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The basic rate is then adjusted by the appropriate per form given in the following pages.

The outline of the method of computing premiums gi is exclusive of the charges for Forgery Insuring Claus and Branch Offices or location charges.

4. Additional Charge-Concurrent and Excess Bonds, Bond Coverage written over a Deductible Amount Insurance.

Compute premium in the regular manner in accord Manual rules. The annual manual premium so compute increased by an expense constant charge of $25.00 for written on a concurrent basis or written as excess ov bond, or over a deductible amount of self-insurance ap the Basic Bond Coverages. In the event that the cover Excess Bond is partially within and partially above a giv Unit (of coverage), the expense constant of $25.00 is cated to the premium for that part of the excess bond within the initial or lowest "Basic Unit (of coverage) Concurrent Bonds—See general rules p. FI-18.

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of days per annum. For this total number, ascertain e of the annual manual premium to be charged in th the Short Rate Table at White Page 125.

the application of the Short Rate percentage ascer(a) above. Compute an annual manual premium in anner on the premium factors and Form of coverage computed annual manual premium is to be increased ccordance with the rule for excess bonds. In the event rage of the Special Excess Bond is partially within above the "Basic Unit" the expense constant of $25.00 ted to that portion of the premium within the "Basic the total amount of coverage, including the amount Excess Bond, exceeds the “Basic Unit (of coverage)”, of the coverage exceeding the "Basic Unit" will be discounts set forth on p. FI-30 for each multiple or xceeding the "Basic Unit".

uted premium for a Special Excess Bond is not -perience Rating or the Three Year Term Rule.

ponuing in amount to the appropiate Dasic m to a scale of discounts.

(d) Such premiums (for coverage over the first " are not to be included in the experience rating of

2. Insuring Clauses D and E.

Insuring Clauses D and E are available for Insure 2 and 24 (Loss Sustained or Discovery Form). The cedures of this program are applicable to the premium Clauses D and E.

† New Banks see p. FI-29.

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lanket Bond is written for a new Bank a deposit on the number of Employees reported on the effective ge should be charged. It is understood that at the first of the bond the premium will be subject to recompuwing basis:

ncrease in employees from those originally reported xceed 100%-no adjustment shall be made in the or the first year of the coverage. See section "c" ponds written for a term of three years.

increase in the number of employees during the first s 100% of the number originally reported, adjust the r the first year based upon the average of the numoyees originally reported and the number of employI at the end of the year. (disregarding fractions) <et Bond is written for a three year premium period n is to be recomputed and adjusted on the actual employees reported at the end of the first anniversary remaining two years of the three year term. premium produced under "b" and "c" above shall be ree year discount when these adjustments are made or a term of three years.


Rating does not apply on the first (3 year) premiums computed for new banks since a erience period of 3 years less 2 months is necesy for experience rating.

nsuring Clause D adjustment see p. FI-39.

Insuring Clause E adjustment see p. FI-44.

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Premiums for coverage within the designated "Bas Coverage)" are subject to an Experience Modificatio 2, p. FI-25(a). For new banks see sec. 3, p. FI-29. 2. Where aggregate coverage for an Insured in any de exceeds the "Basic Unit (of Coverage)” for that depo given above, the premium for each additional multiple (corresponding in amount to the appropriate "Basic U subject to the Experience Modification but is subject to ing discounts:

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+When separate banking institutions are covered as the aggregate amount of Deposits of such banks det "Deposit Group". The "Deposit Group" so determi plicable to any additional coverage for one or more of

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