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OLYMPIA, Washington, Aug. 15th, 1893. Washington State Bar Association met pursuant to published notice per order of the President, at the office of the Secretary in the city of Olympia; Hon. T. N. Allen, Vice President, presiding.

H. H. A. Hastings, of Seattle, was elected to membership in the Association.

After the transaction of important business, on motion of John Arthur, the Association proceeded to the election of three delegates to the American Bar Association to be held at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on August 30th and 31st and September 1st, 1893, and upon ballot being had, Hon. Elwood C. Hughes, of Seattle; Hon. E. G. Kreider, of Tacoma, and Hon. George Turner, of Spokane, were declared duly elected. On motion, Association adjourned.





Sixth Annual Session



Held at Olympia, January 8th,

and at

Seattle, July 18th, 19th and 20th, 1894.


January 8th, 1894.

The Washington State Bar Association met at the room of the Supreme Court, in the Court House at Olympia, at the hour of 10 a. m. Hon. Elwood Evans, President, was present, but being unable to remain during the session, at his request, Hon. John Arthur, Vice-President, presided. On assuming the chair, Mr. Arthur made some very interesting and appropriate remarks. Minutes of the last annual and special meetings were read and approved. Reports of Secretary and Treasurer were received, read and ordered filed. Sundry small bills for stationary and printing notices, amounting to $3.70 were ordered paid.

The committee on By-Laws presented a report, which, on motion of Mr. Forster, was referred to the Executive Committee to report a Code of By-Laws, together with a revised Constitution at the next meeting of the Association.

Mr. Forster moved that the Treasurer demand of J. W. Robinson, former Treasurer, the funds in his hands. belonging to the Association, and in case of failure of former Treasurer to comply with the demand, to report the same to the Association. Motion carried.

The names of Hobart G. Hagin, of Olympia, and Harrold Preston and Gilbert F. Little, of Seattle, were proposed for membership in the Association, and upon ballot being had upon these applications, they were each declared duly elected to become members.

Mr. E. C. Hughes, delegate to the American Bar Association at its late session held in Milwaukee, Wis., made a very interesting verbal report, and on motion of Mr. Snell, Mr. Hughes was requested to prepare for the Association a written report of such matters occurring at the meeting

of the American Bar Association as he shall deem of interest to this Association and submit the same at its next meeting. Election of officers being in order, nominations were made and upon ballots being spread, the following officers were declared duly elected:

President, John Arthur, of Seattle; First Vice-President, George M. Forster, of Spokane; Second Vice-President, Marshall K. Snell, of Tacoma; Third Vice-President, John L. Sharpstein, of Walla Walla; Secretary. Nathan S. Porter, of Olympia; Treasurer, James B. Howe, of Seattle.

Mr. Ayer moved, that a reunion of the Bar of the State, under the auspices of the Association, be held at the city of Seattle sometime in the month of June or July, 1894, at which there shall be a banquet and other exercises, suitable to the occasion, and that a committee of seven be appointed by the President to arrange for the meeting, fix the time, prepare a program and make all necessary arrangements for the banquet and order of exercises, and shall have power to make assessments upon those present at said meeting sufficient to cover the cost of the banquet. Motion carried, and the President appointed on said Committee, Thomas Burke, of Seattle; Charles H. Ayer, of Olympia; Harrold Preston, of Seattle; William C. Jones, of Spokane; Charles S. Fogg, of Tacoma; Elwood C. Hughes, of Seattle. and A. R. Coleman, of Port Townsend.

Mr. Hughes moved, that when the Association adjourns, it adjourn to meet at the call of the President. Motion carried. On motion of Mr. Forster, the Secretary was instructed to procure blank applications for membership, letter heads, envelopes and such other supplies as may be required for the carrying on of the business of the Association conveniently. After discussion of various subjects by the members, there being no further business before the Association, on motion of Mr. Ayer, the Association adjourned to meet at Seattle at the call of the President. N. S. PORTER,


SEATTLE, Washington, July 18th, 1894.

The Washington State Bar Association met, pursuant to adjournment, at the rooms of the Chamber of Commerce, in the city of Seattle, and was called to order by Vice President George M. Forster, President John Arthur being absent.

Minutes of the meeting held at Olympia on January 8th, 1894, read and approved.

Applications for membership were presented and the applicants balloted for and declared duly elected to membership upon compliance with the Constitution and By-laws regulating admissions. The following is a list of all who were thus elected during the several meetings of the session, under that order of business:

Thomas C. Griffitts, of Spokane.

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