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C. E.M.'s The Mill in the Valley, 568
Cabman's Daughter, The, 334
Caesar de Bello Gallico, Book I, tr. by Hawley, 366
Calendar of Letters from the Mayor and Corporation of
the City of London, edited by Sharpe, 566

Calendars, Diaries, Pocket-Books, &c., 700, 806

Calverley, C. S., iterary Remains of, with Memoir by

Sendall—Verses and Fly-Leaves, 532

Cameron's (Mrs. L.) In a Grass Country, 398

Campbell-Praed's (Mrs.) The Head Station, 803

Canterbury Poets, The Burns—Whittier–Poe, 175;

George Herbert, with Preface by Rhys—Translations

from Victor Hugo, by Dean Carrington, 535

Carey's (R.N.) For Lilias, 398
Cassell's Readable Readers, 174
Catalogue of Pali, Sinhalese, and Sanskrit Manuscripts
in the Temple Libraries of Ceylon, 109
Catalogue of the Osterley Park Library, 14
Catalogues of Booksellers, 237, 335, 434, 504, 731
“Cavendish's "Whist Developments, 302
Cecil, General Sir E., Life and Times of, by Dalton, 726
Cervantes's (M. de) Don Quixote of La Mancha, tr. by
Ormsby—Numantia, tr. by Gibson, 397

Chambers's Advanced Reader, 666

Champneys's (A. C.) Easy English Pieces for Translation
into Latin Prose, 433
Chap-Books and Folk-lore Tracts, edited by Gomme and
Wheatley : History of Thomas Hickathrift–History
of the Seven Wise Masters of Rome—Mother Bunch's
Closet newly Broke Open—History of Patient Grisel–
History of Sir Richard Whittington, 840
Charteris's (Prof. M.) Health Resorts, 143
Chesney, General F. R., Life of, by his Wife and
Daughter, edited by Stanley Lane-Poole, 629

Chesney's (J.) A Ramble round France, 568

Chester's (W. D.) Chronicles of the Customs Depart-

ment, 232

Christmas and New Year Cards: Hildesheimer &

Faulkner's—Nelson & Sons'—Davidson's, 699; Marcus

Ward & Co.'s—Ackermann's—Prang's—Ollendorff's—

Falkner & Sons', 700; Tuck & Son's—Schipper &

Son's—Wirths Bros. & Owen's, 806

Christy's (R. M.) Manitoba Described, 143

Church Handy Dictionary, 47

Church's (Prof. A. J.) Two Thousand Years Ago, 634;

With the King at Oxford, 766

Cicero, Letters of, edited by Maitland, 174

Clare's (A.) Two Ways of Looking at It, 568

Clarke's (J. E.) Sunday School Reader or Reciter, 236

Cleland's (R.) A Rich Man's Relatives, 107

Cleveland's (Miss R. E.) George Eliot's Poetry, 206

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Dale's o Fair Katherine, 698
Daniel's (E. M.) Complete Treatise upon the New Law
of Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks, 504
Davenport's (Miss C.) Toothsome Dishes, 535
Davies's (T,) Voter's Guide and Canvasser's Manual, 368
Davison's (M.) The Oliver Children, 568
Dawson's (Sir J. W.) Egypt and Syria, 434
Dawson's (W. J.) A Vision of Souls, 110
Delbos's (L.) Little Eugène's French Reader, 366
De Quincey's Opium-Eater, edited by Garnett, 175
Desdouits's La Légende Tragique de Jordano Bruno, 434
D'Haussonville's (Comte) Ma Jeunesse, 1814–1830, 433
D'Hérisson's (Comte) Journal of a Staff Officer in Paris
during the Events of 1870 and 1871, 111
Dickens's (Miss M.) Charles Dickens, 603
Dictionary of National Biography, edited by Stephen,
Vol. III., 73; Vol. IV., 501

