty's Birth-Day, 4th June, 1775.


Song to Ælle, Lord of the Castell of Bristowe, in Daies of Yore. 195

Inscription in a Tower at W in the County of Cambridge.


Amusement in modern High Life.


The Futal Sisters; an Ode from the Nourse Tongue.


Ode to Adversity. By the late Mr. Gruy.


Verses to Solitude; by Mr. Chapone.


Ode on the Pleasure arising from Vicissitude.


Ode for the Regatta, or Water-Jubilee; performed at Ranelagh.


Ballad, sung at the same Place, and on the same Occasion.


Epilogue to the Tragedy of the Inflexible Captive.


Epilogue to the Rivals.


Epilogue to the Choleric Man; written by Mr. Garrick.


Epilogue to the Comedy of Bon Ton; written by Mr. Colman.


Vers à Mademoiselle Clairon.


To Mr. Garrick, on the Report of his leaving the Stage.


Grace; by Mr. Garrick.


Mrs. Crewe, by the Hon. Charles For,


Verses to the Ladies: by Lady Chudleigh, Grandmother to the Duchess of



An Old Buchelor's Reflections on Matrimony.


The Tombs ; from the French of Le Franc.


Dialogue between a supposed dead Nobleman and Beggar,


An Elery on Mrs. Boues ; by Lady M. W. Montague.


Epitaph in Halifax Church.


Epigrum, by Dr. Doddridge, on his Motto.


In Somnum ! with an Imitation in English.


On a Gentleman's saying he would dance with none but fair Ladies, ibid,

Attraction and Repulsion; a Fable.


Lines sung by Durastanti, when she took Leare of the English Stage.: 221

A Burlesque of the same Lines ; by Dr. Arbutimot.


A Furewell to London in the Year 1714; by Mr. Pope.


A Spanish Madrigal; with a Translation by Mr. Garrick.


A Translation of Latin Verses; from the Arabic.


Chrus Song, in the Cornedy of Old City Manners.


ACCOUNT of BOOKS for 1775.

An Essay on the original Genius and Writings of Homer; with a comparatite

View of the antient and present State of the Troade. Illustrated with
Engravings. By the late Robert Wood, Esg. One Vol. 4lo.

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