Bradshaw's notes for travellers in Tyrol and Vorarlberg, Band 30


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Seite 26 - It is celebrated for its elegant and comfortable Apartments, good Cuisine and Cellar, and deserves its wide-spread reputation as an excellent Hotel.
Seite 4 - HOTEL MENGELLE Hydraulic Lift. (RUE ROYALE). Hydraulic Lift. THIS large and beautiful First-class Hotel is situated in the finest and healthiest part of the Town, near to the most frequented Promenades, and is supplied with every modern comfort. Table d'Hote, 6 francs. Restaurant " a la Carte
Seite 26 - HOTEL D'lTALIE AND HOTEL BAUER. NEAR St. Mark's Square, on the Grand Canal, facing the Church of St. Maria Salute. 200 Rooms. 20 Saloons. Patronised by English and American Travellers. The Splendid Restaurant "Grunwald" belongs to the same Proprietor.
Seite 18 - AND MOST COMFORTABLE HOTEL, situated in the finest and most select part of Naples, with magnificent views of the town, Vesuvius, and the Bay. Hydraulic Lift.
Seite 19 - HOTEL, replete with every convenience and comfort. 200 Rooms. Fire Escapes. Hydraulic Lift. Splendid views of the celebrated Falls of the Rhine and the Chain of Alps, including Mont-Blanc, covering an extent of hundreds of miles.
Seite 16 - FIRST CLASS HOTEL. Thorough comfort, excellent cooking, choice Wines at moderate charges. Since the removal of the railway, the finest and best situated Hotel in the Town, affording an open view of the River. Favourite and quiet stopping place for excursions in the neighbourhood. Special arrangements for winter abode. Opposite the Landing Place of the Steamers. Omnibus meets all trains at the Central Station. Proprietor...
Seite 25 - Every •" English comfort. Baths. Electric Light. Milk Cure. Omnibus at the Station. Carriages. Moderate charges. Pension. The proprietor gives best information for Excursions in the Black Forest. The HOTEL WEHRLE, not very large but very comfortable, is highly recommended by German and Foreign Guide Books.
Seite 18 - NAPLES. THE CONTINENTAL HOTEL. OPEN all the year round. Quai Parthenope (New Embankment). Splendid situation, full South, close to the Public Garden and the centro of the town, with magnilicent view of the Bay and Vesuvius.
Seite 16 - These FIRST CLASS HOTELS afford every comfort for families and travellers. Excellent Cuisine, and-. Choice Wines.. Tennis Courts, large Gardens, Baths.. Reading, and Smoking. Rooms, English and German Newspapers. Billiards. The SANITARY arrangements have-b/веД carried put by the Banner Sanitation Co., of \ London. All Steamers met. • - •; •• • • • ' Telegrams, "Reid, Funchal'' Pamphlet free of Passmore, 124, Ohcapsido, London, or Win.
Seite 7 - CARLSBAD. HOTEL GOLDENER SCHILD, With Dependence (Two German Monarchs). THIS HOTEL has European celebrity, is very beautifully situated, with large Garden, and is newly furnished and decorated. Travellers will find here every comfort at moderate prices. English, French, and German Newspapers. Open all the year. English Servants.

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