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Moore, William H.,
Mount, Wallace,
Munday, Charles F.,
Murchison, I. A.,
Murray, Charles A.,
Myers, H. A. P.,
Nash, Lucius G.,
Neagle, John L.,
Neal, C. H.,
Nichols, J. W. A.,
Nickeus, Johnson,
Nuzum, Nulton E.,
Nuzum, Richard W.,
O'Brien, Stephen,
Osborn, Richard,
Parker, Emmett N.,
Parker, James H.,
Parsons, Galusha,
Peters, William A.,
Pickrell, J. N.,
Piles, S. H.,
Porter, Nathan S.,
Post, Frank T.,
Prather, L. H.,
Pratt, John Watson,
Preston, Harold,
Preston, George H.,
Pritchard, W. H.,
Quinn, Patrick F.,
Reavis, James B.,
Reid, George T.,
Reinbart, C. S.,
Remington, Arthur,
Remsberg, C. E., .
Richardson, William E.,
Robertson, F. C.,
Robinson, J. W.,
Rochester, G. A. C.,

Seattle. Sprague. Seattle. Ballard. Tacoma. Davenport. Spokane. Seattle. Sprague. Steilacoom. Tacoma. Spokane. Spokane. Tacoma. Seattle. Tacoma. Tacoma. Tacoma. Seattle. Colfax. Seattle. Olympia Spokane. Spokane. Seattle. Seattle. Seattle. Tacoma. Spokane. Olympia Tacoma. Olympia. Tacoma. Seattle. Spokane. Spokane. Olympia. Seattle.

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Spokane. Seattle. Seattle. Castle Rock. Seattle. Seattle. Spokane. Spokane. Tacoma. Seattle. Tacoma. Davenport. Tacoma. Seattle. Seattle. Spokane.

Rockwell, T. D.,
Ronald, J. T.
Root, Milo A.,
Ross, E. W.,
Rowell, Fred. Rice,
Sapp, Dexter T.,
Saunders, Wirt W.,
Sawyer, A. P.,
Shackleford, John A.,
Shank, Corwin S.,
Sharpstein, W. C.,
Shaw, A. C.,
Sheeks, Ben.,
Shepard, Chas. E.,
Shepard, Thomas R.,
Shine, P. C.,
Shippen, Joseph,
Slauson, Howard B.,
Smith, Solomon, .
Smith, Eben,
Smith, Del Cary,
Smith, Winfield R.,
Snell, Marshall K.,
Snell, Bertha M.,
Snell, W. H.,
Staser, C.,
Stern, Samuel R.,
Stiles, T. L.,
Stoll, W. T.,
Strickland, R. E. M.,
Struve, Henry G.,
Sullivan, P. C.,
Tallman, Boyd J.,
Taylor, E. W.,
Taylor, E. Win.,
Thompson, Will H.,
Tillinghast, P.,
Tipton, F. B.,

Seattle. Cathlamet. Seattle. Spokane. Seattle. Tacoma. Tacoma. Tacoma. Ritzville. Spokane. Tacoma. Spokane. Spokane. Seattle. Tacoma. Seattle. Tacoma. Spokane. Seattle. Tacoma. Seattle.

Town, Ira A.,
Turner, George,
Turner, W. W. D.,
Voorbees, C. S.,
Voorhees, Reese H.,
Wakefield, W. J. C.,
Walker, George H.,
Warburton, S,
Warren, W. T.,
Warner, Clyde,
Waugh, J. C.,
Weir, Allen,
White, William H.,
Whited, Kirk,
Wickersham, James,
Wilson, Lester S.,
Winfree, W. H.,
Winstock, Melvin G.,
Zent, W. W.,

Tacoma. Spokane. Spokane. Spokane. Spokane. Spokane. Tacoma. Tacoma. Wilbur. Ellensburg. Mount Vernon. Olympia. Seattle. Ellensburg Tacoma. Walla Walla. Colfax. Seattle. Ritzville.


Tacoma, WASH., July 6, 1899. The Washington State Bar Association met in annual session in Department Three of the County Court House in the City of Tacoma at 10 o'clock A. M., and was called to order by Hon. T. L. Stiles, President.

There were present: Hon. T. L. Stiles, President; George Donworth, First Vice President; Austin Mires, Third Vice President; Nathan S. Porter, Secretary, and a quorum of members.

Hon. Johnson Nickeus, Mayor of the City of Tacoma, then delivered the following address of welcome: Mr. President and Gentlemen of the Washington State Bar Association:

Judge Stiles notified me about 12 o'clock last night that I would be expected to deliver an address of welcome. After participating in a dance or ball until a late hour, and setting up until an unusually late hour, I did not feel very much like delivering such an address. During the last year and a half I have taxed my ability to the utmost extent in making addresses of all kinds to societies and associations that have met here; however, gentlemen, there are a few things, since I arose this morning, that have struck me, and one is the great things that the laywer, from the beginning of our national existence, has taken part in. He has been to the front in every reform whether it has been church or state; nothing has taken place of great importance which he has not been foremost in. He has done a great deal and a great deal is expected of him, even in this day. I think naturally we are met, as we are to-day, and as I am, with the idea: What are we here for, and what are our responsibilities? Every question that has come up we have taken the lead in, and it is proper, I think, that we should, because of the fact that we have gone into the law as a practice and a profession, which is an indication that we like the ideas which deal with the science of government and which prescribe the best manner of government, and the best manner of living. And I have noticed that the papers to be read, at least three of them, are along the line of current events — topics that are being discussed by lawyers and others; for instance, “What Is to Be Done With the Trusts?” The trusts

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