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( 264 )
* ** But, Friend, take heed whom you attack;

" You'll bring a House (I mean of Peers)
« Red, Blue, and Green, nay white and black,

“ Land all about your ears.
66 You'd write as smooth again on glass,

“ And run, on ivory, so glib,
" As not to stick at fool or afs b,

« Nor stop at Flattery or Fibe.

Athenian Queen! and sober charms !

“ I tell ye, fool. there's nothing in't: “s 'Tis Venus, Venus gives these arms“

“ In Dryden's Virgil see the print“.

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" Come, if you'll be a quiet soul,

" That dares tell neither Truth nor Lies', " I'll list you in the harmless roll

Of those that sing of these poor eyes."

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6 The Dunciad.
• The Epiftle to Dr. Alrethnot.

Such toys being the usual presents from lovers to their miltreffes.

• When she delivers Æneas a suit of heavenly armour.

fi. e. If you have neither the courage to write Satire; nor the application to attempt an Epic poem.---He was then meditating on such a work.

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