Didaché, La, ou l'Enseignement des Douze Apôtres

edited by Sabatier, 47

Digamma's Audeography, the New Shorthand, 635

Dillon's (G. F.) The Virgin Mother of Good Counsel, 107

Directory of Building Societies, by Kent and Braund, 731

Dobson's (A.) At the Sign of the Lyre, 630

Dokenfeld's (Hamo) Arlegh Clough, 268, 375

Dorling's (W.) Memoirs of Dora Greenwell, 394

Doudney's (S.) Prudence Winterburn, 805

Dowell's (S.) History of Taxation and Taxes, 232

Dowling's (R.) The Hidden Flame, 12

Dowsing, William, Journal of, edited by White, 767

Drake's (Dr.) History of the Hundred of Blackheath, 80

Drinkwater's (A. E.) Plays and Poems, 110

Droese's (Rev. E.) Grammar of the Maltu Language, 535

Du Cane's (Col. Sir E. F.) The Punishment and Preven-

tion of Crime, 466

Duffield's (A. J.) The Beauty of the World, 665

Duruy's (G.) Le Garde du Corps, 268

Eckstein's (E.) The Will, tr. by Bell, 634; Prusias, 79

Edersheim's (A.) Prophecy and History in relation to

the Messiah, 631, 669

Edgar's (A.) Old Church Life in Scotland, 233
Edgren's (H.) o: Sanskrit Grammar, 108
Edmundson's (G.) Milton and Wondel, 599
Edwardes's (Mrs. A.) A Girton Girl, 567
Edwards's (H. S.) What is a Girl to Do! 601
Elementary Classics: Cicero de Amicitia, edited by
Shuckburgh, 366 -
Eliot's (F.) The ill-tempered Cousin, 235
Ellis's (E. S.) Ned in the Blockhouse—Camp Fire and
Wigwam, 699 - - -
Ellis's (Major A. B.) History of the First West Indian
Regiment, 666
Encyclopaedia Britannica, Vol. XIX, 11
English Illustrated Magazine, 1884–5, 434
Englishman's Guide - Book to the United States and
Canada, 300
Ensell's (Mrs.) Lanherst, 364
Esclangon's (Á.) First French Course, 366
Ethel's The Wreck, 568

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Fables de La Fontaine, edited by Moriarty, 236

Fairfax, R., of Steeton, Life of, by Markham, 359

Faithful Labour, the Lives of Robert and Mary Moffat,

by their Son John S. Moffat, 391

Falconer's (H.) The Story of a Strange Marriage, 432

Fane's % Thro' Love and War, 634

Farjeon's (B. L.) The Sacred Nugget, 268; Christmas

Angel, 730

Farquharson's (R.) School Hygiene and Diseases in-

cidental to School Life, 267

Fawcett, Henry, Life of, by Stephen, 693

Fenn's (G.M.) The Dark House, 13; Patience Wins, 568;

