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Seattle; Allen, of Olympia, and Wiley, of Seattle; Mr. Moore, of Spokane, moved to lay the resolution on the table. Motion carried.

Hon. John Wiley, of Seattle, offered the following resolution which was adopted:

"RESOLVED, That it is the sense of this Association that Receivers should only be appointed upon proof of notice in writing to the adverse party, stating the time and place of the application."

Hon. N. S. Porter, of Olympia, offered the following resolution, which was adopted:

"RESOLVED, That the Committee on Publication be instructed to procure the printing of one thousand copies of the proceedings of this Association at its several meetings including the papers read at this meeting and the Constitution and By-laws, and also the printing of three hundred copies of the Constitution and By-laws separate from the proceedings, for the use of the members.

"The Executive Committee shall audit and approve the accounts for such printing and instruct orders to be drawn on the Treasurer for the payment of the same and for postage necessary for the proper distribution thereof.

"When printed, they shall be delivered to the Secretary, who shall forward one copy to each Bar Association soliciting the same and one copy to each member of this Association.

Hon. C. K. Jenner, of Seattle, offered the following preamble and resolution:

"WHEREAS, The public land laws of the United States, as administered at the present time, are productive of much injustice and unnecessary expense to entrymen of the public domain, and

"WHEREAS, Said public land laws are deficient in certain particulars, especially relating to the prevention of fraud in the entry of the public lands; therefore be it


'RESOLVED, That a committee of three members of this Association, be appointed, whose duty it shall be to consider said laws and formulate such amendments and changes therein as shall appear necessary for the removal of existing defects therein, and that said committee report to the next regular meeting of this Association."

On motion, the resolution was adopted, and the President appointed Messrs. C. K. Jenner, of Seattle; F. W. Cushman, of Tacoma, and Jesse Arthur, of Spokane, as such committee. On motion of Mr. Forster, Association adjourned till 9:30 a. m. to-morrow. N. S. Porter,


Third Day's Proceedings.

SEATTLE, Wash., July 20th, 1894, 9:30 a. m.

Association met pursuant to adjournment. President Arthur in the chair. After routine business, the Association proceeded to select a place for holding the next annual meeting. Mr. Forster moved that the next annual meeting be held at the city of Spokane. Motion carried.

Some discussion followed upon the subject of the residence of the President. Mr. Fishback suggested that he be chosen from some place other than that where the Association is held. Mr. Arthur took a different view of it, and thought it would be a great convenience to the officer and the Association if he resided at the place of meeting, as some responsibility as to the success of the meeting would depend upon him.

Mr. Fishback placed in nomination for President, Hon. T. N. Allen, of Olympia.

Mr. Hughes placed in nomination, Hon. George M. Forster, of Spokane.

Upon ballot being taken, Mr. Forster was declared duly elected.

Nominations for Vice Presidents being in order, Mr. Rochester nominated for First Vice President, Hon. T. N. Allen, of Olympia.

Mr. Ronald nominated, for Second Vice President, Hon. Charles S. Fogg, of Tacoma.

Mr. Fishback nominated, for Third Vice President, Hon. Harrold Preston, of Seattle.

There being no other nominations, on motion, the rules were suspended and the Secretary was instructed to cast the ballot of the Association for Vice Presidents. The Secretary then cast the ballot and the President declared. the following parties duly elected:

Hon. T. N. Allen, First Vice President.

Hon. Charles S. Fogg, Second Vice President.
Hon. Harrold Preston, Third Vice President.

Elwood Evans nominated Hon. Nathan S. Porter, of Olympia, for Secretary.

There being no other nominations, on motion of Mr. Evans, the rules were suspended and the President cast the ballot of the Association for Secretary and declared Hon. Nathan S. Porter duly elected Secretary of the Association for the ensuing year.

Mr. Ayer nominated Hon. James B. Howe, of Seattle, for Treasurer.

There being no other nominations, on motion of Mr. Hughes, the rules were suspended and the Secretary was instructed to cast the ballot of the Association for Treasurer, which he did accordingly, and the President declared. Hon. James B. Howe duly elected Treasurer for the ensuing year.

Hon. Frank H. Graves, of Spokane; Hon. John P. Hoyt, of Seattle, and Hon. George Donworth, of Seattle, were elected delegates to the American Bar Association, which will meet at Saratoga Springs, New York, in August.

On motion, any delegate unable to attend the meeting of the American Bar Association, is hereby authorized to select a substitute who shall be a member of this Association. The President announced the Standing Committees as follows:


George Turner, of Spokane.

B. W. Coiner, of Tacoma.

Elwood C. Hughes, of Seattle.

John L. Sharpstein, of Walla Walla.

Charles H. Ayer, of Olympia.


Thomas Carroll, of Tacoma.

J. B. Reavis, of North Yakima.
Frank H. Graves, of Spokane.
Harrold Preston, of Seattle.
Austin Mires, of Ellensburgh.


George M. Forster, of Spokane.
H. J. Snively, of North Yakima.
T. N. Allen, of Olympia.
George Donworth, of Seattle.
P. C. Sullivan, of Tacoma.


John B. Allen, of Seattle.
Galusha Parsons, of Tacoma.
Frank M. Geoghegan, of Vancouver.
Thomas H. Brents, of Walla Walla.
Louis Williams, of Port Angeles.


William H. White, of Seattle.
Charles A. Murray, of Tacoma.
Frank T. Post, of Spokane.
Milo A. Root, of Olympia.
O. P. Brown, New Whatcom.


Nathan S. Porter, of Olympia.
Elwood Evans, of Tacoma.
Roger S. Greene, of Seattle.
W. C. Sharpstein, of Tacoma.
Orange Jacobs, of Seattle.


Charles S. Fogg, of Tacoma.
Richard Saxe Jones, of Seattle.
Stephen O'Brien, of Tacoma.

S. R. Stern, of Spokane.

Charles F. Fishback, of Seattle.


Nathan S. Porter, of Olympia.
Charles O. Bates, of Tacoma.

John E. Humphries, of Seattle.

On motion the Regents of the University were invited to accompany the Association on the excursion on Lake Washington this p. m,

Mr. White, for the committee appointed to report a proposed amendment to the State Constitution, submitted the following report, which was adopted:

"The State Bar Association:

"Gentlemen-Your committee to whom was referred the "preparation of amendments to the State Constitution rel"ative to the election of the Judiciary respectfully report;

"That no amendment is necessary so far as the election "of Judges of the Supreme Court. Section 3, Article IV "of the State Constitution provides that ""The Judges of "the Supreme Court shall be elected by the qualified elec"tors of the State at large, at the general State election, "at the times and places at which State officers are "'elected, unless some other time be provided by the Leg"'islature."

"Section 5, Article IV of the State Constitution relative "to the election of Judges of the Superior Court should be "amended so as to read: ""There shall be in each of the "organized counties, in this State, a Superior Court, "'for which at least one Judge shall be elected by "the qualified electors of the county at the times and "places at which State officers are elected, unless some "other time be provided by the Legislature.'


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"And the latter part of said Section 5 should be also "amended so as to read: "If a vacancy occurs in the "'office of Judge of the Superior Court, the Governor shall 'appoint a person to hold the office until the election and "'qualification of a Judge to fill the vacancy, which elec“tion shall be at the next succeeding election at which 'Judges are to be elected.'


"It is the opinion of your committee that no further "amendments are necessary, and that the question should

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