The Farmer's Guide and Agriculturist's Companion: Being a New ... System of Farm Book-keeping, Etc


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Seite 71 - May one thousand eight hundred and twenty-five, the Straight Line or Distance between the Centres of the Two Points in the Gold Studs in the Straight Brass Rod, now in the Custody of the Clerk of the House of Commons, whereon the Words and Figures
Seite 118 - Head small, but rather long and narrow at the muzzle ; the eye small, but smart and lively ; the horns small, clear, crooked, and their roots at considerable distance from each other; neck long and slender, tapering towards the head, with no loose skin below ; shoulders thin ; fore-quarters light ; hind-quarters large ; back straight, broad behind, the joints rather loose and open...
Seite 119 - She's clear in her jaws, and full in her chine, She's heavy in flank, and wide in her loin; She's broad in her ribs, and long in her rump ; A straight and flat back, with never a hump.
Seite 71 - Merchandise, or other thing *' to be Sold, Delivered, Done, or agreed for by Weight or " Measure, where no special agreement shall be made to the "contrary, shall be deemed taken and construed to be made "and had according to the Standard Weights and Measures
Seite 73 - The ordinary country houses are pitiful cots, built of stone, and covered with turves, having in them but one room, many of them no chimneys, the windows very small holes and not glazed.
Seite 7 - B., and his foresaids, at all hands, and against all deadly, as law will.
Seite 71 - ... and in all cases where any special agreement shall be made, with reference to any weight or , measure established by local custom, the ratio or proportion which every such local weight or measure shall bear to any of the said standard weights or measures shall be expressed, declared and specified in such agreement, or otherwise such agreement shall be null and void.
Seite 119 - ... large and prominent ; teats short, all pointing outwards, and at considerable distance from each other , skin thin and loose ; hair soft and woolly ; the head, bones, horns, and all parts of least value, small ; and the general figure compact and well proportioned.
Seite 8 - And I consent to the registration hereof in the books of council and session, or any other judges books competent; therein to remain for preservation; and thereto I constitute my procurators, &c.
Seite 91 - The first ploughing is given immediately after harvest, or as soon as the wheat seed is finished, either in length or across the field, as circumstances may seem to require. In this state the ground remains till the oat seed is finished, when a second ploughing is given to it, usually in a contrary direction to the first. It is then repeatedly harrowed, often rolled between the harrowings, and every...

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