Brownsmith's Boy, 838

Fenn's (W. W.) Woven in Darkness, 235

Ferguson's (J. H.) Manual of International Law, 504

Ferguson's (T.) Ballads and Dreams, 79

Féval's (P.) Chouans et Bleus, edited by Sankey, 236

Field's (Mrs.) Mixed Pickles, 730

Filazana ny Fomba Fandaharam-Panjakana, 667

Finch-Hatton's §"; H.) Advance Australia | 135

First Three English Books on America, 300

Fitzgibbon's (E.) The New River, 805

Flaubert's L'Éducation Sentimentale—Tentation de

Saint Antoine, 504

Fleming's (G.) Andromeda, 698

Fletcher's Co-operative Index of Periodicals, 176

Florio's Montaigne, 699

Forbes's (A.) Souvenirs of some Continents, 103

Forbes's (G.S.) Wild Life in Canara and Ganjam, 470

Forchhammer's (Dr.) Brahmans and Sanskrit Literature

in British Burma,

Forrest's (William) Leben und Werke, 142

Foulkes's (W. D. o The Parliamentary Election Acts, 730

Frampton, Mary, Journal of, edited by Mundy, 597

Frank's (J.) Hors du Monde, 333

French Examination o compiled by Stedman, 366

Freshfield (E.) on the Parish Books of St. Margaret-

Lothbury, &c., 395,480

Frith's (H.) For Queen and King, 602; In the Brave
Days of Old, 805

From Crown to Crown, 730

Fry's (H.) Guide to the London Charities, 535

Fuller's (M.) Life, &c. of Thomas Fuller, D.D., 141

Fyfe's (L.R.) Handbook of Jamaica, 731

Gale's (F.) Modern English Sports, 237

Gardiner's (L.) The Rev. Miles Latimer, 502

Garrett's { } At any Cost, 13

Gautier's (T,) La Baronne Véra, 601

Gellie's (M.E.) Fearless Frank, 634

Genealogist, The, edited by Selby, 78, 154, 188

Generous Friendship, A, 634

Gerard's (E. D.) The Waters of Hercules, 79

Gibbon's (C.) Heart's Delight, 45; Garvock, 698

Giberne's (A.) St. Austin's Lodge, 666

Gill's (W. W.) Jottings from the Pacific, 667

Gingold's (H. E. A.) Steyneville, 173

Girl's Own Annual, 434

Godwin, Mary Wollstonecraft, by Pennell, 41,80, 113, 143

Goldsmith's (9) vicar of Wakefield, introduction by

Dobson, 835

Gordon. Major-Gen. C. G., Journals of, at Kartoum,

Introd. by Hake, 7; Private Diary of his Exploits in

China, amplified by Mossman, 106; Epitaphs on, 569

Goschen's (Right, Hon. G. J.) Addresses on Educational

and Economical Subjects, 470

Gosse's (E.) From Shakespeare to Pope, 661

Gould (S.B.) and Others' Please Tell Me a Tale, 805

Grammar of the Bargashta Dialect of the Pastu

Language, 535

Grant, General, Life of, 237
Greek Folk-Songs from the Turkish Provinces of Greece,
translated by Garnett, 695, 769, 841
Green Pleasure and Grey Grief, 765
Greene's (Hon. Mrs.) Bound by a Spell, 634
Greg's (P.) The Verge of Night, 299
Greswell's (W.) Our South African Empire, 200
Greville's (C. C. F.) Memoirs, 529
Grierson's (G. A.) Seven Grammars of the Dialects and
Subdialects of the Bihári Language, 110

Griffiths's (A.) Number Ninety-nine, 602

Guide-Book to the United Kingdom, 80

Guide to the Fo Chapels of England, 302
Guidi's (I.) Di una Versione Persiana del Pentateuco, 534
Guilgault's (L.) The French Handbook, 366

Haggard's (H.R.) King Solomon's Mines, 568

Hall's (H.) History of Customs Revenue in England, 232

Hammond's (W. A.) Doctor Grattan, 107; Mr. 'Old-
mixon, 299

Handicraft for Handy People, 174

Harcourt-Roe's (Mrs.) Bachelor Vicar of Newforth, 729

Hardy's §: Duffus) Hearts or Diamonds, 268; In

Sight of Land, 432

Hardy's (R. F.) Katie, an Edinburgh Lassie, 666

Harrison's (Major S.) The Queen of the Arena, 730

Harte's (Bret) By Shore and Sedge, 111; Maruja, 603

Hartley's (W.) In a London Suburb, 398

Harwood's (J. B.) Sir Robert Shirley, Bart., 729

Hatton's (J.) John Needham's Double, 237

Haupt's (Dr. H.) Die Deutsche Bibeltibersetzung der
Mittelalterlichen Waldenser, 140

Havergal, F. R., Letters of, edited by her Sister, 666

Havilland's (R. L. de). The Forked Tongue, 107

Haydn's Dictionary of Dates, 270

Hayes's (M.E.) My Lass, 334
Heath's (F. G.) Burnham Beeches, 302
Heatley's (H.R.) Easy Latin Prose Exercises, 236
Heaton's (W.) The Three Reforms of Parliament, 569
Hedley's (G. R.) Ballads and other Poems, 469
Henty's (G. A.) For Name and Fame—The Lion of the
North, 602; Yarns on the Beach–Through the Fray–
The Dragon and the Raven, 838
Hermathena, 504
Hertslet's Commercial Treaties, General Index to, 835
Heyse's so Himmlische und Irdische Liebe, 837
Heywood's (Rev. O.) Autobiography, ed. by Turner, 365
Higgin's (L.) Margaret Grantley, 803
Hillebrand's (K.) Zeiten, Völker, und Menschen, 504
Hilton's (J.) Chronograms Continued and Concluded, 632
Historical Manuscripts Commission: Reports on the
Manuscripts of the Earl of Eglinton, &c., 800
Hoare's (E. N.) Perils of the Deep, 699
Hobart, Were Henry, Lord, Essays and Miscellaneous
Writings of, edited by Lady Hobart, 197
Hodder's (E.) Thrown on the World, 805
Hodgetts's (J. F.) The Champion of Odin, 568
Hodgkin's (T.) Italy and her Invaders, 463
Hoernle's (Dr. A. F. § Comparative Dictionary of the
Bihari Language, 53

