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Lord Wiscount Anson, to Miss Louisa Catherine Phillips. The Rt. Hon. Lord Greenock, to Miss Mather. Capt. Charles Sotheby, to Miss Jane Hamilton, third daughter of the late Lord Belhaven and Stenton. The Right Hon. Lord Rodney, to Charlotte Georgiana, second daughter of Sir Rich. Morgan, Bart. of Tredegar.

March. The Earl of Uxbridge, eldest son of the Marquis of Anglesea, to Eleanora, second daughter of the late John Campbell, Esq. of Shawfield—having been previously married on the 5th of August last at . Altyre in Scotland, the seat of Sir W. G. Cumming, Bart. Mr. Sergeant Copley, Chief Justice of Chester, to the widow of the late Lieut.-col. Thomas. Hon. James Sinclair, second son of the Earl of Caithness, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of G. Tritton, Esq. Sir Jacob Astley, Bart. to Georgiana Caroline, youngest daughter of Sir Henry Dashwood, Bart. The Hon. F. Lumley, second brother of the Earl of Scarborough, to Jane, second daughter of the late Adm. Bradley. The Earl of Dundonald, to Anne Maria, eldest daughter of Francis Plowden, Esq.

April. Lady Frances Anne Vane Tempest, to Lord Stewart, second son to the Marquis of Londonderry. At Dublin, the Hon. and Rev.

E. Wingfield, second son of the late Wiscount Powerscourt, to Louisa Joan, third daughter of the late Hon. Geo. Jocelyn. Sandford Graham, Esq. M. P. to Caroline, third daughter of the late John Langston, Esq. Henry Brougham, Esq., M.P., to Marianne, widow of the late J. Spalding, Esq.


The Earl of Buckinghamshire, to Miss Glover. Earl Temple, M. P. eldest son of the Marquis of Buckingham, to Lady Mary Campbell, second daughter of the Earl of Breadalbane. The Hon. Richard Neville, son of Lord Braybrook, to Lady Jane Cornwallis, daughter of the Marquis Cornwallis. Sir John Wrottesley, Bart. to Hon. Mrs. John Bennett.


Capt. White Melville of the Royal Lancers, to Lady Catherine Osborne, only daughter of the Duchess Dowager of Leeds. The Right Hon. Lord Rossmore, to Lady Augusta Charteris, oungest sister of the Earl of §. and March. The Hon. H. F. C. Cavendish, M. P. son to Lord G. Cavendish, to Frances Susan, widow of the Hon. F. Howard. I. Freeland, Esq. M. P. to Mrs. Mary Palmer. Hon. Robert Henry Clive, M. P. second son of Earl Powis, to Lady Harriet Windsor, daughter of the late and sister of the present, Earl of Plymouth.

C. P. Grenfell, Esq, to the Right Hon. Lady Georgiana Isabella Frances Molyneux, eldest daughter of the Earl of Sefton.

John Fred. Crewe, Esq. nephew to Lord Crewe, to the Hon. Harriet Smith, daughter of Lord Carrington.


J. R. G. Graham, Esq. M. P. eldest son of Sir James Graham, Bart. to Fanny Callender, youngest daughter of James Campbell, Esq. of Ardkinglas. The Hon. Wm. Cust, M. P. to Sophia, daughter of the late Thomas Newnham, Esq. Will. Yates Peel, Esq. M. P. for Tamworth, to Lady Jane Moore, second daughter of the Earl of Mount Cashell. The Hon. Frederic Sylvester |North Douglas, only son of Lord Glenbervie, and M. P. for Banbury, to Harriet, eldest daughter of W. Wrightson, Esq. The Hon. Capt. Robert Rodney, R. N. brother to Lord Rodney, to Anne, youngest daughter of the late Tho. Dennett, Esq. The Rev. G. Cornish, eldest son of G. Cornish, Esq. to Harriet, second daughter of Sir R. Wilmot, Bart. of Chaddesden. At Konix, near Berne, Mark Theodore de Morlet, M. D. to Constance, youngest daughter of the late Sir J. Ingilby, Bart. of Ripley. The Hon. Capt. Perceval, eldest son of Lord Arden, to the eldest daughter of J. Hornby, Esq. of Titchfield. Tho. Tyringham Bernard, Esq. to Sophia Charlotte, daughter of the late Sir David Williams, Bart.

The Rev. H. E. Graham of Hendon, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Sir George Leeds, Bart.

Sir Will. Leeds, Bart. of Crox. ton Park, Cambridgeshire, to Eleanor, second daughter of Owsley Rowley, Esq.

