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On Judicial Administration and Remedial Procedure.

Thomas Carroll, of Tacoma.
J. B. Reavis, of North Yakima.
Frank H. Graves, of Spokane.
Harrold Preston, of Seattle.
Austin Mires, of Ellensburgh.

On Legal Education and Admission to the Bar.

George M. Forster, of Spokane.
H. J. Snively, of North Yakima.
T. N. Allen, of Olympia.
George Donworth, of Seattle.
P. C. Sullivan, of Tacoma.

On Commercial Law.

John B. Allen, of Seattle.
Galusha Parsons, of Tacoma.
Frank M. Geoghegan, of Vancouver.
Thomas H. Brents, of Walla Walla.
Louis Williams, of Port Angeles.

On Uniformity of State Laws.

William H. White, of Seattle.
Charles A. Murray, of Tacoma.
Frank T. Post, of Spokane.
Milo A. Root, of Olympia.
O. P. Brown, New Whatcom.

On Publications.

Nathan S. Porter, of Olympia.
Elwood Evans, of Tacoma.
Roger S. Greene, of Seattle.
W. C. Sharpstein, of Tacoma.
Orange Jacobs, of Seattle.

On Grievances. Charles S. Fogg, of Tacoma. Richard Saxe Jones, of Seattle. Stephen O'Brien, of Tacoma. S. R. Stern, of Spokane. Charles F. Fishback, of Seattle.

On Obituaries. Nathan S. Porter, of Olympia. Charles O. Bates, of Tacoma. John E. Humphries, of Seattle.

Proceedings of the Convention of



OLYMPIA, W. T., January 19th, 1888. Members of the Bar of Washington Territory convened at the above time and place for the purpose of forming a bar association. The meeting was called to order and Hon. Elwood Evans elected chairman and W. C. Jones, Secretary.

On motion, a committee consisting of John Arthur, of Seattle; Sol Smith, of Goldendale; Thomas Carroll, of Tacoma; George H. Forster, of Spokane, and Nathan S. Por, ter, of Olympia, was appointed to draft a constitution and submit the same for consideration at the next meeting of

After transacting other business, on motion, the meeting adjourned to meet at the Supreme Court Chambers at seven o'clock p. m.

The following is a list of the attorneys who formed the convention and organized the Association: Elwood Evans..

2d judicial dist. B. W. Coiner

2d John Arthur

.3d Thos. Carroll.

2d T. C. Sears.

2d B. F. Dennison.

.2d T. J. Humes.

.3d George M. Forster.

1st S. H. Piles...

3d J. B. Reavis.

. 1st J. W. Robinson.






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John B. Allen..
P. B. Johnson.
Sol. Smith.
E. P. Cadwell...
Nathan S. Potter.
W. C. Jones..
Eugene S. Fellows
J. B. Metcalfe..
J. H. Mitchell.
W. J. Milroy..
W. H. Pritchard..
Chas. Sullivan.
L. D. Wolfard.
W. R. Andrews..
Thomas H. Brents.
J. T. Ronald......
Thomas Burke..
D. J. Crowley..
J. C. Pearson..
H. J. Snively..
John L. Sharpstein.
Walter J. Thompson
Frank M. Geoghegan.
Wm. E. Burkheimer..

1st judicial dist.
. 1st
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. 1st

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Olympia, W. T., Jan. 19th, 1888. 7 o'clock p. m.

Members of the Bar of Washington Territory met pursuant to adjournment.

Committee organization of a Bar Association, through its Secretary, Geo. M. Forster, submitted a report with a constitution for consideration.

On motion, the report was adopted and the constitution considered seriatim, amended and adopted.

On motion, the Association proceeded to the election of officers, with the following result:

Hon. B. F. Dennison, of Vancouver, was elected President.

Hon. John B. Allen, of First Judicial District, Hon. T.. C. Sears, of Second Judicial District, Hon. T. J. Humes, of Third Judicial District, Hon. Geo. M. Forster, of Fourth Judicial District, were elected Vice-Presidents. Nathan S. Porter, of Olympia, was elected Secretary, and Joseph W. Robinson, of Olympia, was elected Treasurer.

On motion, the President appointed a committee of three, consisting of Messrs. Evans, of Tacoma, Jones, of Spokane and Coiner, of Tacoma, to report By-Laws. for the government of the Association until next annual meeting.

Mr. Evans moved, that when this Association adjourns, it adjourn to meet at the call of the President.

After the transaction of routine business, on motion, the Association adjourned.



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January 14th, 1889. The Washington Bar Association met pursuant to adjournment, at the reading room of the Carlton house in the city of Olympia. Hon. John B. Allen, Vice-President, presiding. Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.

The following attorneys at law were duly elected to become members of the Association:

George Turner, of Spokane.
James S. Moore, of Spokane.
Charles E. Laughton, of Tacoma.
Charles F. Munday, of Seattle.
E. W. Taylor, of Tacoma.
J. P. Cass, of Tacoma.
S. C. Herren, of Chehalis.
A. Reeves Ayers, of Olympia.

The following named members were duly elected officers, of the Association for the ensuing year:

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