Holden's (F. T.) Tripertita, Easy Latin Exercises, 433

Holdsworth's (W. A.) The New Reform Act, 368

Holmes's (E.) Through a Refiner's Fire, 634

Holst's (Dr. H. von) Werfassungsgeschichte der Werein-

igten Staaten von Amerika, 301

Hope's (A.R.) Young Days of Authors, 838

Hoppus's (Mary A. M.) Miss Montizambart, 698

Horati Flacci (Q.) Epistulae, edited by Wilkins–Car.

minum, Liber III., edited by Page, 236

Hornady's (W. T.) Two Years in the Jungle, 727

Howells's W. D.) The Rise of Silas Lapham, 333

Hozier's (H. M.) Turenne, 36

Hudson's (W. H.) Purple Land that England Lost, 839

Hugo, W., Principaux Épisodes des Misérables, ed. by

Boielle, 236; Outlaw of Iceland, tr. by Campbell, 299

Hullah's (M. E.) The Lion Battalion, 805

Hutcheson's_(J. C.) On Board the Esmeralda, 602;

Fritz and Eric, 730

Hutton's (L.) Literary Landmarks of London, 74,144

Hutton's (S. K.) Dessie Fennimore, 805

Hyder's (L. H.) Nigel Lennox of Glen Nirm, 838

Jacobs's (J.) The Jewish Question, 335

James's (C.) Poems and Fragments, 205

Jay's (H.) A Marriage of Convenience, 45

Jenkinson's (H. I.) Guide to English Lake District, 143

Jerdon's (G.) Keyhole Country, 634

Jesse's (Capt.) Life of George Brummell, 535

Joanne's (P.) Paris-Diamant, 143

John Haile, 502

Johnson's (C. P.) Hints to Collectors of Thackeray's
Works—Hints to Collectors of Dickens's Works, 80
Johnson's (J.), Old Maryland Manors, 301
Jooris's (J.) Aperçu Politique et Économique sur les
Colonies Néerlandaises aux Indes Orientales, 237
Journal of the Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural
History Society, edited by Cox, 301

Journal of Philology, 504

Kalilah and Dimnah, translated by Keith-Falconer, 532

Katalog der Bibliothek des Börsenvereins der Deutschen
Buchhändler, 80
Kate Greenaway's Almanack for 1886-Alphabet, 766
Kebbel's (T.E.) History of Toryism, 761
Kennard's (Mrs. E.) Twilight Tales, 805
Kennedy's (Capt. W.R.) Sport, Travel, and Adventure in
Newfoundland and the R. Indies, 301
Kenyon's (E. C.) Margaret Casson's Resolve, 805
Kindergarten Drawing Book, compiled by Rooper, 174
King's (A.J.) The Municipal Records of Bath, 330
King's (K.) The Law Forbids, 135
Knight's (A.) The Cruise of the Theseus, 602
Knight's (E. F.) The Threatening Eye, 12
Knight's (G. W.) History and Management of Land
Grants for Education in the North-West Territory, 143
Knollys's (Major H.) English Life in China, 768
Koolman's (J. ten D.) Wörterbuch der Ostfriesischen
Sprache, 298,336

Kraft's (H,) Souvenirs denotre Tour du Monde, 600
Krüger's (Dr. A.) Sprache und Dialekt der Mittel
glischen Homilien in Trinity College, Cambridge, 1

Kyffin's (M.) The Blessednes of Brytaine, 730

L*****'s (Major) Pytchley Book of Refined Cookery,

L. C.'s Poor Dadd Þjo. 568

Lafontaine's (H.) Les Bons Camarades, 299

Lamb's (C.) Works, 699

Lamb's (C. and M.) Tales from Shakespeare, 175

Lane's (L.M.) A Nineteenth Century Hero, 568

Langbridge's (Rev. F.) Major Monk's Motto, 838
Lansdell's (H.) Russian Central Asia, 44
Lauderdale Papers, The, Wols. I. and II., ed. by Airy,
Law's (E.) History of Hampton Court Palace, 270
Lawrence's (B. É) History of the Laws affecting t
Property of Married Women in England, 503
Lawrence's (T. J.) Essays on some Disputed Questions
Modern International Law, 367
Laws concerning Public Health, edited by Smith, 503
Leader's (E. E.) Fairy Prince Follow-my-Lead, 666
Leander's o Dreams by a French Fireside, translat
by O'Callaghan, 805 -

