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[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

4,150M 48,326.00
4,175M 48,429.50
4,200M 48,533.00
4,225M 48,636.50
4,250M 48,740.00
4,275M 48,843.50
4,300M 48,947.00
4,325M 49,050.50
4,350M 49,154.00
4,375M 49,257.50
4,400M 49,361.00
4,425M 49,464.50
4,450M 49,568.00
4,475M 49,671.50
4,500M 49,775.00
4,525M 49,878.50
4,550M 49,982.00
4,575M 50,085.50

[blocks in formation]



[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

7.372 68,730.00

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

see p. FI-34(b)

Location Charges, see p. FI-36, 37

Register Checks or Money Orders, see p. FI-25

ause D, see p. FI-38 to 42(a)

ause E, see p. FI-43 to 49

Charge, Concurrent or Excess Bonds, see. p. FI-26
vicing Contractors-Form 24, see p. FI-88 to 91

Real Property Mortgages, Rider-Form 24, see p.

Divide the amount of the bond into primary and exces primary amount (not less than $25,000) to equal the misplacement coverage desired, the excess the balance the basic premium for both the hypothetical primary amounts; for the primary amount apply the percenta premium for bond form given above, for the excess an the following:

Form 2 without Misplacement charge 83% % Annual Premium.

Form of Coverage and Class Codes, see p. FI-34( Amount of Coverage Code seè p. Fl-34 (cont'd). Number of Employees Code see p. FI-34 (cont'd)

92-835 0-68-11

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