August. Walter, eldest son of Rich Long, Esq. late M. P. for Wilts, to Mary Anne, second daughter of the Right Hon. Archibald Colquhoun, Lord Register of Scotland. Sir H. R. Calder, Bart. of Park House, Kent, to Lady Frances Selina Pery, third daughter of the Earl of Limerick. James Macdonald, Esq. eldest son of Sir Archibald Macdonald, to the Lady Sophia Keppel, eldest daughter of the Earl of Albemarle. Lieut.-col. Hon. James H. Keith Stewart, M. P. to Henrietta Anne, second daughter of the Rev. Spencer Madan, D.D. Lieut.-col. Steele, Coldstream guards, to Lady Eliz. Montague, daughter of the duke of Manchester. The Earl of Roseberry, to Hon. Miss Anson, sister of Lord Viscount Anson. Octavius Henry, fourth son of Will. Smith, Esq. M. P. to Jane, daughter of T. W. Cooke, Esq.

of Hertford-street, May-fair.

The Earl of St. Germain's, to Harriet, daughter of the Right Hon. Reginald Pole Carew.

J. W. Grieve, Esq. 2nd reg. Life Guards, to Hon. Mrs. Sidney Bowles, youngest daughter of the late, and sister of the present, Lord Northwick.


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George Vesey, Esq. of Lucan
Lord Dacre to Mrs. Wilmot.


R. P. Smith, Esq. M. P. to Eliza, daughter of the late Peter Breton, Esq. Col. Farquharson, to Rebecca, fourth daughter of the late Sir G. Colquhoun, Bart. W. Wrixon Becher, Esq. M. P. for Mallow, Ireland, to Miss O’Neill. Sir Richard Sutton, Bart. to Mary Elizabeth, daughter of the late B. Burton, Esq. Major-gen. Riall, Governor of Grenada, to the eldest daughter of the late James Scarlett, Esq. of Jamaica. Lieut.-col. E. C. Fleming, to Charlotte, youngest daughter of the late Lieut.-gen. St. Leger.

[blocks in formation]

Bedchamber, vice Earl Poulet, deceased.

The Earl of Morton, his Majesty's Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, vice Earl of Errol.

To be Lords of the Treasury, Lord Liverpool, Mr. Vansittart, Mr. Berkeley Paget, Wiscount Lowther, Lord H. Somerset, the Hon. J. Maxwell Barry, Mr. Alexander M*Naghten.

Sir David Baird to be Governor of Kinsale.

April. Hardinge Giffard, esq. to be Chief Justice. Earl of Carrick, Representative Peer of Ireland, vice Northland. Lord Belhaven, one of the

Sixteen Peers of Scotland, vice Errol.


The Earl of Aylesbury made Knight of the Thistle. C. Maxwell, esq. Governor of St. Christopher's. Sir S. F. Whittingham, Governor of Dominica. The Right Hon. Charles Grant, sworn of the Privy Council. Charles Warren, Esq. Attorney General to the Prince of Wales.


Lieut. Gen. Sir W. Lumley, Governor and Commander in Chief of the Bermuda Islands. John Richardson, Esq. one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas. W. Draper Best, Esq. one of the Judges of the Court of King'sbench. The Earl of Stamford and Vol. LXI.

Warrington, to be Lieutenant of the County of Chester; the Marquis of Lothian, to be Lieut. and Sheriff Depute of the Shire of Mid Lothian; and the Marquis of Queensberry, to be Lieut. and Sheriff Principal of the Shire of Dumfries. Sir S. Shepherd, made Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer in Scotland. A. Maconochie, Esq. late Lord Advocate, made one of the Lords of Session and Justiciary in Scotland. o Sir W. Rae, Lord Advocate.


Sir W. Young, K. G. C. B. and Admiral of the Red, to be ViceAdmiral of the United Kingdom; and Sir J. Saumarez, K. G. C. B. and Admiral of the Blue, to be Rear-Admiral of the United Kingdom. Sir R. Gifford is appointed Attorney General; and Serjeant Copley Solicitor General. Mr. Casberd is appointed to the seat of a Judge in the Principality of Wales, vice Abel Mosey, Esq. resigned. Henry Revell Reynolds, Esq. Barrister at Law, to be a Commissioner for the relief of Insolvent Debtors, vice Mr. Serjeant Runnington. Sir Miles Nightingale invested by the Prince Regent with the insignia of a Knight Commander of the Bath. Alexander Keith, Esq.knighted and appointed Knight Marshal of Scotland. Lieut. Col. A. Allen, of the East India Company's service, created a Baronet.o.) -I August.

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