Legge's (A. O.) The Unpopular King : the Life a

imes of Richard III., 464, 538

Leith's (E.) Thought and Remembrance, 110

Lely's (J. M.) The Parliamentary Election Acts fo

Éoi and Wales, 730

Lerrac's (P.) Madame Naudet, 107. 145 -
L'Estrange's (Rev. A.G.) Palace and the Hospital, 84
Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, of the Reig
of Henry VIII., arranged by Gairdner, 295

Levi's (L.) Wages and Earnings of Working Classes, 28

Lewis's (A. J.) Conjuror Dick, 766

Lewis's (J.) The Reformation Settlement, 137, 208

Life of a Prig, The, by One, 665

Life of Thomas Wanless, Peasant, 135 - ... "

Lindley's (P.) Holiday Handbooks, 206; Walks in Eppin

Forest, 335

Linskill's (M.) A Lost Son and The Glover's Daughter, 4%

Linton's (Mrs. L.) Autobiography of Christopher Kirl

land, 105 o

Lisle's (D.) Arnold Robur, 665 o

List of cashire Wills in the Archdeaconry Q.

Richmond, edited by Lieut.-Col. Fishwick, 366

Litchfield's (G. D.) Criss-Cross, 665 s

Lowndes's (C. S.) Lena Graham, 766 - -

Lucas's {o} Dot, the Story of a City Waif, 780 -
Lyall's (C.J.) Translations of Ancient Arabian Poetry, 42,
Lyster's (A.) Daddy's Right Hand, 568
Lytton's (Earl of) Glenaveril, 264 -
Macaulay's o Stirring Stories of Peace and War, 83.
McCaleb's (M. H.) Poems, 79
McCarthy's (J.) Camiola, 665 -
Mackay's (J.S.) Key to the Elements of Euclid, 236
Mackay's (W.) Beside Still Waters, 502
Mackeson's (C.) Church Congress Handbook, 434 -
Maclean's (Sir J.). Historical and Genealogical Memoi
of the Family of Poyntz, 429

Macmillan's Latin Course: First Year, by Cook, 366

Macquoid's (K. S.) At the Red Glove, 803

Madoc's (Fayr). Thereby, 469 -

Maginn's (W) Miscellanies, edited by Montagu, 728

Maine's (Sir H. S.). Popular Government, 563

Maitland's (A. C.) Rhoda, 665

Majendie's (Lady M.) Sisters-in-Law, 364

Major's (G.M.) The Peril of the Republic, 79

Majleson's (Col. G. B.) Ambushes and Surprises, 231

Manx Note-Book, edited by Moore, 365

Markham's (C. A.) County Buildings of Northampton-

shire, 767

Marks's (A.J.) Hidden from the World, 803

Marlborough, o Saintsbury, 731
Marryat's (% he Heir Presumptive, 268 -
Roo. (£). The Mistress of Tayne, Court, , 384;
Cassandra's Casket — No. XIII., 634; Michael's
Treasures, 666
Martineau's (J.) Types of Ethical Theory, 170
Mary, Queen of England, Memoirs of, ed. by Doebner, 704
Mary Roper's Story, 334
Mathers's (Miss) Murder or Manslaughter? 270
Matthews's (B.) The Last Meeting, 837 ---
Maugras's (G.) La Wie Intime de Voltaire aux Délices
et à Ferney, 14

May's (P.) Love, the Reward, 107

Mayo's (Rev. C. H.) Bibliotheca Dorsetiensis, 335

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St. Athanasius on the Incarnation, tr. by Robertson, 47
S. Ignatius, S. Polycarp, Revised Texts by Lightfoot, 761
Saillens's o: Droits sur Madagascar, 430
Saint's (J. J. H.) Voters and their Registration, 368
Sálih's (Prince M.) Die Scheibaniade, with German
Translation, &c., by Wambéry, 662
Salmon's (G.) Historical Introduction to the Study of the
Books of the New Testament, 10

Sandeau's (J.) Mölle. de la Seiglière, edited by Steel, 174

Saunders's (F.) Salad for the Solitary and Social, 768

Schaff's (P.) The Oldest Church Manual, 531

Schiller's (F.) Wallenstein, English Verse by Hunter, 806

Scholes's (R.S.) Marion, 502

Scott's Canterbury Poets: Marlowe—Keats, 368

Scott's (L.) A Bunch of Berries, 699

Seafield's (Countess of) Harry Adair and his Blind

Mother, 334

Searing's (A. E. P.) A Social Experiment, 803

Seaside Watering-Places, 270

Seyppel's (Herr) Sharp, Sharper, Sharpest, 176
Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, edited by Wright, 174
Shaw's (C.) On the Cliff, 805
Shaw's (F. L.) A Sea Change, 805
Shelley's P. B.) Alastor, 175
Shipton's (H.) Cairnforth and Sons, 568
Short Notices, 14, 80, 111, 143, 176, 206, 237, 270, 302,
335, 368,434, 471, 504, 535, 569, 603, 635, 667, 700,731,
768, 806
Short Stories from the History of England, 174
Simon's (J.) Thiers, Guizot, Rémusat, 433
Simpson's (F.P.) Latin Prose after Best Authors, 236
Sims's (G. R.) Rogues and Vagabonds, 173
Sinclair's (A.C.) Handbook of Jamaica, 731
Singer's o A, 603

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Valentine's (Mrs.) On Honour's Roll, 766

Wambéry's (A.) The Coming Struggle for India, 237

Vaux's (L.) Catechisme of Christian Doctrine, 47

Werne's (J.) Keraban the Inflexible: Part II., Scarpante

the Spy, 13; The Wanished Diamond, 699; The Archi-

pelago on Fire, 805

Vicary's (J. F.) Readings from the Dane, 111

Willari's (L.) Camilla's Girlhood, 135; When I was a

Child, 634

Wining's (E.P.) An Inglorious Columbus, 806

Voices crying in the Wilderness, 567
Voltaire's Mérope, edited by Saintsbury, 174
Walford's (E.) Greater London, 9
Walker's Original, edited by Dr. Guy, 175
Wanderer's Glamour, 7.65
Warden, Francis Heywood, Poems of, 205
Warden's (F.) A Prince of Darkness, 634
Wardman's (G.) A Trip to Alaska, 301
Warren's (F.) Only One Other, 7.65
Watkins's (Rev. M. G.) Worthies of Lincolnshire, 365
Watts's (B. H.) The Municipal Records of Bath, 330
Wauters's (A. J.) Le Congo au Point de Vue Écono-
mique, 361
Wauwermans's (Col.) Libéria, 361
Webster's (D.) The Angler and the Loop-Rod, 136
Weise's (A. J.) Discoveries of America to 1525, 142
Welford's (R.) History of Newcastle and Gateshead, 531
Wellhausen's (J.) Prolegomena to the History of Israel,
translated by Black and Menzies, 631
Werry's (E. F.) Charcombe Wells, 665
Where Chineses Drive, by a Student Interpreter, 429
Whitney's (Mrs. A. D.T.) Bonnyborough, 803
Whitworth's (G. C.). An Anglo-Indian Dictionary, 534
Whyte's (V.) The Ghost of an Old Love, 803
Williams's (A. J.) About Going to Law, 730
Wills's (W. G.) Melchior, 331
Wilson's (Col. Sir C. W.) From Korti to Khartum, 799
Winchester's (M. E.) A Crippled Robin, 766
Winslow's (R.) The Law of Private Arrangements, 503
Worth's (R.N.) Guide to Somersetshire, 206
Wray's (J.J.) Widow Winpenny's Watchword, 634
Wylde's (K.) An Ill-regulated Mind, 235
Xenophon, QEconomicus of, Introd., &c., by Holden, 174

Yonge's (C.M.) Nuttie's Father, 567

Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal,
269,270; Record Series, 366

Young's (R.) Analysis of the Book of Psalms in Hebrew,



Chrysanthemum, by W. Allingham, 570
Gorse, by W. Allingham, 731
Heather, by W. Allingham, .303
Hugo, Victor, by Austin Dobson, 176
Invocations: a Nocturne, by A. M. F. Robinson, 471
Ivy, by W. Allingham, 435
Love's Ghost, by P. B. Marston, 769
Meadowsweet, by W. Allingham, 143 --
Remembrance, by A. M. F. Robinson, 66S
Wild Rose, by W. Allingham, 14

original Papers.

Ancient Palm-Leaves of Horiuzi, 17, 82; 176
Anglo-Teutonico-Israelite Document, 506
Ajives of the Principality of Monaco, 81

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